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Do you stay home with your kids when they’re sick, or does your partner, babysitter or relative generally take over? Do you feel that taking time off to care for your sick child(ren) has negatively affected your career? All the sickness in the early years has helped reduce both the severity and frequency where my kids are sick. I think employers know that we moms bear the brunt of sniffling kids, but I can also say that when possible, sharing the sick time with your spouse or someone else does let them know that you understand their needs too. I recently went through a stomach bug epidemic in my house Lala Musings: Vomitus Humor and absolutley relate to your post.
I understand the policy of the daycares with kids who are noticeably sick, but I've had to go in to get one of my boys when he was having a runny teething poo and not diarrhea.
Kids can start showing symptoms after they get to daycare too, so we aren't just bringing them in when they are sick because we need to go to work.
Maybe daycares accelerate the development of kids immune systems compared to having the little ones at home since they increase kids exposure to bacteria and viruses. Whether your father is it's technologically savvy or not, chances are his text messages are a mix of awkward questions and cheesy-yet-adorable dad humor. This Father's Day, celebrate some of the funniest moments in texting brought to you by dads below.
Yet when the viruses or various bacteria that were floating around on the collective toys, books and items at the daycare do their thing, well guess what? But not just for the obvious reasons, but also for the repercussions to my professional life.

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You definitely build up immunities the more you are around children and their various viruses and bacteria.
I know that this is one area that is really difficult for a lot of women to the point that they always feel pulled two ways at the same time. It is very kind of you and I'm so happy to hear that you find my writing interesting (and I hope entertaining!).
However, we just enrolled them in daycare for the fall, so your post is very timely…we will be facing these same questions in a few months, especially if next winter is anything like this past winter was.
I also used to feel like the nursery staff were looking down on me sending an unwell child in to them even though neither were unwell in the morning! Anyway, it sounds like you did the right thing by finding a childcare provider that did not give you attitude like it is your fault for your children getting sick.
It’s a much more normal-looking photo of Laina eating an ice cream sundae, and while it starts off with a seemingly crazy act, the punchline reveals that your Misunderstood Girlfriend just wanted to make your life better. You’re out of luck and destined to take the day (or two, or three) off work to tend to your little ones. If you choose the sick child, your job could be in jeopardy; if you choose the spreadsheet, you may look like a trooper at work but to little Johnny, your name is mud. Not sure about you but my kids cling to me when they are not feeling well and, as their mom I want to be there. Because the child-free surely look more favorable to an employer when the latest bout of influenza sweeps through the daycare.

It often does fall upon the mom, though I know that there are a lot of dads who would be more than happy to stay with their little ones to take care of them during these times.
But because they were ill October through to April, they assumed that you'd sent them in ill! Heaven knows it's hard enough dealing with feverish little ones and balancing work without having to feel bad about it on top of it all!Thanks for commenting! Kind of like Good Girl Gina¬†and those memes that show that you’re just way too paranoid! It is difficult juggling work and kids and then throw sickness into and sometimes it feels like you're going to lose your mind. Just because a girl pays you some extra attention doesn’t mean she wants to steal your used tissues and perform some African voodoo to make you fall in love with her. I’ve written about the fact that moms overwhelmingly take on the role of caregiver when their children are sick before.
I just try to do my best and not beat myself up with guilt over it… hence, my site Be Positive Mom! Today I received a phone call from my son’s school saying he had 102 temp and I needed to come get him.

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