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Wicca Spells is a central source of knowledge and it is gathering information on genuine Wicca rituals, Spells, Sabbats and general Witchcraft.
We intend to cover many aspects of witchcraft as well as astrology, including the twelve signs which are Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. We will be giving out free spells every so often when we update the website, so there will be always something new every time you visit us.
Since our speciality is within Love Spells, Wiccan Spells and Witch Spells we would be updating it more frequently with more indepth information. Let this website be a guide to the starting witch, to the new spell casters, to those who are interested in all sorts and forms of magic and spells.
Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spell News newsletter, to get the latest premium spells in your email box, with new articles and information on Wicca. You can join our facebook page for updates and talk about everything that has to do with Wicca, Wiccans and Witches. I’d like to say hello to our Wiccan community and share with you a photo of my lovely cat, showing off a Wiccan pentagram handmade by me. You can be assured that when you receive a candle from me, that your candle and ritual products are spiritually charged and I only use the only the best ingredients.
Blockbuster– This spell is to breakthrough all kinds of unknown and known blockages that could be holding you back from getting  your lover back in your arms, I recommend this spell be the first to be done.
Bring My Lover Back– This spell is designed to do help bring your lover back to your arms,This spell is worked  along with other spells on this page to bring your lover back to you. Communication Spell– You want  to have communication with your lover and you want it to be clear. Separation Spell–  Your lover has strayed to the arms of another, This spell will  help separate the two so that your lover is back in your arms.
It is very easy in todaya€™s world to become filled with stress, anxiety and fear for what your future holds, the Celts knew that running parallel to our world is the a€?outer worlda€™, the outer world is a place where dreams come true, the normal rules do not apply, you can be who you really want - this holds true for us today also! The treasure of the Celtic imagination can be found in art and literature: the legends of King Arthur, St Brigit Cuchulainn and Boudicca The Celtics used spells and divinations to guide and protect them, and dreams were a magical reflection of reality and a direct path to the outer world. According to St Augustine, ita€™s what a spirit does that makes it an angel, Celtic Angels are spirits who usually have an interest in human affairs - become our guardians and companions, drawn from the realm closest to us.

I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont! If your love life is not working out for you, my powerful voodoo love spells will put your love life back on track - and even push it into overdrive. In short, I can manipulate the hand of fate to bring you the love life you have always dreamed of. My voodoo love spells work like this: I make a voodoo doll and charm (which is hung like an ornate necklace around the doll's neck). Each voodoo love spell includes a voodoo doll and special anointing oil, along with full instructions regarding what you can do to enhance the working.
When you place a voodoo doll spellworking order, you also get a special bonus absolutely FREE of charge. Bear in mind that, due to high demand, you may not hear back from me immediately (aside from autoresponder confirmations) - but you will certainly receive a date for your working within 7 days of your order.
NOTE: After you've paid, you will receive an email from Dr Snake inviting you to outline details of your case. Payments are made to Doktor Snake's company MOJORAIN LTD (and this will show up on your credit card or bank statement).
We do, however, still give information and methods on other types of spells including black magic, wiccan magick, pagan beliefs and how to choose one, spell casting in general, and so much more. In Wiccan texts there is a direct reference to the ethical standards (a commandment), which is bound by a witch (if she is good). Wicca is very tolerant to other religions, as they believe that all gods are one of the incarnations of the Great Spirit. She can do so only on two occasions as motivated by hunger (this applies to animals) and in the event of an attack.
We do not accept the deliberate destruction of the body (to the issue of drugs, smoking and alcohol, which destroys the body). Wiccans believe in reincarnation, that is, that our souls after the death of the body (shell) does not die, and after a short rest will return to the earth to live again, but in a different body. I can help you open up so your inner self shines through and attracts the right person for you.

I will burn a candle for you on my personal shrine on the day of your choice (adding to the power of the spell you order).
It is of great importance to me to give each spellworking the full and undivided attention that each client deserves. The origins of the religion dates back to the days when the main power in the society was in women hands.
We (wiccans) do not accept slave obedience to God, as in most prayers of the Bible, a direct reference to the absolute god. Yes, we use wine in their ceremonies, but this is happens eight times a year, and it is a very small portion. Sometimes, the soul enters the country eternal summer, and remains forever with the Great Spirit.
We have had several dates and it's going really well - I think this is the real thing." Ruth, Los Angeles. I go into possession trance, conjure the spirits, who, through me, charge these items with kinetic energy - bringing the doll to life, which works to bring your request into material reality. We also take Western Union and MoneyGram payments, and cheques - payable to MOJORAIN LTD - from UK residents. This is due to the fact that their life was righteous and life committed to performing their duty. The items are then mailed to you, along with a letter outlining how you can personalize the spellworking I have done for you.
Yet, it should be noted that Neo Wiccans replace the wine with various juices, which is also acceptable.
For clarity any Wiccan regardless what branch he belonged, had no right to cause any harm (spiritual, physical, emotional), except in case of self-defense.

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