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These beautifully crafted Dragonair earrings are perfect for any Pokemon fan who likes the look of stretched ears without going through all the trouble. Avoid the hassle of dirty dishes and dealing with pots and pans the next time you’re craving ramen! Good luck trying to not burn your bacon in the morning when cooking with this little Fire Demon! Now you can enjoy anime at your table with these stylish Neon Genesis Evangelion chopsticks. Celebrate important milestones and outstanding efforts in life with the appropriate award pin!
Join the cat sensation in the cutest way imaginable by slipping inside this Pusheen onesie.
What better way is there to show everyone you’re a fan of Digital Monsters than with a crest t-shirt!

Not only does this Zelda inspired chest look incredible, but it also plays the iconic chest opening sound when you take a peak inside.
The Hello Kitty cookbook is filled with dozens of yummy baking recipes inspired by Japan’s most famous feline.
The Calcifer spatula makes an excellent gift for Studio Ghibli fans who also loves to cook.
Though they’re small, all the characteristics and colors of Unit-01 have been perfectly reproduced into a pair of fully functional eating utensils. These Pokemon ear plugs come in various sizes with some even including gold foil to give off an elemental effect. This custom Air Force 1 Nikes have been modified to represent the colors of Dragon Ball Z’s bad guy, Cell. This long list of comical achievements are guaranteed to have at least one suitable for you or that over-achieving weeaboo in your life.

This amusing sticker can instantly transform everyday household items into a comical display of that frightful scene when the Titans breached the walls!
This snuggly costume is made from ultra soft polyester fleece and comes complete with Pusheen’s grey tabby colors and a tail. Comfortable and casual, these shirts each feature a DigiDestined character virtue printed on the front that will quickly become one of your favorites. Packed with soft plush material, this stuffed lion’s head will provide you with the ultimate cuddle buddy while giving you a comfy place to rest your head. Along the way you may wonder if its an ad for a feminine hygiene product or, perhaps, a contraception product or maybe even an ad calling attention to teen pregnancy or rape.

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