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With candle magic you can simply burn a candle and chant a simple magic love spell, or get more elaborate with rituals and your Wiccan altar. You are going to cleanse your candle by wiping it clean with a wipe or rinsing it in clear water and letting it dry one hundred percent. To cast the spell to bring your lover back remember that you have to clear the area around you and be serene in a relaxed place in your home or perhaps a garden. Once you put all your energy into creating the vibes in yourself that will attract your lover back to you, you can cast the love spell.

Wicca witchcraft, goddesses, natural beauty secrets, love spells to attract men, fountain of youth myths, essential oils, aroma therapy, organic beauty recipes, earth's natural elements and minerals to enhance beauty, and letting your inner goddess shine through! The first thing to know about Wicca belief is that you cannot try to control the mind of another person. There are variants of the love poetry and you can even adapt the spell to yourself as needed. A natural candle such as soy or beeswax is a delicate touch but even a plain white candle will do.

Focus on positive energy and relax until the candle has burned down substantially or all the way.

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