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For the next couple of weeks Tasmanian Times is going to be operating at a slightly slower pace than normal and in a slightly different way.
However, over the next few weeks the ranks of Tasmanian Times editorial workforce will be a bit thinner than usual.
So between now and the end of May there will be a couple of changes aimed at ensuring that we can publish as much as we can in as time-efficient way as possible. Before you start writing an article, please read the guide on Submitting material for Tasmanian Times. Following the guide will make it so much easier to get material published promptly and keep the editing workload to a minimum. Often the single most time-consuming task with publishing a story is finding an appropriate photo.

To submit an article, please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). However, it will only be published on Tasmanian Times Facebook page which you can find here .
The reason for this is simple: it takes seconds to publish a link to an article on Facebook.
However, to publish the link to a mainstream media article on the Tasmanian Times website takes time to create a new thread, find a photo, resize it and then moderate the comments. Given our constraints for the next few weeks, what editorial time is available will primarily be devoted to publishing original articles to Tasmanian Times website. So if you could send your article in with a photo of yours or a copyright-free one resized to 710 pixels wide, that would save us a lot of time.

You will get a message giving you the alternate address for the sub-editor for the next few weeks. It will then be moderated by the editors, which will be far faster than hoping it gets published as a standalone media release on its own thread.

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