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While we are on the agricultural theme, Autumn also includes some significant Harvest Festivals, such as Sydneya€™s Royal Easter Show.
As I have stated many times before, you probably dona€™t need to be dramatic and embark on a heroic 'detox', just clean up your act a little in addition to your annual check-ups, so that you are prepared for - Winter, throw in some basic preventive measures to help keep the cold and flu season at bay and you will be sparkling rather than soggy throughout the cooler months.
No one is immune to viruses and flu season and if you do succumb, remember that GOOD immunity is about recovery not so much avoidance.
Many of these a€?wondera€™ products are actually not any better than most of the quality foods you have general access to and the scientific foundations of the so-called research in some cases is shaky to say the least.
WATER - while it is getting cooler, maintain your intake as heating systems can be very dehydrating. WASH YOUR HANDS a€“ Using a good soap and water is still one of the best ways to fight the spread of germs. EASTER BUNNY - as much as we like our chocolate, and yes there are some benefits to eating dark chocolate, over-consumption of sugar actually depletes your immune system. HERBAL REMEDIES a€“ In preparation we are stocking some a€?pleasant tastinga€™ immune boosting products (for those of you who detest my a€?voodoo juicea€™ herbal remedies).
For those of you who find the cooler days excellent for a bit of romance try the following blends in your burner or vaporizer:a€?1. For those of you searching for alternative gifts for Easter, Aquarius Rising Bookshop (George St. Additionally If you are looking for something Handmade locally you might like to head to our LINKS page which contains links to some very talented Friends of Tryfoss, all of whom are producing some wonderful creative products. We are also on: FACEBOOK, regularly sharing information and links to websites with quality information.
If you would like more information on the benefits of: Massage, Bowen Therapy, Herbal Remedies and Good Nutrition. The Goat is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious coexistence and Tranquility and given the current state of the world we really need to embrace its positive energy!
While we are on the agricultural theme, Autumn also includes some significant Harvest Festivals, such as Sydneya€™sA  Royal Easter Show. Obviously with our climate, Australia has a greater range to offer, the following site: Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables - Australia is local and lists produce, they also have good lover guides for each state.
GET PLENTY OF REST A good night's sleep will help keep your resistance up.A  Try to find some time to wind down before you go to bed, clear the mental debris prior to heading to the bedroom!! For those of you who find the cooler days excellent for a bit of romance try the following blends in your burner or vaporizer:1. If you would like more information on the benefits of:A  Massage, Bowen Therapy, Herbal Remedies and Good Nutrition. Fumblydiddles - Note - information concerning the Voynich Manuscript beyond this point, including the decoding attempts,A on the yellow list to the right may be dated and now changed.A  The process and general guidelines outlined are basically correct - they just need to be updated, mostly Code Table code attributions,A something I have been putting off in favor of other work. Vatican's chief exorcist has claimed that practicing yoga and reading 'Harry Potter' brings evil. On a personal note, I am no longer working at school, aiming to spend time doing more things a€?of general interesta€™ here and there, as well as continuing some post-graduate studies I have had on hold for the last four years.
Primarily, ita€™s the perfect time to get out into the garden and start preparing new beds and planting.
Sometimes catching a bug is not a bad thing, it gives your immune system a work-out and we want you to have one that responds. There are many products in the marketplace and they are advertised rather covertly via magazine articles and a€?interneta€™ research. Natural Health is becoming a massive money spinner and often the a€?health fooda€™ you are purchasing is actually being supplied by multinationals or pharmaceuticals companies. Also avoid sharing certain items a€“ particularly avoid sharing items with moisture on them. People get run down, they collect in large groups, they hug and kiss - all fun stuff, but a real breeding-ground for illness and it appears that some interesting little flu bugs have already started to appear.
My favourite is still Olive Leaf Extract a€“ doesna€™t taste the least bit like olivesa€¦ mucho palatable (also have a peppermint version!
You know where to find mea€¦a€¦a€¦a€¦ Yep, preferably gallivanting somewhere, but usually hanging about the garden or clinic in good old Fairfield!

For more information on how to get a good nights sleep go to the website a€“ Information sheets a€“ Sleep. Please understand that entries may need to be added or changed to reflect my latest understanding when reading this. November 27, 2011 - London Vatican's chief exorcist has claimed that practicing yoga and reading 'Harry Potter' brings evil.
He went to graduate school at Boston College, became a social worker, got married, raised four children, got elected to the Clinton Board of Selectmen and over the past years, has watched three wars unfold on his television screen.
I am also in the process of developing Tryfoss to include some educational support programs.
To encourage you Ia€™ve included some information you might find useful - Autumn Gardening Tips . In all honesty, given what they have been through of late with the extreme weather and stress, I think a bit of support for our farmers is a very good thing. There are those who have weak immune systems that dona€™t respond sufficiently to a€?invasiona€™ and often they end up sicker than those that suffer and resolve the occasional symptom. Make sure you include some protein as well as complex carbohydrates - whole grains and legumes, dried beans and peas, nuts, seeds and root vegetables.
There are many colourful scented candles around at the moment which capture the essence of the season, however if you would like to experience other forms of aromatherapy here is a starting list of Autumn enhancing scents: Rose, Basil (Tulsi), Cedarwood, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Lemon and Patchouli.
Follow the link: APPLES to our information page with some current information you may find interesting.
Father Gabriel Amorth, who has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms in the past 25 years after being appointed by the late Pope John Paul II, surprised delegates at a conference by revealing his dislike for yoga and 'Harry Potter'. Dziokonski, who was a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine Corps rifle company in Vietnam and a recipient of two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star with a Combat "V," considers himself a strong man, a self-described curmudgeon. Avoid saturated fats, but dona€™t miss out on the a€?gooda€™ oils.A  Juicing is a great way of getting essential vitamins and minerals. So when he found himself at the top of a mountain crying over a dead butterfly, he knew he needed help.
They may both seem innocuous but they both deal with magic and that leads to evil," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying. And he found relief and release in a yoga program designed specifically for war veterans called Yoga Warriors International. The astringent pages are neat because most of the herbs shown actually have the word "astringent"A appearing in the list ofA their usagesA in "A Modern Herbal" by Mrs. Supplements are OK too, but they dona€™t give your digestive tract a work-out like good old fashioned fibre. Cimini, the founding director of Central Mass Yoga and Wellness in West Boylston, designed to alleviate the symptoms of combat stress or post-traumatic stress disorder.
My latest conclusion about the meaning of the VMS is that it is something close to a master list of herbal recipes, probably for a master apothecary's exclusive use.A  Diane O'Donovan found a reference showing that from about 1271 the French government set up complex rules about the operation of apothecaries, for whom they could fill prescriptions and under what circumstances (usually only on the order of a master apothecary) they could change prescriptions and ingredients, all far beyond what I had envisioned for apothecaries of the time. In return the apothecaries were guaranteed access to any herb by the king (I don't know the details of this). Speaking on the subject of People And Religion at a fringe event at the Umbria Film Festival in Terni, Father Amorth spoke of his distaste for JK Rowling's young wizard. I do not know if there was such a system in effect in England at the time of the writing of the VMS. If not, master apothecaries in England would still have wanted a master book of recipes or substitutes (and probably one that couldn't be read by others). In Harry Potter the Devil is at work in a cunning and crafty way, he is using his extraordinary powers of magic and evil," he said. This is what I think the VMS is.A I also have the feeling that, although it is not shown in the VMS, that the herb illustrated on a page should have its ingredient dosage included in each recipe on the page. He studies each and everyone of us and our tendencies towards good and evil and then he tempts us. With PTSD, your emotions are ruled by what happened 20 or 30 years ago." Dziokonski originally took yoga to gain more flexibility.
The understood inclusion would explain why the recipes are grouped as they are - each folioA would be a grouping of recipes with the illustrated herb included in each as a common denominator.

As he practiced yoga, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were unfolding a world away, but were hitting close to home for Dziokonski. It is also a way the author could have easily hidden parts of the VMS from sight to help confound decoding attempts (if each page has a single strange abbreviation or entire VMS word appearing in each recipe on a page, such an item of information might be of help in finding a solution to the coding). This is not the first time that the 85-year-old has raised eyebrows with his forthright views, as last year he had said that the ongoing child sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church were evidence that "the Devil was at work in the Vatican". The war was in our living room," Dziokonski said, recalling the firefights that were being broadcast on the nightly news.
But a very strong one.A Roger Bacon lived in Paris and taught at the university there for years.
It is not hard for me envision him making a copy of a colleague's or library'sA book and then taking it home to England and making up his own book using his knowledge of English herbal medicine.
In fact, Dziokonski had asked her to teach a class at the Worcester Veterans Center, which fellow veterans later decided to continue. And I think the author had a very good understanding of the ways of an apothecary, probably being a doctor of medicine, a master apothecary or their equivalent.A The inclusion only of herbs with no animal or mineral ingredients, no astrological information seen, so far, and no sweetening or other ways of making the recipes palatable, leads me to believe that I do not yet know the whole reasoning of the meaning of the VMS or its use. There were also sometimes added secondary herbs to recipesA that helped the main herbs work or ameliorated the actions of the main herbs or did other things that do not seem to be shown in the VMS. There are also no external use recipes found yet such as poultices and mustards and ointments. These are the main things that worry me about my proposed solution (and I think the ones that will bother others most, too). In addition, she is the co-author of a study that will appear in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, "The Effects of Sensory Enhanced Hatha Yoga on Symptoms of Combat Stress in Deployed Military Personnel." The study was done by Maj. Jon Greuel, an Air Force instructor pilot, in Kirkuk, Iraq, from November 2008 to November 2009 in collaboration with Cimini. She is also working with Worcester State University to study the effect of the Yoga Warrior program on military students at the university. Zest Yoga and Fitness in Auburn is one of the local studios offering the Yoga Warriors class with a certified instructor. One, the other or both are pretty much required, especially in the VMS words more than two glyphs in length.
Zest Yoga and Fitness in Auburn began offering a Yoga Warriors class in September, and is open to all veterans and active-duty military personnel. These are found at the extreme right of a VMS word.A In each Voynich glyph word, there must be (always) present the herba€™s code abbreviation from Table I.
It is found starting at the left of every Voynich glyph word.A There may also be present code glyphs from the other tables (Tables II, III and IV) showing special modifiers (Table II), plant part used (Table III)(usually shown if more than one part of a plant is used in various ways), and, if a wet measurement, the form of the herbal potion (Table IV).
Dziokonski, who regularly attends a Thursday morning Yoga Warriors session, said yoga has returned to him a sense of calm, and has improved his sleep. Many Vietnam veterans are enrolled in Yoga Warriors, and also some World War II veterans, and now Iraq War veterans.
The encoded VMS word should always have the same meaning every time it is decoded from anywhere in the VMS.A Words must always be encoded using the minimum amount of code glyphs possible to get the exact meaning across a€“ an example being something like if the leaves of a plant are the only part that is ever used for any medicinal purposes, the Table III code glyphs for leaves do not need to appear in the VMS glyph word. Dziokonski and Cimini said the emotional impact the war has on returning veterans may not become evident until months or years later.
Although they seem to give reasonable results, I am very unsure that they are absolutely correct. This applies mostly to short words and also toward resolving priority between code tables.A After the right end of the VMS glyph word is decoded, move to the left hand end.
From the remaining glyphs after the measurement end decoding, find the longest continuous group of glyphs representing an abbreviation in Table I (that allows for a reasonble decoding of the glyph word). This is the herb in the ingredient formula.A If there are still some glyphs remaining undecoded in the middle of the VMS word, decode them using Tables II and III.

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