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Controversial indie music darling Lana Del Rey has become something of a fashion magnet as well; she's already landed a modeling contract and scored a huge sartorial score in posing for the cover of Vogue UK.
But despite her rising fashion cred, the former Lizzie Grant has received one ubiquitous critique in the looks department, about which she now wants to set the record straight. In a new interview in the New York Times' T magazine, Del Rey opens up to writer Jacob Brown about that facial feature everyone (well, everyone on the Internet) has been buzzing about. No matter what Lana says, though, we're sure the rumors of a lip augmentation aren't going to slow down on the Internet any time soon. Click over to T magazine to see the Terry Richardson-directed photo shoot and read the full interview with Lana, including her strange living situation in Brooklyn. New Hampshire Democrat values are Nancy Pelosi values, extreme left social and economic values that just two years ago they were actually proud of. Former House speaker Norelli and former Senate president and current state senator Sylvia Larsen are also very similar to Pelosi, just like Cilley and Hassan, all cut from the same moldy Hegelian cloth with the Benthamite trim.

What’s more, when Pelosi was House speaker from 2007 to 2010, New Hampshire Democrats  stood beside her or with her, applauded her, defended her, and were proud of her leadership, methods, and her policy choices.
Are they not proud of their Democrat party values?  Or are they only proud of them in church basements with local democrats, while taking Republican batting practice, or when sequestered away in the liberal ghettos that still pepper the Granite State like an infection which the common sense antibiotic of free markets and personal liberty cannot seem to reach? No parades?  No proud speeches about a the tarnished turd in a ditch that is the inevitable outcome of the Democrat socialist government model espoused by the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world and revered by New Hampshire Democrats? Not brief enough.  But in 2010 it was New Hampshire values that drove them out of office in record numbers like lemmings off a cliff.  But after two years relegated to the legislative equivalent of the kids table at Thanksgiving, and with nothing on their resumes but a two billion dollar taxpayer funded shopping spree during the worst recession in history, and a nearly billion dollar structural deficit in their whimpering wake, the only thing  left to do is to abscond New Hampshire values and hope no one notices? Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". This past weekend during a performance in Denmark, an audience member got themselves a handful of Beyonce.
The nail is buffed down, acrylic is applied to the area where they have grown out, followed by a finish of your choice.

If New Hampshire Democrats were (are) so proud of Nancy Pelosi, her Carol Shea-Porter clone and the Annie Kuster Pelosi-policy twin, then shouldn’t they be running on those Nancy Pelosi Values now?  Why are they not trumpeting the virtue of the super-state, built on the backs of evil business owners who like a team of crippled oxen drag leviathan government across one failed taxpayer-funded or deficit building left wing bailout after another, closer and closer to the precipice of bankruptcy and economic collapse?
Acrylics can be applied to just about all nails, even short, bitten, damaged nails - they will completely transform the way your hands look. Acrylic is strong, hard and durable so it's great for those who are busy and on the go, you will never have to worry about your nails.

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