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A feature in National Geographic‘s October 125th anniversary issue looks at the changing face of America in an article by Lise Funderburg, with portraits of multiracial families by Martin Schoeller, that celebrates the beauty of multiracial diversity and shows the limitations around our current categories when talking about race. In many ways race is about difference and how those differences are codified through language, categories, boxes, segmentation, and even the implicit sorting that goes on in our heads in terms of the way we label others and even ourselves. Appearance and identity are most certainly linked when it comes to racial categories, but there is another important ingredient in that stew: Experience. For three years now I have been collecting stories about race and cultural identity on the Race Card Project, and it has provided a window into society like no other I’ve ever experienced in more than three decades of working as a journalist. More amazing is how the exercise, over time, has opened a window for people to share much more than just their six words about who they are and what they are feeling. The Pew study found that among newlyweds in 2010, 36 percent of Asian women married outside their race, compared with 17 percent of Asian men. The six-word tales that have poured into the Race Card Project create a portal that allows us to dive beyond the surface into the deeply nuanced issues of racial ambiguity and cultural identity.
There are also those who don various identities based on convenience, advantage, or comfort. Blue-eyed teenagers who grow outsize afros to win easy (or at least easier) acceptance on the basketball court. Asians with Irish last names who delight at seeing the faces of potential employers when they show up for job interviews. I’ve been in journalism long enough to know that people who are exceedingly happy with their lot in life are less likely to share their stories if given the chance.
I think of the six words submitted by Phyllis Kedl, of Minneapolis, who could not be more proud of her multiethnic brood that includes fourteen grandkids, only five of whom are ethnically related to Phyllis and her husband.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, think about the phrase “post-racial,” with its suggestion that we could take some kind of express elevator up to the top floor where the view was great, the air was clear, and no one would make you feel icky or uncomfortable.
In any case, Ali Berlinski says she uses prickly humor to talk about her eclectic upbringing. Navigating cultures is something that National Geographic and the Race Card Project have in common, and we want to include you in our journey to better understand the changing face of America.
Michele Norris is a host and special correspondent for NPR and the curator of the Race Card Project. What I don’t understand is how someone can cry over what box to tick about their race, get over yourself.
I alwas thought for the longest time that I was purely black, as I knew superficially that both my mom and dad were black. I am glade that the census show that blacks are still marrying blacks but interacial marriages is on the rise .Men care less than women when it come to the race mixing it is rising with females to.
As much as I like this piece, and I really do think that it along with The Race Card Project really hit the nail on its head when discussing how nuanced race is, I wish there was more emphasis on ethnic identification and how that in itself is a manifestation of race. I’ve been considered Rwandan (I am currently in Rwandan), Burundian (because I speak French), Congolese (again because I speak French), Ugandan (because I speak English in a non-Anglophone country), Kenyan, even French Guyanese (because I was black), Surinamese (because I spoke English and was black), Guyaneses (because I was a black anglophone), Brazilian, and last but not least Trinidadian. Like I said, I bring this up just to illustrate that it is not only people who are visibily racially ambiguous who feel the identity struggle. I am white meaning Scottish, Irish, German, American Indian…and other things I am sure.
Yet, people tend to think I’m Persian, or Lebanese, or Syrian, Middle Eastern in general.
Here in the US people are like i am irish, i am cuban, i am jewish, i am strong black woman, i am puerto rican, i am white. Race; each of the major divisions of mankind, each having distinct physical characteristics.
I hate it when people say mixed is better, when you’re more likely to be fetishized and pushed away by your own culture(s), not to mention you experience racism from more than one race in different ways. A great man, but we should never forget his descendants, one of whom was a successful businessman and did well during the US Civil War – Colonel John Wayles Jefferson. My mother was an award winning Siberian husky, and my father was a flea bitten Labrador mix, I was adopted from a pound to a family who adores my mixes heritage. My paternal grandmother was said to have really dark parents, both of whom were part Jewish and part African. The New York Times had an article some years back about doctors treating patients and subscribing medication based on race. My nine yrs old son is mix of Turkish ( Georgian, Russian, Turkish) and Italian (Jewish, Portugese, Italian) he has light skin but not fair and getting tanned very easy, has high cheek bones and slightly slant eyes but looks like a one line when he smiles :)) also tall for his age.
I have brown skin, type 4 hair, and was born in America so automatically people will call me African-American though I in no way identify with or hold the same cultural values from any group of people belonging to one of the countries in Africa. Hypnosis used for childbirth or to change an unwanted behavior is simply learning to achieve, at will, a natural state of highly focused awareness usually by deeply relaxing body and mind. You may not know this but we all spend our life in different states of hypnosis that fluctuate and vary all along the day. The Conscious Mind is the part of your mind that allows you to look around, listen, read, and learn. Your Subconscious Mind however, is more like an unlimited storage room, a huge library holding all the records of everything you have ever seen, heard, felt, experienced, thought or believed. In children, up to about the age of 6-7, the subconscious mind basically runs the show without interference or filtering. Starting around 6-7 years of age, we develop the analytical intellect or critical mind; it functions like a little “guard” that screens and filters thousands of pieces of information coming in constantly. A good hypnotist guides you to a relaxed state in which you can send the guard in the background, off duty if you will, so that you can access the subconscious mind to modify its content.
One of the major aspect of the Quantum Birthing® program involves not only doing this (reprogramming your subconscious mind) with the practitioner’s assistance, but also teaching you how to do it on your own and teaching your birth partner how to help you do it.
The key to experiencing blissful, ecstatic childbirth (with little or no pain) is a profound spiritual shift in the way you understand the nature of your reality. Nichole had an unusual emotional challenge during her pregnancy… She says: “During that time, the sessions with you became even more beneficial. During her previous births, Nichole’s labor had been induced past her due date and “breaking the bag of water” was an important “landmark” in shifting her body in what is called “active labor”. So I wasn’t surprise, knowing her circumstances, that this time too, she past her due date (due dates are not that accurate anyway!).
When the doctor stopped by, about 3 ? hours after the Prostaglandin gel, Nichole was dilated to a 5 (cm). She was still lying on her back right after the “checking the cervix” procedure, she felt the intensity of the next contraction … Much more “serious” as she said! Here is the birth in Nichole’s own words: “I remember thinking, that’s fine, you can call the doc, but this baby is coming now. It was about 12:40Pm, a mere 30 minutes after breaking the bag of water (at 5 cm dilation)! With the “medicalization” of childbirth, today in the US, 57% of women giving birth vaginally use the lithotomy position during the second stage of labor (pushing) [1]. The second most used birthing position is semi-sitting which accounts for 35% of vaginal births [1]. More work against gravity: First and foremost, the birth path (vagina) is shaped like a slanted ‘J’ and so is the end of the spine (tailbone) right behind it.
Restriction of the pelvic opening: With the legs up in the air and the back against a hard surface, the pelvic outlet is reduced by 30% forcing the woman to use extra force (holding her breath) and put direct pressure on her sacrum (tailbone). Detrimental to your baby’s health: Both positions but especially the lithotomy position can compress major blood  vessels which interferes with circulation and lowers maternal blood pressure. There is an abundance of research demonstrating that birthing in a non-supine position can lead to lower levels of back pain, lower level of pain during pushing and fewer perineal tears, which also reduces the need for suturing or surgical repair of the pelvic floor [9]. I thought it was interesting that the type of caregiver was also statistically significant in the use of episiotomy and the amount of perineal tearing. In last week’s blog, we discovered why it takes concentrated effort to get the birth you want! Choose a childbirth preparation program that empowers you, provides additional information and teaches you skills that are in agreement with TBYW.
Self-hypnosis, guided imagery relaxation, Quantum Focusing® and visual daydreaming are all very beneficial in learning how to find your place of inner peace within and relax deeply any time you wish.
In my 12plus years of doula career, I have seen many clients get an epidural, usually as a last resort. My service is including deep french kissing, natural oral, blow job, touching, massage, touching, 69, doggy style or other sex position as well. Ensure that an SWA number is included in the ads you post or respond to within the Personals Services section. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. As many of you know, Kvothe is one of the final four remaining fighters in Suvudu's fantasy cage match. So Kvothe is going up against Aslan right now in round two of the fantasy cage match on Suvudu. Dear Pat,I won't be able to make any of your readings over the next two weeks, but I was wondering.
As many of you know, a couple of days ago I decided to take a bit of a road trip down to Virginia. There is no room for that on those official census forms, but when a person picks up a writing instrument to choose which box they check, experience most certainly helps guide their hand. Mary’s City, Maryland, wrestled for years with what box to check when confronted with official forms. The submissions that arrive via snail mail, the Internet, and Twitter are often accompanied by comments, essays, pictures, and artwork. Pew also found that 26 percent of Hispanics married outside their race, compared with 9 percent of whites and 17 percent of blacks.
Identity is not always a concrete concept but rather something that is situational, or shifting, based on time, place, growth, or circumstance. Erica Shindler Fuller Briggs of North Charleston, South Carolina, is asked the question “What are you?” so often she has started charging people for the answer.
In either case she has made her point, prompting those who seek information about her identity to ask themselves a question: Why is it important? Those who have something to get off their chest are more likely to sidle up to the keyboard. In matters of romance, I have also repeatedly heard the phrase that “the heart perhaps is the last frontier,” with the idea that a rainbow generation would lead us to a promised land where race was at least less prickly than it’s been in the past.

We want to see and hear how you identify yourself in terms of culture, race, or even region.
Please read the book Working Toward Whiteness – How America’s Immigrants Became White – The Strange Journey from Ellis Island to the Suburbs by David R. Check out the human genome project and genetic research which have scientifically proven that races do not exist. Also, remember “whiteness,” like “race,” is a human invention created and perpetuated by society. I want to live and associate with my own tribe and have my children and grandchildren look like me as well as have them be self-sufficient, hard-working individuals that grow up with values and a sense of tradition.
Homo sapien is one species (out of other homo groups now extinct) with varying geographical adaptations and even more cultural (group rules) variations. Despite that, I have more of the filipino features (I can get as tan as my mother, but if I don’t tan im very white, while my sister stays a pretty light shade even if she does tan) And also I have an asian nose.
Ninety-nine percent of the time, our outward physical appearance provides neither a benefit nor disadvantage in nature. European Jews, Ashkenazi, are first and foremost European or white, so mixing that title in with nationalities and ethnicities is incorrect!
Notice how out of all the things I mentioned, no one ever seemed to consider the fact that I could possibly be American.
I wrestle with that every day of my life although I consider myself black, but my mixed heritage places me all over our global map. Also, some doctors also zoom in on certain afflictions that might affect black people ,but in the process miss the proper diagnosis. It is a simple tool that allows you to bypass the critical conscious mind and access the subconscious mind where positive change can be implemented easily. It analyzes and criticizes, it decides and chooses to accept or reject a concept, idea or belief.
The beliefs held there are actually creating your reality now and of course when reprogramming for childbirth. You can release or discard some old, hindering beliefs and fear-full birth stories and replace them with new concepts and beliefs about birth, parenting and pain for example! Your body, your mind, your spirit, and those of your forming child and how it is all connected! She had decided to not take the epidural this time after a big disappointment with baby number 2. She said: “I felt like I had made some progress, but when I heard that “You are 5 cm”, I couldn’t believe it. As her husband and I helped her turn and get on her knees, leaning on the fitness ball, she had a couple more strong contractions. This is the typical position you see a mother in when you watch movies or TV series with a birth scene in it. This means that the baby to come out needs to work against gravity and the mother needs to push the baby UP the bottom loop of the ‘J’ and tailbone to birth the child. Not easy! This can then lower fetal transcutaneous oxygen saturation (the baby’s oxygen levels) by as much as 91%.
Meaning, obstetricians had 26% episiotomy, 5 times higher than the midwives in the same hospital, and 42.1% tearing needing repair (5-7% more than the midwives) [2].
Choose a caregivers that supports your vision and will be there to hep you rather than impose a routine medical model on you. So, I hesitated to even post all the possible side effects, some permanent in very rare cases. After beating Aslan and Dumbledore, he's come head-to-head with Jaime Lannister from Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books.Right now I'm losing. And, because I am an accommodating Midwesterner, I thought I might do a reading or two on my way down. She needs a bone marrow transplant but a shortage of African-American and multiracial donors has kept her waiting for two years, because matches rely on shared ancestry. But to understand race—and more specifically racial ambiguity—it helps to understand those whose lives are defined by it.
And of the more than 30,000 submissions I have archived, a large percentage, in some way, touch upon multiracial experiences—most specifically marriage, parenting, and the questions of identity for the resulting offspring.
At age 42, she’s developed a hard edge around the constant questioning of her identity over time, and for understandable reasons.
Our diversity is the marvel of the world and represents one of our greatest strengths as a nation. But for a subject as historically and emotionally fraught as this, I am honored that anyone chooses to share their story and that the Race Card Project has become a forum where people can emote but also absorb a bit of life as lived by someone else.
But I have seen enough other stories come through the site to know that grandchildren have also had a way of melting away generational bias, or even fear of the unknown, and replacing it with love and pride and fierce protectiveness.
So my sister usually just goes under the term white, but I usually have to say I’m mixed? The real issue with humans and their prejudices stems from ethnicity – the social traits that bind groups together.
America is a country made of immigrants from all over the world, and everyone just wants to know where they fit in! I love it when people ask me where my family comes from and I go listing off everything I’ve ever learned of my family heritage.
When you are alert, the conscious mind is aware of all that goes on in and around yourself, what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing, allowing you to know what you are doing and the rationale of why you are doing it. Most of the time, you are not consciously aware of these subconscious processes, but they influence how you feel and functioned based on what you believe. They are literally in a state of deep hypnosis all of the time, open to suggestions and mind-programming very literally. Like a child, it takes everything literally, accepting new concepts with ease as long as they are for you highest good. The mother lies on her sacrum with the bed tilted in a 30-40 degree angle, legs pulled to either side. The tailbone is forced to flex up and inward, taking it into a curved position that restricts the diameter of the pelvic outlet. It is easy to apply too much pressure on the woman’s legs causing excessive hip abduction and external rotation which can further distract the joint and force the sides of the pelvis apart. So many detrimental effects to the woman birthing have been documented [2,3, 5] and the baby’s healthy outcome [7,8].
For a weekly (or even daily) practice, in bed at night or any time during the day download the Safe Place Relaxation 09 on this website. But the truth needs to be accessible so that you are making INFORMED decision when it comes to your body, your health and your baby’s health!
Half for Kvothe, half for the big cat himself.I didn't write up a little blurb for the last fight. So some folks could get their books signed, if they wanted.When I posted up last week's blog looking for venues, I was hoping to maybe hear from 2 or 3 bookstores or libraries willing to help me throw a couple signings together.
To put that in context, one of out of every seven new marriages is among people of different racial backgrounds. But the six-word stories present a broad mosaic that informs us in these times and will serve as an amazing archive in the future as we try to understand the years when America was steaming toward a majority-minority status. Nina Boyd Krebs, whose book of the same title explores how people form diffuse cultural boundaries in the new Global Frontier.
At one point, a shoe store manager assumed she was Hispanic and fussed at her for not knowing her own language. It heralds progress but not without pain for those who live on the knife-edge of multiple cultures.
To insist otherwise is to dismiss the observations, views, and experiences of the thousands of people who have shared their stories with me. Differences in these [abstract] concepts can manifest as a simple slur all the way to genocide. What I don’t understand is why people keep referring to me and my children as looking Asian because my eyes are slightly almond shape. Jewish tribes of Asher and Levi, Russian Jew, Hungarian, Romanian, French, English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Norwegian, Choctaw, Cherokee and Iroquois.
Us South Africans, should be a united country but still today you get a young generation that judges you because of your race.
You can end the process at any time and actually, your agreeing to achieve a certain purpose is necessary to implement any kind of change.
This happens automatically… Hypnosis is a very natural state of being that, along with its ability to provide emotional and physical healing, has been widely and successfully used within the medical community for pain relief and hypno-anesthesia among other things.
But like any habitual pattern, if you quit the repetition process too soon, it naturally returns to the way it always was, so you must constantly reinforce your hypnotic suggestions or it will only work partially for you. Because she was at peace with the process, her contractions started just 20 min later and were strong and steady but when the nurse was asking her what her pain level was, she kept responding: “There really is no pain. I asked the nurse to check Nicholes’ cervix and sure enough, she was “complete” as we say in our birthing jargon. But “Lithotomy” means surgical removal of stones (usually from the duct of an organ) (litho (in Greek)=stone).
This position is also called the C-position as the body is resting on the tailbone and the birthing mother is curled into the shape of a C, “around her baby” [2]. According to Snow et al. [3], it can lead to excruciating postpartum pain as well as prolonged supra-pubic pain for the mother and lasting complications after birth such as difficulty walking severe enough to require the use of crutches or a wheelchair, or more rarely, bladder dysfunction [3]. A meta-analysis of upright positions in the second stage to reduce instrumental deliveries in women with epidural analgesia.
And it probably factored into my decision to keep writing my College Survival Guide for about 10 years.I even, believe it or not, wrote a sex advice column for a while. I can't help but think that it must be a million times worse if you're reading your own stuff to a huge roomful of people.So that's my question. His last name speaks of his heritage but it is hard to easily slot him into a single category based on his outward appearance. That will become evident if you spend any time scrolling through the stories that my project, the Race Card, has received. Do you have siblings who identify themselves in different ways, even though your biracial background is the same? People will find ANY characteristic to divide – when what we should be doing is uniting as the human race that we are all a part of. Combine those with his first wife, my grandmother, and then add more English and Scottish to it with some German and you get me.

Repetition is crucial, as it is for building up any new habit AND the more you practice, the easier it gets. Just pressure!” Later in a thank you letter she wrote to me Nichole said: “ As hokey as it sounds, it was true. That means, the cervix is completely out of the way and the baby can start its descent to be born.
When the position allows it (Hands-and-knee or squatting or semi-squatting in the water -or not), the tailbone actually curves outward and you (as the birth attendant) can see a “bump” in the mother’s low back.
Supine position compared to other positions during the second stage of labor: a meta-analytic review.
So I've had plenty of time to think about how the fight between Kvothe and Aslan would go.So I wrote it up this morning and sent it off to Suvudu. While it was terribly flattering, sorting everything out has been a bit of a logistical puzzle.But I think I've finally got it all sussed. When he had to fill out those forms, sometimes he would check multiple boxes and let someone else figure out how to handle the confusion. He grew up around kids of all races, and I had friends of different races, but it wasn’t a deliberate thing. When I was in Greece they thought I was Greek, when in Hawaii they thought Hawaiian, in Mexico they think I’m Mexican.
As Anglo-Saxons migrated from the German Angles and Saxon tribes west to the British Isles. Everyone is made up of the various people their families have married and produced children with over the entire history of this planet. Each time you allow yourself to consciously enter hypnosis, it becomes easier and easier, to go deeper and deeper in less amount of time.
This opens the pelvic outlet generously and the baby often slides out with no or little effort.
Things like, "Where do you get your ideas?" or "Do you base your characters on real people?"Then there are the questions that don't get asked very often.
But I wonder what other authors go through when they're getting ready.A lot of authors I've talked to admit to having public speaking jitters.
I did learn one thing the stats show even though white men do not marry black a lot but when they do it last the most than any other race they never talk about that race mix ,that when they do it last not so much with black men and white women are divorcing the most Asainsbmix race couples divorce a lot check the stats I did .
I have light tan skin (that can get really dark in the summer)long brown hair, brown almond shaped eyes with a slender muscular build. This is a skill that improves with practice, very much like physical exercise works on the body by repetition, and it will get stronger and more effective with each session. What many women don’t know is that when in the right position (baby and mother) and in a calm, supportive environment, there is little or NO need to push and hold your breath. Like, "Do you like cats?" or "How do you feel about circumcision?"This last question got asked when I was down in Lexington.
Whatever happened to "Stand by Your Man?" Even leaving aside the fact that I'm the pater familias, you'd think that she might at least show a little brand loyalty. And unlike my six siblings (Maria, Jude, David, Michelle, and Elizabeth), I have the only identifiably Nigerian name (Oluseyi Segun), which has baffled many, even Americans, when I say that I am American. It is more of a relaxed opening and trusted surrender (which can be scary and challenging, especially the first time you really feel everything that is happening). Mike (my husband) began to talk to me about my special place and that gave me the space I needed to move away from that sudden burst of fear! After all, Kvothe as the one who puts food on our table and gives us the money to buy Oot jingly toys.Seriously.
I love it because every race is beautiful and I wouldn’t change my melting pot blood for nothing. The nurse wanted me to wait for the doctor but I couldn’t… I pushed twice and Jakes’ head was out. My authorial pride is all hurty now.Anyway, since I had a lot of fun writing up the Kvothe Vs. I've done commencement addresses, sermons, lectures, and more panels than you can shake a stick at.Plus I used to do improv comedy. When the census forms changed, allowing individuals to choose more than one category, David Kung tore into the envelope, checked multiple boxes, and then sat down and cried. Aslan scenario, and a bunch of people asked for something similar for Kvothe vs Jaime, I decided to type one up. And let me tell you, after you've done improv comedy, no other type of public speaking will ever scare you. It's like a trial by fire.In general, I imagine other authors think about regular things before a signing tour.
I felt his movements as he landed on the foot of the bed although he did not make a sound (I was still leaning on the ball, in a hands-and-knee position).
I keep my nose out of my friends affairs (literally) and generally keep my opinions to myself.But recently I ended up doing some research into circumcision.
Not female circumcision, which everyone in their right mind generally admits it barbaric and creepy, but good old fashioned guy circumcision.
The type that's done to almost all newborn boys here in the good old U S of A.I found out not only is it totally unnecessary, but it's generally bad for the little kids. Despite the fact that it's the standard thing here in the US, where almost 90% of guys are circumcised.My problem is, I have a friend who is about to give birth. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm looking forward to seeing who shows up.The problem is, I haven't had a haircut in about 8 months. Sometimes I read a bit of one of my books.In between readings I answer questions about pretty much anything.
Now that I know all the horrible things that can result from Circumcision, I feel like I should try to tell her about it so she won't do it.But isn't this kinda sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong?
I go to a convention, or a wedding, or something, and so I get a haircut to clean myself up for that.But lately I've been so busy with revisions and the new baby that I haven't done any of those things. I have been with guys both cut and uncut, and I was surprised to find out how much I liked the unedited penis. That means that I look like a cross between a hobo, John the Baptist come out of the desert, and a particularly shaggy Muppet. I'm like Miss Manners with tourettes.Alright, SNIPS, I'm going to glide right by a few too-obvious jokes about your nose, and get right to the business of answering your question. Back when I was younger I would have taken this as a golden opportunity to make a lot of wang jokes.But I've matured since then. So, instead, I'm going to slide as many innuendo-laden puns into the column as humanly possible.
I feel like if people show up to see me, I should try to groom myself down to the point where I won't frighten small children.But here's the problem. Also, just to make it a challenge, I'm going to use a new euphemism for the male member each time I refer to it.First I feel like I need to correct one of the statements you made in your letter.
Last time I did that the fucker sheared me like a fucking sheep.So now, the day before I drive off to do my signings, I'm faced with an awful choice.
Show up looking like the crazy guy at the bus station, or risk a haircut that would make a prison barber wince.
But there's a big difference between being pushy, and just giving your friend some valuable information.
I've become a sucker for audiobooks lately, and this trip is going to put me behind the wheel for almost 40 hours.So I've got a return question for some of you out there. So when planning your behavior around him, it would be safest if you thought of him as a tiny bear cub, and me as his momma bear.
Any sudden movements or over-familiarity might lead to sudden and terrible wrath.We clear here? Instead maybe you could just try to bring it up casually instead.Maybe quoting a few facts would be the way to go. I've already listened to everything by David Sedaris, Neil Gaiman, and Garrison Keillor.Here.
Don't be accusatory, just point out why, exactly, chopping someone's fireman off isn't cool.
I'll start things out with a recommendation or two of my own.The BBC dramatization of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Point out that since the foreskin actually has about a third of the penis' nerve endings on it, cutting it off it pretty much the same as a partial clitorectomy. That means even if you know your the source material inside and out, you can still be pleasantly surprised.The later ones weren't done my Adams himself.
But I have to say (and this is something that you will probably never *ever* hear me say again) I liked the ending of the final audiobook better than I like the ending of Adam's original novel.I know. Since I'm scheduling these events not even two weeks ahead of time, there really isn't much time for typical promotion to spread the word about them. Most bookstores won't even be able to get up posters advertising these signings until next week.So if you know someone that lives in the area who might be interested in coming. It's always so sad when I get an e-mail that says, "I just found out you were in [insert hometown here]! The fact that a piece of my winkie was torn off without my approval leaves me feeling a little bent out of shape. Figuratively speaking.You could also direct your friend to a good website or two, so she can gather her own facts. Including some information about how the surgery might be seriously traumatic for the newborns involved.In closing, for all my fellow fellows out there, if your parents gave your special purpose the snip, don't hold it against them. Because, y'know, that would be pretty weird.***It's interesting to note that I wrote this a couple years before I became a dad. It's the plastic thing they strap your baby down onto so he doesn't struggle around too much while they're trying to cut off a piece of his dick.
The nurses thought I was kinda weird for wanting to take a picture of it.While part of me, the scientific part, can acknowledge the fact that something like this helps keep the baby safe during the procedure. The rest of me is filled with a mute horror at the thought of someone tying my baby down onto this thing so they can cut him. Then you're strapped down and someone cuts off a piece off one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

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