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Before Facebook posts and text messages, there were love letters -- and they don't get much sweeter than this. On Wednesday, Reddit user Katie (username ktdidit) shared the sweet-but-shy love letter her now-husband, Mike, wrote when they were 15. Katie wrote on Reddit that she and Mike met when they were in third grade, began dating when they were 15 after he wrote the letter, and married in 2009. In order to better understand the phenomena of Facebook relationship statuses and why they matter so much to people; I have come up with 3 main ideas that can help explain this growing fascination.
Other than the satisfaction of reaching a level of commitment, and following the script (norm) of making your relationship “Facebook official”, why else do people feel the need to have other relationship statuses listed? When people first get engaged, or start a new relationship, there is always that urge to let the people that matter the most know about it. One day after a nice date between the two, Jane logged onto her Facebook page and saw that there was a pending relationship request from Jack.
Facebook users can publicly display that they are single, and even possibly that they are looking for a romantic partner. In the textbook, Interpersonal Communication Everyday Encounters by Julia Wood, the aspect of commitment in a relationship is a very important concept for couples to embrace.

Having your relationship status on Facebook can show a level of commitment in a relationship, and provide a secure feeling for couples.
She immediately picked up the phone to call me and inform me of his decision to make their relationship known to the rest of Facebook. As seen in the picture above, there are many relationship statuses users can chose from, and it is almost as obvious as wearing a shirt around that openly shows their status. Thus, meaning that people list their relationship status as single, in hopes to attract people of the same religious affiliation. If you have ever looked at how many friends you, or anyone else has on Facebook, it can range from around 100-1,000 friends. For some people, its just a script-the normal thing to do when a relationship gets taken to the next level. The decision to make a relationship status as single for religious purposes is only one of the many ways to explain why people feel the need to self-disclose that information.
For others, the idea of self-disclosing information to the rest of Facebook is exciting, yet not so traditional. In the context of relationship statuses, it has become a script, or the norm to send your significant other a relationship request( similar to a friendship request) once you feel that your relationship has reached that level.

So if you have over 150 friends on Facebook, then you are letting a ton of other people (that you may not have talked to in years) know about your relationship, and therefore might not especially care about you’re relationship or not. Though meaning-less to the real world, this ambiguity (if left unsettled) can cause serious issues in a relationship and a woeful sense of commitment. It seems that this recent generation has become so wrapped up in displaying intimate subjects like getting engaged, or newly dating, all over the internet for ultimately thousands of (possibly meaningless) people to see.
Although nowadays it is not uncommon to see a relationship status on Facebook, it makes me wonder how more personal can ones Facebook page get?
In order to find out that bit of information, that person has to self-disclose or reveal their status by making it obvious on Facebook.

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