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Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. About-Face means a reversal of direction, attitude, or point of view. We equip women & girls with tools to understand & resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem & body image. Claiming that modeling is 98% one’s genetics and 2% hard work — in other words, primarily luck — Russell expressed concern over how many young girls aspire to be models, publicly critiquing the prevalence of beauty privilege in American culture.
Cameron Russell unpacks beauty privilege in her recent TedX Talk “Image is Powerful,” which recently went viral on the internet. In the TedX Talk, Russell made it clear that she actively enjoys her career as a model; she has been “wildly successful” and has received ample compensation for her work. Russell’s talk also drew attention to the severity of the digital alterations made upon her own photos. She juxtaposed photos of herself on the soccer team and at a sleepover — real life photos in which she looks “dorky and normal” — with the Photoshopped images that appeared in Victoria’s Secret, French Vogue, and V Magazine. Even though Russell seems to perfectly fit America’s “ideal beauty standard” — white, slim, longhaired, and straight-toothed – the magazines still felt it necessary to photoshop the images. Russell acknowledges that her success as a model is largely due to her “winning a genetic lottery” and fitting the American beauty ideal. She acknowledges that talking about one’s beauty may be awkward, but is necessary if we want to deconstruct the privileges — and lack of privileges — that a beauty-obsessed culture can create. Second of all, Russell is not afraid or ashamed to show her audience real, unaltered photographs of herself. In fact, she enjoys doing so; she is happy to have the opportunity to show young girls that images in magazines and advertisements are “constructions,” and, as such, are not aspiration-worthy.
Russell acknowledges the elephant in the room: she says, without hesitation, “nobody looks like that.” If more models and celebrities gracing the pages of advertisements and pop culture magazines had the guts to do what Russell did, imagine the possibilities! Drastically Photoshopped images, like those Russell presented, would look ridiculous because audiences would have “real” photos for comparison. Hailey Magee is a Women’s and Gender Studies and Politics double major at Brandeis University. Kat on 01-27-2013That's all very well, however I doubt models are really winners if "a genetic lottery" . There are many pretty females around who are only average height or shorter and they do not live a priviledged existence because they are prettier than the average person.
But I disagree with Kat that "most models are average who starve themselves." Many women are in fact born with those cheek bones and other features that can never be acquired other than genetically, unless you get some serious surgery done. Jackie on 02-15-2013I thought it was very sad that even someone as conventionally pretty as Cameron Rusell would feel insecure. I found the photo comparisons to be very striking, and understand why some men don't understand why women would want to aspire to look that way. Also it would be hard for most people to differentiate some of those photos from something pornographic.

In regards to inherited cheek bones, David Bowie has been blessed with amazing cheek bones, it's genetics not weight. Vallerie on 02-19-2013Insecurity is part of the human condition, the reasons for our insecurities may vary, but no one is completely immune. She is telling the truth and if we weren't obsessed with looks, she wouldn't be famous and we wouldn't be talking about it. My previous article talked about 10 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Superior To American Women.
Such masculine women will forever be disappointed, because no masculine man could ever tolerate such women. By now, I am sure a lot of unnaturally masculinized Western women’s mental hamsters are running in full speed. If you are looking for a masculine man, the first thing you must due is give up all traces of arrogance in your personality. It is very difficult to find a truly feminine Western woman, and thus if you are a masculine man, the only real option is to go abroad. In this globalized world, Western women are simply incapable of competing with foreign women, who are vastly superior to them in all qualities.
In the end, one thing is certain, and that is that this modern society simply cannot keep going on the way it has been. Because she is one of the “beauty-privileged,” her comments add an air of legitimacy to the debate around the benefits of attractiveness that so few individuals are willing to discuss. First of all, she puts the debate about beauty privilege front and center, and in doing so, opens the door for future models and non-models alike to do the same.
If she had that face and was only 5'2 as I am, she would not be in this priviledged occupation or have anywhere near the astronomical pay for her time and work as she gets now. Often getting better job opportunities beyond just the modeling profession and are also more apt to be promoted to supervisory positions within a shorter space of time. It makes you want to yell, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?!" We have children starving themselves near to death, and being fat is our country's main concern? Yes sex sells, but if you're going to sell sex at least have the woman look close to natural, instead of all this eyeliner and lipstick.
There are so many ways to help: Find out how to donate money, stuff, services, time, or expertise.
In his freetime, he enjoys playing World of Warcraft, watching anime, writing, and having fun with hot and submissive brown chicks, using his white privilege to his advantage. I thought we would perhaps like to enlarge on that and explain more about why masculine Western men like feminine foreign women. The masculine energy is characterized by strength and power while the feminine energy is characterized by softness and healing ability. The majority of American women I come in contact with during my life does not embody the feminine energy. No, the only kind of men they will ever attract are the beta feminine men, whom they don’t respect and therefore can never be satisfied with as a long-term partner.

Some of them are probably saying, “Well, how can we be feminine in a society that enforces gender equality? And instead of trying to improve themselves, so that they can compete with foreign women, Western women want to simply shame men for pursuing such women. People can either voluntarily decide to change and or else people will be forced to change as society collapses. We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles.
Hailey hopes to one day pursue a career in the political arena and become an advocate for gender equality. Most models are really pretty average white girls who starve themselves which accentuates their cheekbones etc. To reiterate HEIGHT is the key to winning this unacknowledged by society yet mysterious 'genetic lottery' as Ms Russell aptly labeled it.
It's so rare we see images of women normally, that now when we do see one we're struck by the novelty of it and how beautiful women look in reality. It's become so ridiculous now with photoshop, that it's looking like we're never going to see a natural realistic woman portrayed in ads again. There are plenty of gorgeous females much better looking than her even, that will never be on the cover of vogue because they are too short.
And unfortunately, it seems that the latter is inevitable, as the majority of people are simply too brainwashed and ignorant and refuse to change. But in their desperate and misguided attempts to try to be equal to men, Western women embraced masculine qualities instead of embracing their natural feminine qualities.
If you taste a 50-year-old fine wine, you will never want to drink a low quality $2 bottle from Trader Joes. That is fine, change is coming either way, and because people refuse to voluntarily change, a very painful process of change in the form of societal collapse has already begun. If they would stop trying to emasculate men at every opportunity with man-hating feminism and political correctness, maybe men wouldn’t have been trained to be such spineless pussies.
Once a man experiences a foreign woman, he loses all desire to associate with Western women anymore. Once a woman has become contaminated, it is not possible to save them in the current generation. You can also go to foreign countries, but the men there will simply see you as a whore and use you as such. 90 percent of the men agreed with me and told me they feel the same way, that Western women have no benefit besides the sexual. The only option Western women have anymore is to just get pumped and dumped by alpha Western men and alpha foreign men.

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