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About the artist: Sica was one of the founding members of Being As An Ocean in 2011, and before that he played in the band Vanguard. About the artist: Acord attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he studied jazz.
About the artist: A heavy music connoisseur, Neff is one of the original members of Miss May I.
About the artist: Taylor joined Motion City Soundtrack in 2002, before their debut album, I Am The Movie.
About the artist: One of the original members of this Australian metalcore outfit, String started as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist before eventually moving to bass duties in 2007.

About the artist: Capener was one of the founding members of TSSF in 2007, back when they were still playing in small clubs instead of selling out venues all around the world. Style: Matching the interesting drum beats, the bass playing is syncopated and mechanical or groovy when it needs to be.
Head below for a breakdown of each bassist's background and style, as well as a track that highlights his talent.
Nothing too crazy but tasteful enough to make the heavy parts crushing and the softer moments dynamic. He first joined the band in 2012 as a session musician, securing a full-time spot as their bassist the following year.

And don't forget to help your favorite musicians bring home a Skully by casting your vote here! Acord adds flavor to a genre that's been known to have its own parameters for musicians.

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