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Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist will leave you mesmerized by the beautiful floral and fruity scents!
This wonderful vibrant scent of sweet cherry blossom and juicy peach gives an irresistible combination that allows you to feel the romance that brings out your most flirtatious side. Reviews about Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance MistWrite a reviewYou have to be logged in to write a review.
A lavishly lush combination of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine make it perfect for your enjoyment.
I tried a lot of perfumes in the VS store before i tried this and instantly fell in love, i felt like i was floating on clouds when i sniffed this ( till i noticed that creepy guy staring at me).
My friend bought this for me for my birthday and I feel bad to say this, but I really hate it.
I blind bought this one for my daughter and gave it a go last night, to me its a sharp fruity scent at first blast and drys down to a sticky syrupy scent almost candy like. Too much of this scent is a massive headache, it literally smells like you poured a litre of vodka over yourself before you went outside. This to me smells mostly like cherry blossom over the peach, I can still smell the peach but I mostly smell the cherry blossom. If you've ever smelled those fizzy sugar coated peach ring gummy candies, thats what this smells like dead on. My friend gave me a travel mist bottle of this that she already used up and had little leftover just for me to test it before buying it.
I got the body mist of this, since I really liked Secret Charm and Coconut Passion and wanted to try another.
I used to love this now I just find it annoying :( It's kinda cute though, like a right of passage. Imagine a tall glass of Archer's Peach Shnapps, fizzy lemonade, tons of ice and a glace cherry on top.
A friend from Holland sent me a bottle as a gift, and I have to say, I'm quite happy with it.
This is my fourth VS body spray, and probably my third favorite after Coconut Passion & Forbidden Vanilla.
I bought this recently, I smelt it quickly and knowing it was their best seller thought it would grow on me. At first I hated it because I thought it smelled like a cleaning product, but now I love it.

Cut away the extra vinyl from the inside, and cut slashes into the spine to create a flap that can be folded over the top of the book and glued to the inside cover. You can make up whatever spells you want to, but if you’d like to use mine just download them below, print them out, and glue them into the book. When it was time to come up with the spells to include, I thought about what spells a witch would need to consult the most often. Just click on the link and hit print and you’re all set to make your own book full of spells. Also, I'm happy to share my efforts and pictures, but please send me an email before you use them. I started wearing it in high school and now into my early 30s still always have the lotion on hand. When it almost ran out i finally smelled the peach over the cherry blossom but still a good scent for anyone to try! Unlike some of the reviews on this fragrance, I wouldn't label this as a "strictly high school" fragrance.
I don't know if I'd purchase it when it runs out, but I can imagine this smells lovely in the summer months! It's silage isn't the greatest, but it's such a big, generous bottle, I'm sure you could just re-spray! I know Love Spell is like THE best selling VS Fantasies now but I tried it today and OMG it's not at all good to my nose. You could use any of your favorite glues, but for this project, I used artist’s gesso.
I printed them on vellum paper because I loved the old fashioned look of it, and used a spray adhesive to stick it in place. Maybe I should have included one to make inspiration come when it was more convenient for me. They give me such a thrill and keep me going when I feel like this whole thing is just too much work. Fantasy or Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears or pretty much ANY other fragrance by Victoria's Secret or BBW is better than this nasty crap! If you like crisp fruity scents with a sour background you'll like love spell, although unfortunately it did not put the hubs underr a spell lol he actually didn't care for it much.
I feel like I SHOULD repurchase this scent just for peoples reactions of it and how much every one I know enjoys the smell but it's way too powerful for my liking.

My dad got closer and said I smelled nice, a teacher was passing by me by the stairs and told me I smelled good, and finally a boy grabbed my jacket just so he can smell the perfume.
This mist is definitely not sweet, more sour and fruity and may be smells like a strong smelling fruit punch. I'm in my early 30's and I find a nice spritz from the body spray refreshing and sweet without being overly cloying. The costumes are ready, treats have been sent, decorations have been made, and then, at the last minute, I got this little nagging voice in my head prompted by a thick hard cover book I picked up at the dollar store. Fold the corner in, and then the flap over towards the inside so that you’re wrapping it neatly like a present.
Maybe hint of cherry blossom but no trace of Aloe vera (?!??)and barely there Chamomille (well burried undr the general sweet-fruity blast of the peach) Young, cute and girly. Would probably never wear this again as it is not my kind of scent anymore but I loved it one upon a time.
Lots and lots of peach with a bit of cherry blossom (I guess.) Not groundbreaking but nice all the same.
The voice would not listen to me when I said I was done with Halloween crafts, it insisted I get to work.
Overall it's pleasant to my nose and I will wear it, even though it is not something I would normally reach for. Not exactly chemical-like per se, but definitely at least like one of those fragranced cleaning product. I got into more complex fragrances as I got older and able to afford "real" perfume, but still wear this on casual days when in the mood for a sweet comforting smell.
Im not sure how long this lasts on its own but when i layer it up with the lotion it stays strong for about 1 and a half hours. Perhaps if I walked pass another VS store I'll have another test, who knows then it will be different. Smells mostly like peach shampoo and the aloe vera and chamomille give it a bit of a green tea type of scent. Then for another 2 hours its weak(ish) then about another half an hour of really week scent.

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