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Lodestones and Magnetic Sand – two items crucial to any attraction spell work, especially if it is for love or money purposes. Many cultures recognize that salt, whether it is sea salt, kosher salt, or even common table salt, holds protective and magical qualities. More Than A Candle uses ANCHOR HOCKING Glass Casserole Dishese to make their 20 Oz Casserole Candles, these dishes are very popular and may be reused!!!!!
These two items, when placed on a money altar or are carried in a red flannel bag in the pocket, are reputed to energize and enhance your money drawing abilities.

When used for Money Drawing purposes, the Lodestone is placed upon a 2 Dollar bill that has a petition written on it and signed by the spell worker or for whom it is intended.
For money drawing, you might want to use a bank deposit slip and write an amount on it in which you want to attract. More Than A Candle make all of their candles using only the best ingredients on the market. More Than A Candle's candles burn cleaner and smoke less because of their cotton wicks.

If your current Lodestone(s) are used for love, you may write a love drawing affirmation on a nice sheet of stationery. If no dirt is available (as in highrise apartments) buy a small green plant and bury it in the dirt of the plant.

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