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Since I found some of the other MLP: FIM tests here a bit disappointing, I decided to make one of my own!
After Pinkie snaps in "Party of One", who comes to get her to take her to her party? Grab some embroidery floss, your best pal, and these free macrame bracelet patterns, and get ready to create some cool friendship bracelet designs for you and your BFF! Friendship bracelet patterns are probably how many of us first got started making our own jewelry. Macrame is such a versatile technique, and there are so many different friendship bracelet designs that can be made with it! If you're just learning how to make friendship bracelets, you may want to stick with the more basic macrame bracelet patterns to start, and then move on to the more detailed friendship bracelet designs once you've gotten some practice. These free friendship bracelet patterns are some of the simpler, more basic friendship bracelet designs, but that doesn't mean they're any less cool! If you love these bracelet patterns, then try crafting more fun bracelets with our Have an Arm Party! Tired of the same old straight macrame bracelet patterns and ready to step it up with some more varied friendship bracelet designs? Then check out the free friendship bracelet patterns we've collected for you here! If the "Intricate Friendship Bracelet Patterns" aren't challenging enough for you, then try these amazing free friendship bracelet patterns! If you like these friendship bracelet patterns, then you'll love the Rhinestone Friendship Ring!
My pony's (a unicorn actually) cutie mark is a light blue lightning bolt, which is where the name Blue Bolt came from.
She's really loyal and a tomboy--like Rainbow Dash--but she always stops to listen and is always there for you.

Actually, her cutie mark is a wavy band of blue, pink, and green, representing her colorful style and her namesake, an aurora.
We all learned how to make friendship bracelets on the playground at school and had so much fun trading with our friends, right? No matter what your age, you can always enjoy friendship bracelet designs, and these free friendship bracelet instructions are just what you need to get back into the craft. We have more basic macrame bracelet patterns, like stripe and chevron designs, but we also have friendship bracelet instructions for more intricate designs, like hearts and daisies.
But don't worry! All of these friendship bracelet instructions are very thorough and easy to follow, so you'll have no problem creating amazing bracelet designs of your own. All of these macrame bracelet patterns are for straight bracelets (the zig-zag and squiggly friendship bracelet designs will come later in the "Intricate Friendship Bracelet Patterns" section!). Learn how to make friendship bracelets that zig and zag, that swerve and squiggle, and more! This adorable ring design is like a little friendship bracelet for your finger (with the added bonus of a little bling). Download our free eBook, Easy DIY Bracelet Designs: 14 Ways to Make Bracelets to learn how to make quick and easy bracelets so you do not have to give up DIY jewelry making!
Two are still being edited due to difficulties in picture background, but the two I have complete are as follows. Her farsightedness is so bad that if she takes her glasses off she can't see for up to 30 yards. I'll get a link to a picture ASAP, and she's still in beta, so she dosen't have much of a personality yet. It would either overlap with the body outline or wings or garment or something, or just look like an improperly-colored square with a picture inside, sitting inappropriately on the pony.

She loves putting together unique and slightly eccentric outfits for herself, but most often just wears a fez. So grab some string in your favorite colors, and check out all of our free friendship bracelet patterns below! If you don't yet know how to make friendship bracelets and are just getting started, these basic macrame bracelet patterns are the perfect place to start.
These macrame bracelet patterns are a bit more intricate than the ones in the "Basic Macrame Bracelet Patterns" section, but the friendship bracelet instructions you'll find here are just as clear and thorough as those, so you'll have no problem following along. Since these are smaller than friendship bracelets, they should be faster to work up, which means you can make more for all your friends!
Her special talent is singing, and Princess Celestia liked her singing so much that she gave her a horn.
Huge weirdo and looooves to prank other ponies, very loud and obnoxious but at the same time lovable and sweet. The friendship bracelet instructions in these tutorials are very thorough and easy to follow, so you should have no problem at all creating these friendship bracelet designs! These friendship bracelet designs are sure to impress, so be prepared because all your friends are going to want one!
Feel free to switch up the colors or the number of strings for a different look that's all your own.

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