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Facts are information that is true, not an opinion or what someone thinks but something that can actually be verified and confirmed. It doesn't matter if a million people tell you what you can't do, or if ten million tell you no. When I first started paying for my own housing after college, I moved every two to five years. And with each of those moves, I was faced with a critical decision regarding every single object in my possession: is this thing worth moving to the new place? Especially once we got to California, where Staged House Mania was invented, the benefit of showing a home stripped of nearly all personal possessions was concrete. Plus, in those eleven years I’ve become much more conscientious about not putting anything in the landfill that doesn’t belong there. Each week, for as long as it takes, I’m going to tackle one room of the house, not with a general goal of clearing up clutter, but rather with the eye of a person who is thiiiiis close to panic because she has to fill out change of address forms, register the kids at the new school, fill out the mortgage application and, oh right, find a new house in a market where bidding wars are the norm. The good news was that I made a big stack of things to donate, and took a small pile of things to the garbage. And with regard to the (pretend) move: please, for the love of all that is holy, do not send a housewarming gift.

My husband and I always joke that we can’t seem to stay in a house longer than three years.
Apartment traded for bigger apartment, traded for row house, traded for free standing house, traded for free standing house with fewer incidents of people doing doughnuts at the nearest intersection in the middle of the night.
Every book, every shred of paper, every pair of worn out running shoes was run through that algorithm of “keep” vs.
Conventional wisdom said that if you presented a blank canvas onto which the potential buyers could project aspirational dreams of full length mirrors, or a cluster of lithographs, or artfully stacked coffee table books, your sales price would climb. We don’t plan on moving anytime soon, so there is no pressure to make Sophie’s Choice about things like books we’re not going to read again and Christmas ornaments that aren’t quite pretty enough to hang.
I am voluntarily and artificially putting myself into that desperate, panicked state of mind that comes (for free! Only with that level of frantic stress will I be able to achieve the mercenary mindset necessary to substantially clear these drawers and closets and shelves. The bad news is that at least sixty percent of what was in that drawer is now simply “re-homed” in the black hole of storage in the basement. Facts are not subject to the whim of the person compiling them, they do not change without proof or evidence.

But if you havena€™t learned the meaning of friendship, you really havena€™t learned anything. Watching bag after bag of god knows what get carted to the curb resulted in a newfound feeling of lightness, relief that came from knowing that every bag tossed = one less box to unpack at the new house. The one that has accumulated stuff like a cross-sectional view of sediment as shown in the sixth grade history textbook unit about epochs.
I’d have to sort into my belongings into separate piles for East Bay Home Depot, Goodwill, recycling, the consignment store…it stops me in my tracks before I can even get started. Do I need a pottery mug that so old that is is no longer circular but oval, and causes me to dribble on myself?  Would I pay someone to move the small packet of pictures taken for my passport issued in 2002, since expired? Now you’re making me panicky about a certain letter stash that is buried somewhere in that storage room. The only way I can do this” cleanse” is puting in the Ipod, otherwise it is impossible!!

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