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As an author, Brautigan is noted for his poetry which often turns dramatically on unconventional but vivid images powered by imagination, strange and detailed observational metaphors, humor, and satire, all presented in a seemingly simplistic, childlike manner.
I love writing poetry but it's taken time, like a difficult courtship that leads to a good marriage, for us to get to know each other. Use the links below to access information and resources for each of Brautigan's ten collections of poetry.
Information and resources are provided here for each of Brautigan's known, published, and uncollected poems.
Uncollected poems are grouped here by the year of their first publication, beginning with the earliest. This poem was possibly Brautigan's first publication and his first as "Richard Brautigan." Until his final year of high school Brautigan was known as "Porterfield," the surname of his mother's second husband, Robert Geoffrey "Tex" Porterfield.
BY PROCLAMATIONS [sic] of Governor Paul Patterson and Portland's Mayor Fred Peterson, Oregon Poetry Day will be observed October 15.
The editor regrets a number of fine poems submitted must be held over for a near-future column. The idea of Poetry Day originated with Lucia Trent, a Texas poet, as a memorial to her poet husband Ralph Cheney. Part of "Oregonian Verse: First Publication Poetry" edited by Ethel Romig Fuller, Poetry Editor, The Oregonian. The Ochoco National Forest is located in north central Oregon, east of the Cascade Mountains. Poems by Lorraine and Brautigan appeared together in the first issue of Danse Macabre in 1957.
Appeared with the poem "The Breeze" in a column titled "Gab & Gossip" written by Claude H. When it comes to poetry or other types of literature, we leave to others the appraisal of what's good.
This page, however, carries two short pieces of blank verse by a newcomer to Fallon, Richard Brautigan. Appeared with the poem "Storm over Fallon" in a column titled "Gab & Gossip" written by Claude H.
A post-Beat avant-garde poetry magazine published by New Athenaeum Press, Lake Como, Florida.
Brautigan apparently signed this copy Tuesday, 24 August 1971, well after the book was first published. This was Brautigan's first book appearance prior to his own solely authored book, The Return of the Rivers. Four poems by Brautigan were included: "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth's Beer Bottles," "The Mortuary Bush," "Twelve Roman Soldiers and an Oatmeal Cookie," and "Gifts".
This collection from the work of four young poets, all under 25, presents an interesting contrast that is most refreshing after so much orthodoxy in current American poetry. Began publication in 1957; published quarterly at 653 12th Street, Manhattan Beach, California.
This issue also featured work by Orma McCormick, Richard Dwyer, Lilith Lorraine, Judson Crews, James Boyer May, and Carl Larsen. Larsen edited the journal Existaria, a Journal of Existant Hysteria in which Brautigan published two poems: "The Daring Little Guy on the Burma Shave Sign" and "The World Will Never End" in 1957.
Lilith Lorraine edited the journal Flame in which Brautigan published the poem "Someplace in the World a Man is Screaming in Pain" in 1955.
Published in San Francisco, California, Winter 1958 (Volume #1) through September 1962 (Volume #13). Also included work by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, William Saroyan, James Broughton, and others.
Also featured work by Bob Kaufman, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Philip Whalen, Ruth Weiss, Richard McBride, Stan Persky, and William Margolis.

Also featured work by Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, David Meltzer, Bob Kaufman, William Margolis, Ron Padgett, Barbara Moraff, Richard McBride, Peter Orlovsky, and Philip Lamantia.
Richard Brautigan is a San Francisco poet and writer whose novel, A Confederate General from Big Sur, has recently been published by Grove Press.
Featured two poems by Brautigan: "The Buses" and "Period Piece" and "At Sea," his review of Michael McClure's Ghost Tantras. Also included work by Gino Clays, Harold Dull, Robert Duncan ("The Gift of Tongues or The Imagination"), Ken Irby, Ron Loewinsohn, Gilbert Sorrentino, Drew Wagnon, and Lewis Warsh. Written circa 1966, possibly while Brautigan was visiting Mexico, researching for his novel The Abortion. In addition to Brautigan's poems, this issue also featured a full-page advertisement for The Galilee Hitch-Hiker to be published by Oar, complete with made up blurbs promoting the book. Also included work by Jack Spicer, Lew Welch, Anselm Hollo, John Sinclair, Clark Coolidge, and others.
He apparently destroyed that poem because when I asked for a copy of it the next year he couldn't find it. Additionally, Brautigan wrote and dedicated the poem "Albion Breakfast" for Morgan, who recounts the poem's genesis.
Erik Weber photographed Brautigan and Morgan in Brautigan's Geary Street apartment in March 1967. Brautigan read this poem at a poetry reading at the First Unitarian Church in San Francisco, 7 May 1970.
Written July 1982 and burned later the same night as part of a funeral rite associated with the death of Nikki Arai, character in An Unfortunate Woman. Brautigan talked about his experience at Terayama Shuji's funeral at the One World Poetry Festival, in Amsterdam, in February 1984.
These photographs show the orignal typescript of the poem "Night Flowing River" as written by Brautigan in Japan in 1984.
Featured this poem, a story titled "The Lost tree," and a photograph of Brautigan by Toby Thompson.
A publication led by Italian writer Franco Beltrametti with Gianni Castagnoli, Patrizia Vicinelli, and John Gian.
Brautigan's contribution was a collaboration with Dutch poet and painter Harry Hoogstraten and consisted of a series of lines drawn on the page, the most dominant of which was labeled "not forgotten" in Brautigan's handwriting. This book came from the Symposium and 49th Annual Meeting of The Friends of Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, California, 12-13 April 1996. The good news is that I am able to help people by casting real spells that actually work and make a real difference in people’s lives. Yes, that means they I am able to bring the love of their life home immediately, or bring about the change they needed so badly – or attract someone new and wonderful in their life instantly. I can help you with money spells, protection spells, lottery spells and custom spells for whatever you personally need. As well as inheriting many generations’ worth of spell-casting knowledge, I have learned from the ancient Egyptians, the Romany gypsies and old Indian traditions. Hypnotize in Love Spell, a vibrant, irresistible blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach. I wrote poetry for seven years to learn how to write a sentence because I really wanted to write novels and I figured that I couldn't write a novel until I could write a sentence. Just before his graduation, he changed his surname from "Porterfield" to "Brautigan" and used that name for the rest of his life.
This Sunday, as a part of an ambitious program of prescheduled events, Oregonian Verse presents local poets in a featured full-page spread.
It was created in 1911 from parts of the Deschutes National Forest and is noted for its lakes, rivers, dense evergreen forests, and the magnificent rock formations of the Ochoco Mountains. Wright says Brautigan, wanting to meet poet Ron Loewinsohn, handed him this poem, which responds to Carl Sandburg's famous poem "Fog" (Wright 34). Brautigan tells a slightly different version of this anecdote in So the Wind Won't Blow It All Away, pages 8-13. He now lives in San Francisco where he is working on a book of poems, The Horse That Had A Flat Tire.
These two poems are from the Leslie Woolf Hedley collection, FOUR NEW POETS (Inferno Press) . Larsen was also one of the poets included, along with Brautigan, in the book Four New Poets.
He served in the United States Air Force during World War II and then attended Reed College, in Portland, with Gary Snyder and Lew Welch, graduating in 1951. Typed and submitted to the Communication Company for publication as a broadside but apparently never used.
Among the American contributors were Ted Berrigan, Richard Brautigan, Gary Snyder, and Jack Spicer. Brautigan visited Leiden University, Amsterdam, in February 1983 and spent time with Hoogstraten.

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But me and my sister none of us have dry skin so I can’t tell how good it will be for extremely dry skin in winters. Vincent Smith and maintained publication offices in Fitzgerald, Georgia, and editorial offices in Japan where Smith was posted on active military duty. Crane, Jed Garrick, Charles Bukowski, Rozana Webb, Joseph Martinek, Cerise Farallon, Fred Cogswell, E. Uronovitz, Robert Stock, Dave DeSilver, Bob Hartman, Mark Green, Carol Mann, John Richardson, Pierre Henri Delattre, Lew Gardner, and Joe Gould. He moved to San Francisco, California, where he participated in the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance and published regularly. It then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and from there to San Francisco, California, where it ended with Volume 3, Number 21 in March 1966. It was written up in the mountains east of Santa Barbara while we were staying over the night with my friends the Maytags who owned the Unicorn Bookstore. Griffith, a Los Angeles, California, poet, actor, and one of the founding members of Carma Bums, a group of touring poets, wrote about this event.
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Smith wrote Brautigan in late 1955-early 1956 saying he intended to republish the poem "Someplace in the World a Man is Screaming in Pain," published in the Fall 1955 issue of Flame, in the first issue of Olivant, his own literary magazine.
Northnagel, Claudia Archuletta, Clarence Major, Apollinaire, John Charles Chadwick, Rockwell B. I've never been to a funeral in my land of America, and I start walking toward Aoyama Saijoh. But through the power of wiccan rituals, witchcraft techniques and sorcery – all the white flavors of these, of course – I am able to achieve amazing results. Consistency wise it’s not very thick neither very runny, and it gets absorbed in skin easily without making it feel greasy.
This gift set comes in a nice hand bag (violet bag with golden detailing) so a great option for gifting. He also asked to see a selection of further writing for possible publication in a supplement to Olivant. I tried to write poetry that would get at some of the hard things in my life that needed talking about but those things you can only tell your old lady. In July 1956, Smith wrote Brautigan again, saying he intended to publish all the poems Brautigan had sent him in a collection to be titled Tiger in the Telephone Booth.
The editor, Carl Larsen, was one of the poets included, along with Brautigan, in the book Four New Poets.
Legend has it that Kamakhya came into existence when Lord Shiva was carrying the corpse of his wife Sati, and her "yoni" (female genitalia) fell to the ground at the spot where the temple now stands. The book was never published and The Return of the Rivers, published in May 1957, became, technically, Brautigan's first book of poetry.
He notedthe above poem, published in the pilot issue of DANSE MACABRE, reappears here as an introduction to a spirited new magazine which merits wide readership.

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