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It's a common known fact that a due date is actually more of a due month, as most babies are born within the period two weeks before or after the due date. People tend to say a pregnancy lasts 9 months, or 40 weeks (if you calculate, you'll find that 40 weeks is over nine months, so we already have a discrepancy here).
It is a well known fact that on average, primipari go to due date +6 and for a second baby the average, if left alone is dd+5 (which, strangely, was exactly when my son was born). This means that if you are calculating a due date for me based on a 28 day cycle, you'll be off by 5 days, no matter the calculation you would use!
Now suppose your cycle is 28 days, this doesn't actually mean that you will ovulate on day 14. Ultrasounds, when done at the right moment in pregnancy, are much better at determining the gestational age of your baby than the theoretic calculations mentioned above. Also, the accuracy of an ultrasound is determined by the timeframe in which it is performed. Given all these considerations about the due date, stripping the membranes at 41 weeks, may actually be 2 weeks earlier in your case, which means you are stripping at 39 weeks or even before that, which is considered preterm by any statistical approach.
There is no scientific evidence to date that stripping membranes at 41 or even 42 weeks benefits neonatal outcome.
One should be aware that every medical procedure performed on a pregnant woman carries risks for the mother and the baby.
It is also beneficial to know your correct due date, there are ways to calculate this online, study the subject first (read the article linked to above, which also explains how to do this) and knowing the date of conception. When children become upset - no matter the reason - it seems as if all polite adult behavior goes out the door. Tyra Lynne Banks, born December 4, 1973, is an American actress, television producer, author, television personality and former model.
Banks was romantically linked to musician Seal, film director John Singleton and actor Will Smith in the 1990s. Banks was the first African American woman on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
Banks's television career began on the fourth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, in which she played lead character Will Smith's old friend Jackie Ames. Tyra Banks started her own production company, Bankable Productions (previously named, "Ty Ty Baby Productions"; she did not rename it until the second cycle of America's Next Top Model), which produced The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model and the 2008 movie The Clique.
In late-January 2008, Banks got the go-ahead from The CW Television Network to start work on a new reality television series based on fashion magazines called Modelitha. Banks has appeared in several music videos, including Michael Jackson's "Black or White", Tina Turner's "Love Thing", Mobb Deep's "Trife Life", George Michael's "Too Funky" (with supermodels Linda Evangelista, Estelle Lefebure, Emma Sjoberg and Nadja Auermann ) and Lionel Richie's "Don't Wanna Lose You". Banks announced in May 2010 that she would be writing a novel, titled Modelland, loosely based on her own modelling experience.

Despite the harsh criticism, and the conclusion of her time as a HBS student, "Banks will be remembered within the HBS curriculum. In 1999, Tyra Banks established the TZONE program, which aimed at leadership and life skills development. Love came and went, and then came again, and my family found itself blessed by the birth of my beautiful sister’s first little girl.
Even if the couple know when mom ovulated or when they had the fruitful sexual encounter, the actual conception can be at least 24 hours away from ovulation and within three days of intercourse. If you visit your midwife or doctor's office, most likely they will determine your 'due date' based on this idea of 40 weeks. They have been coined based on so called 'evidence' in the bible of a pregnancy lasting for 10 lunar months. Making these procedures 'standard practice' without medical indication clearly goes agains the medical rule to 'first do no harm'. Is the mother still fit and healthy, baby moving correctly, everything seems normal, then why bring on labor? She first became famous as a model, appearing twice on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and working for Victoria's Secret as one of their original Angels. She is the daughter of Caroline London; now London-Johnson a NASA photographer, and Donald Banks, a computer consultant. She dated basketball player Chris Webber from 2001 to 2004. She is known for being outspoken on abusive relationships, having been a victim herself.
In 1997, she received the VH1 award for, "Supermodel of the Year." That same year, she became the first-ever African American chosen for the cover of the Victoria's Secret catalog. Banks is the hostess, judge and executive producer of The CW Television Network show America's Next Top Model. In 2004, she recorded her first single, "Shake Ya Body," which had a music video featuring the final six contestants on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 2.
Admission to the program, as described on HBS's website, "is a selective process based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. Breathtakingly beautiful in form and shape and fragrance, but also extremely tough, this ancient species is certainly not your average delicate flower. Named for the flower that she and her mother (an avid gardener) would seek out in rural Canada in the springtime, and for the aptness in terms of the album’s themes of love, loss, and the passing of time. This procedure is performed by inserting a finger into the cervix and then gently prying the amniotic sac off the uterince wall.
And even then, the 10 lunar months have been misinterpreted by Naegele, who was approximately 15 days off when he made his calculations. In 2005, when asked about her relationship history, she stated, 'I won't be using a lot of names [on the show], but a specific relationship had not just cheating but emotional abuse.
Other TV credits include Felicity, All That, MADtv, Nick Cannon's Wild 'n Out (in which she was featured as a special guest host and team captain) and The Price Is Right (guest-starring as a "Barker's Beauty").
In addition, she hosted The Tyra Banks Show, a daytime talk show aimed at younger women, which premiered on September 12, 2005, and ran until May 28, 2010.

Banks's first big screen role came in 1994, when she co-starred in the drama Higher Learning. On an interview with Good Morning America, Banks stated that Modelland is the story of four girls who are accepted into an "exclusive" modelling school in the world of Modelland.
We look for professionals who have demonstrated business talent and leadership potential." Banks graduated from the Executive Education Training Program in February 2012, earning a certificate. According to HBS Harbus, Harvard Business School's newspaper, on February 14, 2013, Tyra spoke with Harvard Business School Professor and Senior Associate Dean Youngme E. She has also established the Tyra Banks Scholarship, a fund aimed at providing African-American girls the opportunity to attend her alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School.
Banks is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world's most influential people by Time magazine. It was really bad, but that made me strong.'[50] In 2009, she opened up about her past abusive relationship when she made a guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, hosting alongside Oprah Winfrey.
When she got the opportunity to model in Europe, she put college on hold and moved to Milan. In 2010, Banks re-signed with her former modeling agency IMG Models.[16] Banks is now a contributor of the Vogue Italia website. In 2008, Banks won the Daytime Emmy Award for her work and production on The Tyra Banks Show, and won for the second time in a row for outstanding, informative talk show in 2009. She then co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in the Disney film Life-Size, playing a doll named Eve who comes to life and has to learn how to live in the real world. Banks attended John Burroughs Middle School and graduated in 1991 from Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles. The episode was dedicated to dating violence in response to the assault of Rihanna caused by Chris Brown. In 2010, Oprah Winfrey congratulated Tyra Banks for a good job done on her talk show for inspiring and mentoring young women.
More than 100 students and faculty were invited to attend the event and hear Banks speak about her business and the reasons behind her decision to attend the program. As a child Tyra Banks suffered from what she calls an "Ugly duckling" period in her life; when Banks was eleven years old she grew three inches and lost thirty pounds in three months. She and Miley Cyrus poke fun at the excesses of the Hollywood lifestyle with a battle over a pair of shoes in Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2009. Banks appeared in the fourth episode of the third season of Gossip Girl playing Ursula Nyquist, a larger-than-life actress in 2009. She has featured in advertising campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren and Nike.

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