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Now we've talked about all manner of nefarious deeds the plastic Barbie has committed, but today we're bringing you something even a little more shocking. You have to ask though, exactly how much of her appearance is down to hours of make-up and layers of foundation or has there been a dash of cheeky photo manipulation going on? But whether her appearance is physically or digitally altered, it's certainly a look designed to get attention and create shock & awe. The real question remains though, if she's Barbie, should we worry about a dedicated Ukrainian man transforming himself into Ken? The Samantha Parkington doll was released in 1986, along with Kirsten Larson and Molly McIntire. Samantha's original meet outfit is an example of what girls her age and class would have worn during the Edwardian era.
Burgundy faux-velvet hat with rose, dove grey, and gold colored ribbons tied into bows and allowed to dangle in the back. A girl-sized outfit was sold as the Afternoon Tea Dress for $80; a heart-shaped locket was sold as Samantha's Keepsake Locket for $14. White bodied Samantha dolls have a white muslin cloth body; both Mattel and Pre-Mattel Samanthas have matching cloth bodies. Most of the White Body Samanthas have lighter brown and curlier hair; Some have darker brown hair that is long.
The pattern on Samantha's original locket (prior to BeForever) is identical to the pattern on Molly's, but Molly's locket is a silver necklace. Of the independently owned stores, there were 68 pharmacists who mistakenly believed emergency contraception would cause an abortion. Plan B… prevents pregnancy mainly by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary, and may also prevent the fertilization of an egg (the uniting of sperm with the egg). I would accept an argument about this abortion missconception campaigne mostly being semmantics, because it does still end a life. Camchilla, so you agree the abortion industry is using semantics to avoid admitting MAP’s may end human life?
Personally, with the way the theoretical 3rd function of MAP operates (not allowing the fertilized zygote to implant), one could view it as safeguarding a woman’s right to keep something from using her body in the first place. Aww, well, Christina, I honestly could care less that you don’t have a friend like me. Jasper, again, you seem to be disregarding the fact that I actually helped a friend maintain a pregnancy. Again, if she had needed the exact same thing that Christina had, I would have helped her like Christina’s friend. By the way, if any of my friends got pregnant now and wanted to continue with the pregnancy, I’d help her again in a heartbeat. Not that you don’t have the right to blow up once in awhile, Lord knows we all do, but are you okay?

My friend did not believe that a 7-week embryo was worth wasting the work she had already put forth (and it was alot) to get to college and that it wasn’t worth forgoing her dreams and opportunities.
I am like Lyssie, if a friend of mine became pregnant, I would support her in any decision she chooses. While I see your point of view and agree to some extent… I still think she should have the right to choose. When it comes to before-viability abortions, I would rather argue the method, not the madness. If you believe that pregnancy starts at fertilization (and medically, it doesn’t as Cameron said), the key words are emphasized. The most famous denunciation of the claim was by Ron Fitzsimmons, head of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers. To be fair, the research so far on Plan B does not support the fact that Plan B prevents implantation and would thus act like an abortifacient. Concerning implantation being the beginning of pregnancy: consider, if you will, an ectopic pregnancy. Another analogy which is food for thought for those of you who think that until implantation, a woman is not pregnant: Can a person have cancer before it is discovered? Those of us who have no problem with abortion also have no problem with Plan B regardless of whether it prevents implantation or prevents fertilization, or both.
I am one of those ignorant souls who not only believe this but regard this as a medical FACT. During the PBA debate while Clinton was in office a local reporter in the city I lived in went to an abortion clinic to support PBA as she had the firm belief that late term abortions were necessary and done only for women’s health or fetal anomoly issues. The guidelines for aborting due to women’s health issues is so loose, a woman can abort for a hangnail and claim it was for health issues. I also read a really good but very sad article on-line posted by former workers of a mill who also stated that the main reason women abort late term is just that they let the pregnancy go on too long without making a decision. She simply had something taken out of her that was jeopardizing her right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
On a happier note…my friend from summer class is pregnant, and she believes her boyfriend is proposing tonight. Before you bash me for using Wikipedia for a source, this is a quick thing until I find the better source. The 20-year-old became widely talked about in her hometown after uploading photographs of her doll-like appearance across the web. Bizarrely Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina are two other Barbie look-a-likes, also from the same Ukrainian town, so you can see where the inspiration came from in "I need to pack on the make-up to look like a plastic toy" department.
Though the official descriptions call them 'stockings,' these are full tights which are worn under her underpants. Samantha is generally not shown wearing the hat in illustrations and is instead carrying it in her hand; this was also true for many of the catalogs.

It comes with pictures of her mother and father to place inside and is pinned to the front of her dress. Samantha's coin was an authentic Indianhead penny until it was replaced with a reproduction penny in 1994.
Seriously… are sure you were actually holding a dying fetus at some point in your life? However, if you actually would THINK about it, there is no difference between your friend and me…the difference is between my friend and you. You act completely idiotic, when I only would have helped someone achieve what they needed. Sorry, why didn’t your friend think about how an unwanted pregnancy could affect her life BEFORE she screwed around? It was usually because their relationships were on the fritz, they wanted to go back to school, or they just didn’t want to be bothered. Technically she would have worn garters and stockings; this is demonstrated in her Lacy Whites. In the books, Samantha wears high button black boots most of the time; she is rarely shown wearing Mary Janes, as they were just starting to become a style of children's shoe. If you told her today that she did the wrong thing, she’d laugh in your face and show you how wonderful her life is.
And your friend and I did the best we could to help out our friends the way they wanted to be helped. I already said that I helped another friend finance and maintain a pregnancy (I have never asked for repayment, thank you). I would rather have my friend alive and happy than suicidal, pregnant, and eventually dead. They don’t even meet their own criteria for human life because they lack any capacity for rational thought. I’m glad you made the choice that was best for you in your circumstances and that it worked out the way you had hoped. If I had been your friend, and you had gotten pregnant, I would have helped you in ANY way you needed, or chose.
Prior to viability, even if the fetus had a right to life, removal from a woman would indirectly lead to its demise.
I might help her to get to her ob-gyn appointments and be there for her when she was worried about something during her pregnancy.

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