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Yes this is a bad condition to leave a fish in but, the cleanliness of the water and the size my the container does not affect his life as much as one would think. Here's where you'll find walkthroughs for otome games, CGs, screenshots, reviews, new releases, etc.
I found this betta fish in this condition, a customer had dumped an entire bottle of fish food into his fucking container. In their natural habitat Betas live in tiny puddles the same size as their containers and the water is usually absolutely filthy. Took me just a few minutes on Google to learn some basic care stuff a betta needs and myths about their care. A fish May survive months in a cup just as a human might survive years living in a closet But neither is humane ..

The cleanliness of the water and the size of the container will definitely affect his life. From what I’ve read these cups will allow a betta to live for a short period but they will die if kept in something this small with no filtration or heat.
I was shopping for Christmas presents for my cats and found him, I took him straight up front and got some one to help me clean because I wasn’t sure where the treated water was. Betta fish die fairly often in these containers, from what I’ve been told my employees that work at pet stores in my area. Overall I’m upset about how purposely mean some one was to him to just dump all that food into his water to contaminate it. I’m not a fish person but I do follow some fish blogs on here because fish are rad so I know about how betta fish are passed off as an effortless fish to care for and many believe they can live in a tea cup sized environment perfectly fine, which is a misconception.

As stated above betta fish live in shallow rice patties naturally - shallow water doesn’t mean put the fish in a tiny bowl. Rice patties are an entire ecosystem as well in contrast to a small bowl where most people just put gravel on the bottom, and a small castle or fake plant.

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