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Learn how to use wicca witchcraft and Voodoo Love Spells, Return your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, cast revenge hex on your enemy, jinx someone's life, curse miracle cross, money spell, good luck, amulets, charms, dolls, horoscope. This 42 page handbook gives methods and ingredients for White Magic and Black Magic practice. This book only deals with magic and spells, witchcraft spells, voodoo spells, mystical talisman, magic charms, love spells, money spells for all purposes also voodoo dolls, voodoo spells and black magic for everything related to new age and occult. Learn how to use new orleans wicca witchcraft and Voodoo Love Spells, Return your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, cast revenge hex on your enemy, jinx someone's life, curse miracle cross, money spell, good luck, amulet, charm, doll, haiti horoscope. A Guide to know the truth of love spell casters, love psychics, tarot readers and the occult! Though there are many who practice Voodoo in New Orleans as well but the origin has actually been from Haiti as already mentioned above. The inception of voodoo dolls which is quite familiar concept among many has basically from the word similar to puppet, which implies the make of something.
Voodoo can be described or better defined as a kind of religion prevalent mostly in the Asian and African regions across the world. It has been seen that during the chanting of these spells the voodoo practitioners start dancing as well which gives them more scope to interact with the spirits, the other kind of spiritual existing forces which are available. The world of magic has always been something which every human has aspired to know and understand but the dark intricacies of this world has always been such that not many have been able to decipher the meaning of the same. Since this is unlike witchcrafts or black magic, hence its rituals and practices are also varied in contrast to that of the Wiccan magic or the simple witchcraft. Basically before one starts off with the voodoo rituals, there is the opening ceremony kind of ritual which is then followed by deep concentration, then the prayer is chanted and the effort is made via the same to make contact with the obtainable spirit. Thus, Voodoo is also a sacred religion as any other forms of religion but due to the various misconceptions which exists it has derived a wrong name and publicity.

This article was posted in Voodoo and tagged magic voodoo spells, new orleans voodoo, voodoo dolls, voodoo magic, voodoo rituals. About MeI am Madam Serena and I am an expert at tarot and a dedicated layman of all that is occult and new age! Love SpellsI consider Love Spells to be part of nature, even without knowing sometimes we are "casting" love spells , when we flirt or when we are thinking too much about our desired lover. Everyone is welcome to explore both the white and dark side of this magical spiritual world! Voodoo is not all about just about dolls and sacrifices, various kinds of horrible enchanting curses or evil spells, but it’s a scared magical world which has its inception from Haiti and not from New Orleans which many believe it to be. Furthermore in the Voodoo magic which exists in the former regions, it’s categorized into two parts, both white as well as black magic.
This has been quite prevalent in the regions of Europe where witch craft had been quite dominant and pervasive. On the basis of the ideology of Voodoo, every individual has a soul within oneself which has two spirits within, one the good one also known as your guardian angel and the second known as the little good angel’ which leaves the body of the individual when one sleeps or during the participation of rituals by the individuals body. With various kinds of dark magical world co-existing together across various regions of the world it’s appropriative that one carves to know more about such rituals and practices. Here in brief we would explain you on how one can easily perform this Voodoo, though it has to be done with great perfection and accuracy but when done once with dedication, it’s never hard to repeat the same process once over again. The request or the wish is placed before the same and the prayer is said with ardent need and faith, else the effect would never be benefiting. Those thoughts create a ray of energy that may be compatible with our loved one, and get connected!
Among all are instructions and recipes for love spells, money luck spells, revenge hexes and doing harm to enemies.
Few also believe that Voodoo has much to do with sacrifices of humans, mostly children being the largest victims.

Now coming to the reality, Voodoo is similar to any other kind of religion where one believes in God who is the sole responsible for the creation of everything on earth, and all creation is his gift.
During this state of body, the voodoo practitioners believe that one can easily trap such a body. There have been several learned practitioners of voodoo magic which have been able to rise above the human mankind due to the new world of knowledge which that have learned and gain supremacy and expertise over.
We should hope that no one reading this handbook would want to perform the black magic portion, but they are an important part of the portrait of the human imagination that emerges from any inclusive account of magic lore. But in reality there is nothing like human sacrifices concept which exists in the world of Voodoo, infact the basic ideology of Voodoo is not to harm or bring discomfort to humans or any living beings and hence it’s obvious that human sacrifices would never be a part of this sacred service.
Practitioners of casting witchcraft magic spells have imagined the beautiful as well as the grotesque -sometimes both together. Next, dolls has always been another important replica of representing Voodoo magic among layman, but this has much notions and misconception buried deep within it. Gods are known as ‘loa’ or ‘orisahs’ and the prime god or the centralized God is known as ‘Olodd-umare’. And many of their spells, however seriously conceived, will strike the modern reader in comical. It is believed that these dolls are created in the make of the person on whom the voodoo or the magic is enchanted, and for getting the effects on the person, pins or needles are pricked upon it.
Witchcraft spells, hexes and voodoo curses are meant to enhance your life and assist you in many situations, some of you may have a serious problem that you feel needs even stronger assistance.

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