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It’s even theoretically limiting her ability to HELP people but he doesn’t give a crap!
I know that years after the fact the depowered Wonder Woman stories by Mike Sekowski, Denny O’Neil & Dick Giordano, with Diana becoming an Emma Peel type adventurer, were regarded as a serious misstep. The Mafia With Trevor McDonald saw Sir Trevor fraternise with some of the most notorious mobsters in America, and viewers loved it. He spent three months travelling across New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Southern California, meeting men who’d lived in the deepest, darkest corners of the crime world, and who themselves had taken many lives. The second of the two episodes saw him trying to get inside the heads of the mobsters who’d tried to leave the bad life behind. One head mobster revealed to Trevor that he’d taken his seven year old son on hits with him.
Viewers were shocked at the nonchalance of some of the mafia men, who have been desensitised by their lives of crime.
Rose and Trevor discovered the third Petrova Doppelganger's existence and decided to kidnap her and trade her for their freedom.
Just before she died, Rose wondered if she would see Trevor soon, because she loved him as a brother.

Trevor seemed to have some sort of caring attitude, particularly towards Rose, but also to Katherine as he tried to save her from her fate, as had fallen in love with her. Luckily for him, the lasso comes loose while they’re pummeling him and Wonder Woman comes in to save the day. It’s the Steve and Diana of Earth-32, the dump hole for all weird Earth-One stories incompatible with the rest. I enjoyed Kanigher’s work on WW, but there were some horrible stories near the end (Showcase Vol.
There are some Peter Parker and Aunt May panels from his Spider-Man run that make you think the characters belong in an asylum.
They had been running from the Original Vampires ever since they helped Katerina Petrova escape.
After Katherine betrayed them, Trevor and Rose were on the run from the Originals, and after many years, Trevor wanted forgiveness as he didn't want to run anymore.
Rose was very loyal to him, up until he was killed by Elijah as his punishment for trusting and helping Katerina escape. Trevor, however, is shown to be afraid of Elijah as he didn't want to stick around when he would come to get Elena.

He was the one who originally brought Katerina Petrova, the second Petrova Doppelganger to Klaus and Elijah. However, Trevor fell in love with her and when he found out she would be sacrificed in a ritual, he helped her evade Elijah. Rose knocked out Elena and after she woke up, Elena overheard a conversation held between Trevor and Rose and heard about someone named Elijah. Trevor and Rose were running from Elijah because he wanted to kill Trevor for helping Katherine Pierce, and Rose was wanted dead because she helped him. Katherine had no intention of dying this way, so she injured herself, causing Rose to feed her some blood to heal. When Trevor arrived, Katherine had hung herself and became a vampire drinking the blood from the human house owner. For helping her, Trevor and Rose were forced to flee to escape Klaus' wrath and they lived in fear and hiding since then.

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