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Wicca witchcraft, goddesses, natural beauty secrets, love spells to attract men, fountain of youth myths, essential oils, aroma therapy, organic beauty recipes, earth's natural elements and minerals to enhance beauty, and letting your inner goddess shine through! I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont! Catch our LIVE podcast at LAPodfest, with “Stars of TGIF” Reginald VelJohnson, Jodie Sweetin and Stuart Pankin! Join hosts Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland as they present their Pop My Culture Podcast, live at the second annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival!
After a fairly slow trek down the 405 S (hey, Oceanside, what’s the deal with the traffic that ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE THERE? A docu-style space thriller exploring deep-space exploration and a moon-walk gone wrong on the far away moon of Jupiter Europa, Europa Report is a realistic-looking flick full of breathtaking star-drenched vistas mixed with confessional-style camera talks from the cast. One of the most interesting panels of the Con, EW gathered together three of the best genre-pushing directors working today to discuss the state of film today, their current projects, and where filmmaking is going in the years to come. The first film based on the New York Times Bestseller, Divergent was met with some decent enthusiasm from the now-full Hall H crowd (the combo of this and Ender’s Game was probably was finally filled it that day). As it was nearing dinner time, I left Hall H and walked around a bit to check out costumes (many, many Slave Leias, per usual) and grab some food (street tacos!), I then dropped off my stuff in the car and grabbed a sportcoat to head to the evening’s afterparties. Day two I began early with the vague notion of getting into Hall H, which was an amazing collection of riches.
Sadly, I missed the beginning of this panel, which evidently started with a video of Stephen Hawking singing the show’s theme song! Cruise Ship Parking, a bagel sandwich, a brief stay in the Indigo Ballroom line, but when it was announced that we had like a 2% chance of getting into the How I Met Your Mother Panel, I raced over to Ballroom 20 again to catch a couple of panels on Matt Groening’s animation classics.
With the series ending, the cast and creators pulled out all the stops for the final (*sob*) Futurama panel at Comic Con. What better way to wrap up my weekend of panels than a look at the upcoming season of TV stalwart The Simpsons?
Your Pop My Culture hosts are joined by some of their favorite recurring podcast characters on this brand spankin’ new shirt designed by acclaimed artist Dave Perillo. Head over to the MERCH section to get your hands on one of these while they’re still piping hot off the press! Hi all – as most of you had heard on the podcast, Vanessa and her husband John were delighted to be expecting a baby boy. We’re excited to announce that our guest is Saturday Night Live’s Rachel Dratch for our LIVE Pop My Culture Podcast! Today is your LAST CHANCE to get a Thank You shout out for donations on our special episode 100 with…WEIRD AL! Click the donate button to the right and let us know how you’d like to be referred to in our big 100th episode thank you’s! We arrived at our cruise ship party spot and embarked on a walk longer than Mordor to pick up our credentials around noon, and trudged over to the line for Hall H, the biggest room at the con (approximately 6000 people). Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, was the moderator for all three panels, starting with a look at Tim Burton’s new stop-motion family film Frankenweenie.
Director Rich Moore joined Hardwick for an extended look at the new animated video game comedy Wreck-It Ralph. Our last panel of the day was our yearly jaunt to see Mike, Kevin and Bill riff a live short in front of a rabid crowd. Our plan to camp out once again in Hall H was thwarted early, as the line stretched to the water and was 8,000 deep. They screened the pilot in its entirety, which is about a high-rise apartment complex in New York on ritzy Park Avenue that isn’t what it seems. As the Firefly reunion had emptied out, so did Ballroom 20, and after four years of Comic Con I finally saw the inside of that room! A fantastic collection of strong actresses made up this loose discussion, including previously unannounced panelist Lucy Lawless (XENA!).
I loved this!  I didn’t feel like it was somber at all- I thought this panel was smart and insightful and the panel was beautifully curated.
Next up was an hour of Joss Whedon, solo, discussing upcoming projects (Much Ado About Nothing!), the next season of the Buffy comic, The Avengers, and much much more.
That was our final panel from Day 2 — we decided to have an impromptu meet up with friends and podcast listeners that evening, so we ended with food and drinks at the Marriott — which included a visit from our favorite voice over artist and friend of the show Rob Paulsen!
We started at the Indigo Ballroom with the panel celebrating the brand spanking new YouTube channel Geek & Sundry, run by past PMC guest Felicia Day.

The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick, ran the panel celebrating their new YouTube channel with a good mix of panelists from the various shows on it. A hodgepodge of super fun fan favorites comprised the yearly TV Guide panel, who riffed hilariously with one another, despite not being able to hear each other (I guess the monitor wasn’t working or something). The new serial killer show from Kevin Williamson (Scream) got a bit of a mixed reception from the crowd, as it was incredibly dark and violent (in the Q&A, they said they envisioned it for cable and were surprised how much was allowed through for network). Celebrating a popular and critically acclaimed first season, Person of Interest returned to the con, with a clip package and a preview of the new season. Oh, I LOVED this pilot!  Beautifully shot, well written, and makes you want to watch the whole thing. I was hesitant to return to the annual San Diego Comic Con this year, as my experience last year was tragic—hours and hours and hours and hours in line, and not a panel to show for it—in fact, I was about ten people away from admittance into Hall H when the infamous Resident Evil Pen Stabbing happened. After a brisk walk from the Cruise Ship parking lot (more than adequate parking, and at a max of $20 a day, not too bad!), we obtained our press passes and headed over to Hall H. We sat down as a sequence from the Steven Spielberg-directed The Adventures of TinTin was playing on the monitors, in 3D. Spielberg and Jackson spoke passionately and eloquently about the project, and took questions from the audience.
They chat about Waze, that one plant, Mitch Hurwitz, doing comedy for your parents, knock knock jokes, pugs, Kris Jenner’s booing at the iHeart80s show, self-help books, puppets, Black Friday shopping and My Cat From Hell.
Wine and conversation flow freely as each guest and the hosts navigate through personal Top 5 lists and argue the merits of their selections. Support Dee’s Kickstarter for BuppaLaPaloo, the bear that teaches children about self love and self worth. Sanders, Star Wars Land, move title mashups, Stella Adler, Pistol Pete Maravich, The Human Conversation podcast, irrational fears, The Wayne Federman International Film Festival, Arby’s and Harold Ramis.
Kevin Smith, leaked trailers, Suicide Squad, The Wahlberg Solution, The Vanderpump Rules, the guy that gotten eaten by an alligator and a truly breathtaking Olsen Twins reveal.
James Twitter Q&A, President Obama on WTF, the new Spiderman reboot, internet trolls, Savage Steve Holland, the Better Off Dead Live Read at SF Sketchfest, curly hair, Orphan Black, John Cusack, Orange is the New Black and the missing Beth hangers. Pacquiao, Hair, Sleep No More, understudies, Bombs Away!, Dear Evan Hanson, shooting musical sequences and stealing Dolly Parton’s voice.
And be sure to visit the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation, of which Daniel is an ambassador! Happy, senior ensemble dramadies, David Letterman, Eddie Pepitone, open mics, fun snaps and that one time that Vanessa started a war.
Don’t forget to write your comments under each episode for amazing prizes signed by our guests! Belvedere) rounds out the terrific lineup for our “Stars of TGIF” podcast at LApodfest THIS Saturday at 6pm! Comic Con 2013 started off with a bang (or more of a whimper for Hall H, the line of which became the con’s most popular hotel Friday through Sunday) on Thursday, and the co-host of the podcast, Cole Stratton, was there to take in as much as he could. WHAT IS YOUR DARK SECRET, OCEANSIDE AND TO A LESSER EXTENT CARLSBAD?), I arrived at my outlying Cruise Ship Parking lot and hiked over to the Lobby D to pick up my badge (pictured above).
Available on iTunes and demand, and arriving in theaters in early August, the film looks to be best experienced on as big a screen as you can find, though a good home theater set up should work nicely. A futuristic fable about a post-war Chicago, divided into different factions based on characteristics to help society function, it follows the young Tris (Woodley) as she leaves her family behind and joins a faction based on bravery. Often rolling his eyes at moderator or audience question, Ford barked out short answers, though he was quick to defend the film itself after the first tough question of the day regarding the comments by author Card, stating, along with producer Orci, that the film itself is about acceptance and tolerance, and that the studio and all those involved in the production of the film strongly support the LGBT community. However, nearly 20,000 people were already in line for the 7,000 person hall before 6 am, so that plan quickly changed — and the day was still full of many highlights as I diverted to Ballroom 20 (around 4k in capacity, I believe).
Rauch, who plays Bernadette on the series, was well chosen to charismatically lead this often hilarious conversation on the history and future of the cultural phenomenon. Which is really sad, since my best friend Janet Varney (whom I co-created and produce SF Sketchfest with, and write with at RiffTrax, and do improv with and more!) voices Korra! Moderator Will Keck asked the stars to read a scene in character from the previous season instead of doing a retread video. Shout outs to Sara Morrison, Meredith Placko, Rachael Porter, Janet Varney, Steve Agee, Craig Cackowski, Rob Paulsen, Maurce LaMarche, Andrea Romano, and all the others I ran into and hung out with at these get togethers, on the street, and on the convention floor. The cast did a spirited table read of Act 1 from the series finale episode, and then they screened the fully-animated Act II from that same episode. They showed us the opening credits of the latest Treehouse of Horror episode, guest director by horror auteur Guillermo del Toro, which features Simpson-ized versions of some of his film characters (The Pale Man and the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth) as well as tons of other classic horror and sci-fi monsters.
Unfortunately this week, she went into pre-term labor, delivered him very early and he did not survive. Our LIVE podcast will be at this year’s San Francisco Sketchfest on Sunday, February 10th at 1pm at The Eureka Theatre. I shivered as memories flashed back of a 6 hour waiting culminating in the infamous pen stabbing incident that barred me from getting in there two cons ago. The animation, reminiscent of his previous work on Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride, looked fantastic in 3D and the black and white look was lovely, harkening back to his original short film he made 30 or so years ago. The crowd was stoked to see ten minutes of footage for what looks to be a hilarious, meta family film that will be popular with older and younger gamers alike.
Reilly is unbelievably clever smart and charming.  I want to sit next to him at every dinner in the world. It was truly thrilling to spend an hour with one of the truest actions stars in the world, Jackie Chan! In the past, they were in a room of around 600 or so, but this year they commanded the massive Indigo Ballroom (1400 seats) and packed it in pretty good. O’Quinn (Locke from Lost) plays a shadowy, devil-like man who grants wishes to tenants in exchange for their souls. As we were crazy to see the Breaking Bad panel that night, we spent the rest of the day here.
I was a little skeptical at first, but the pilot was pretty strong (and pretty is key here, as all of the cast members are appropriately CW beeee-utiful!) and the crowd ate it up.
The adoration by the audience was off the hook — it was truly like watching a God show himself to his devoted followers. Whedon has created a fan base that lights up whenever he’s near.  He can turn the world on with his smile!
As obsessive fans of the show, Vanessa and I were beyond excited for this panel (we’ve chatted about the show with many guests, as it seems always be on their lists of favorite shows). Due to the Hobbit, the line for Hall H was OVER 12,000 PEOPLE, most of which arrived in the middle of the night, so we knew we weren’t getting in there. Perhaps the most delightful was super popular scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who talked about the Pluto downgrade hilariously. It was Matt Smith mania in the room, with EVERY SINGLE AUDIENCE QUESTION directed at him, which prompted Joel McHale to answer for him at one point.
Still, having Kevin Bacon as a leading man and James Purefoy as a psychopath give the show some gravitas, and the set up is intriguing for a full season of watching. Series stars Jim Caviezel (a man of few words), Michael Emerson (Ben Linus from LOST!) and Taraji P Henson were game to answer audience questions, though the panel itself was a bit lackluster.
We grabbed some sushi and hit the road back to Los Angeles, very satisfied with our Comic Con experience, despite missing out on things like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Django Unchained, Firefly and more. Join Cole and Vanessa LIVE at SF Sketchfest, the San Francisco Comedy Festival, for a super fun LIVE recording with an amazing guest–stand-up legend and host of the Price is Right DREW CAREY! What follows is Cole’s recap of the two days they spent there, with Vanessa’s comments inserted throughout! I expected us to have to wait in line and was shocked to see that we could just walk right in as the eleven a.m.
The motion capture technology that was utilized in films like The Polar Express and Beowulf has come a long, long way, and the stylized look was absolutely gorgeous. Spielberg revealed that there is a story for an upcoming Jurassic Park 4 and hopes that it will go into production in the next year or two.
Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first plush animal you had) on our website for a chance to win an E.T. Seriously, this stuff is great and Cole was a customer before they came on board to support the podcast!
Our guests will be JESSICA CHOBOT (host of Nerdist News!) and WHITNEY MOORE (star of Birdemic!).
Vanessa, sadly, was tied up finishing up her classes at The Groundlings and was unable to attend this year. And since I wanted to make sure I got a peek inside it during the Con, I immediately joined the Hall H line, which was small due to the counterprogramming going on in Ballroom 20 (X-Files, Psych, etc.).
As the film is full of shots of stranded astronauts floating in space, they designed a room where the actor is static and everything else around them is rotating, a technology that they hadn’t worked out a few years back.

A little bit Twilight and a little bit Hunger Games, it’s easy to see why this might become a succesful film franchise. From answering all matter of geeky questions (with one of the writers slamming Green Lantern, saying “He got his name after the thing that gave him his power. Still, I was dripping with pride as my gal Friday took the stage for her second Con to an absolutely adoring crowd. After a bit of hesitation, they agreed to read it, but only if they could switch characters. An exhilarating and exhausting day, the Hall H line was already stretching to Toronto, so I decided to sleep in a bit before starting fresh around 10 am for my final day of the Con. Dark and funny, it showed that the show is still doing wonderful things, even if it can be spotty at times. Now’s your chance to wear Cole, Vanessa, Beefaroni, Jason Statham, Tiny Katherine Hepburn, an angry wizard and the Olsen Twins on your person!
We also saw a clip inside of a classroom (where the kids were based on previous classmates of Burton’s when he was young) and a scene where the young scientists attempt to reanimate a dead gold fish. The trailer was screened first, showing the young wizard (played by James Franco) as a sideshow magician, fleeing Kansas in a balloon and ending up in that mythical land. Plus, it has tons of cameos from legendary video game characters like Q-Bert, Zangief, Bowser and one of the Pac-Man ghosts. So many summer nights spent watching mindless blow-em-ups with my buddies in junior high and high school came rushing back as Stallone took the stage and we were treated to a high-octane reel of his work, as well as the trailer for the film, which was met with lots of cheers and applause. We knew we were going to have a blast when the first person we saw coming through the door was none other that Pop My Culture Podcast favorite Doug Jones!
We got inside the room about halfway through the Bones panel, where David Boreanaz was holding court, joking around and answering Buffy-related questions that he probably gets every fifteen minutes of his life.
Series star Stephen Amell makes a good Oliver Queen, and one particular shirtless training sequence had the ladies (and probably select gentlemen) squealing (I’m sure this includes Vanessa as well). Just days before the Season 5 premiere, we were treated to a season preview before show creator Vince Gilligan came out, wearing a blazer with a Heisenberg shirt underneath it. They showed some footage from their programs, including a new show called Written By A Kid (I LOVE this show!  Go to her channel now and watch it!), in which a kid narrates a story they made up and famous faces act them out (the one we saw had Joss Whedon and Kate Micucci in it). Jon Favreau, who directed the pilot, showed up unannounced to introduce the screening before heading off to his Iron Man 3 panel in the impossible to get into Hall H.
It just shows you that there is always a wealth of great programming to catch, even if you can’t always get inside what you had planned to see. So please go to the SF Weekly’s Web Awards website HERE and vote for us as often as you can before the end of the day on August 30th! I was disheartened, but thought I’d give it one last try—and with my podcastin’ partner Vanessa Ragland with me, we descended upon the ‘Con Friday morning for the start of a truly terrific con!
With Spielberg at the helm, Peter Jackson producing, and a script by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, it looks to be a quality film! Also, the hotel changed names this week and is now Le Meridian Delfina (formerly Sheraton Delfina).
A few minutes later, and I was greeted by some much-needed air conditioning and my first panel of the day. Moderator Plait, although a credible and enthusiastic moderator, talked a bit much and made it a bit too much about himself, not engaging the fairly sizable crew assembled to talk up the film. Seems like Cuaron is always pushing the enveloping, trying things that are super difficult to achieve — as evidence in his masterpiece Children of Men (one of my favorite films of all time). Book Two: Spirits, debuts on Nick sometime in September, but that didn’t stop the powers that be from showing not only a trailer, but the entire first episode of the new series! Deschanel hilariously sended up Boreanaz’s macho persona, and the two bantered playfully throughout the panel. A quick clip from another upcoming episode (in which Homer helps deliver a woman’s baby in an elevator, voiced by Elizabeth Moss) was cute, and it made me look forward to tuning into the show more often this fall. If you have asked about a way in which you might help, a memorial fund has been established in Charlie’s memory and Vanessa is able to see all the donations and notes as they come in.
Pop My Culturevultures?) Vanessa and I are back and showered from the all-on media assault that is San Diego Comic Con International!
Burton was slightly cagey in answering questions from both Hardwick and the hordes of Mad Hatters in the audience, but it was fascinating none-the-less. It started in black and white and in 4:3, and turned into magnificent, vibrant widescreen color as we first saw Oz. The footage itself wasn’t terribly impressive but promised a lot of fun set pieces (including one fight staged completely on one dumpy sofa), and Jackie was full of so much energy and good will it was infectious. Terry Crews came out next, striking a pose and sounding a barbaric yalp as he was beyond excited to be there. Wil Wheaton talked about potentially making a show about home beer brewing, which he does a lot on his own time. Here’s the breakdown on what we saw over the two days we attended, who was involved, and what we thought, as well as some embedded trailers!
Frequent Jackson collaborator Andy Serkis, wearing dark glasses, asked a silly question about Daniel Craig, just to get a reaction from the crowd.
Lovely author Roth (who finished the first book while still a grad student) seemed thrilled and a little overwhelmed by her fiction becoming a major motion picture, and the panel of young actors (many of them sporting British or Australian accents, a serious trend and most panels this year and years prior) did their best to make an impression on the one question each they mostly got. The fund is with the wonderful organization A Place Called Home and every gift is going to go towards giving under-priveledged children in LA happier childhoods and exposure to the arts.
This year, we attended Thursday through Saturday and this is our recap of the complete and utter madness we experienced whilst buried in Slave Leias, cranky fanboys and bible thumpers with megaphones at the Convention Center. Surprise guests Michelle Williams (yum!) and Mila Kunis (double yum!) joined Raimi for a quick chat.
Usually, the guys then would take suggestions from the crowd about movies they should riff in the future, but this year they decided to switch it up and have the audience suggest FAKE movies for them to riff — this caused endless confusion at first, but eventually they got the gist of it.
His intro was only outdone by Cranston and Paul, who came out in full yellow cook suits to thunderous applause.
The cast of the Guild were also there — their rapport was great, but a lot of it was lost on the audience due to faulty microphones. It’s a treat to see Gus Fring himself, Giancarlo Esposito, as the heavy in the piece, and Billy Burke as its anti-hero.
Thankfully, an explosion muffled his call, and his cinematography signaled him to continue, and that happy accident has become an iconic image in the film.
Hart Hanson, who was trying to guard series secrets, let is slip that serial killer Pilant will be meeting a demise at some point in the future, a detail he kicked himself for revealing. The pilot perfectly sets up a series that will have close ties to the Marvel universe and hero system, but still focus on the team of operatives and their charismatic leader (well, the one without the eye patch).
A nice send off to a show that has been sended off before to come back from the dead — is this truly the end, or will the internet and fans find a way to save it yet again?
Several of the audience questions were annoying in that they didn’t seem to understand that this is an origins story, and kept asking about the emerald slippers, tin man, etc.
Before the final guest was announced, another reel was shown, treating us to iconic images of a Terminator on a motorcycle, a Barbarian king, and a Commando breaking a promise (“Remember when I said I’d kill you last? I lined up to suggest Freejack when I realized that it had to be something fictitious, so I pitched Being Joe Don Baker, in which the protagonist ventures inside the mind of Joe Don Baker and then chastises the crew for riffing Mitchell and his movies (this earned me Mike’s used copy of Coyote Ugly!).
Rachael Taylor’s true Aussie accent came out, which was a theme throughout the day as actor after actor on the television panels hailed from Australia or England. The panel itself was tons of fun, with them all hinting at things to come in Season Five (including the announcement of guest stars Laura Fraser and Jesse Plemons), and Aaron Paul saying his favorite line from the season premiere (Magnets, bitch!).
It was so great to see filmmaking legends up close and personal, and I hope Spielberg returns to the Con in the future. My thoughts (Cole) are written in black here, while Vanessa’s crazy ramblings will be in red.
Highlight: an enthusiastic fan in full on Mad Hatter garb, obsessed with Oscar-winning costumer Colleen Atwood, accidentally called Kunis a man, resulting in her gorgeous eyes becoming daggers.
There’s a ton of camaraderie between the cast, and they seemed genuinely touched by the big response they got from the packed house.
The series suffers a little bit from the TV-budgeted effects, but it’s a seriously entertaining and confident debut that should translate into a massive television sensation. We only saw limited footage, but Raimi’s films are almost always excellent and this one looks to be a winner. Marvel’s head of TV Jeph Loeb even got the crowd to cheer the premiere date: September 24th on ABC!

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