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Our latest PowerPoint and Keynote templates are editable newspapers, in which you can add your own headlines, articles and pictures. I love the newspaper template and am able to modify it and print it off so that children with disabilities can participate in making a newspaper. I am writing to request permission to use your template in our materials that we provide our special education teachers for assistive technology trainings. Hi im trying to mske a school news paper and was just wondering if you have any more templates?
I downloaded your template as i was desperate and needed to due a Mock artice for english tomorrow, i expected to get a virus and it be total junk but i was presently surprised to use this. Thank you so much – these helped me immensely for my project and were way better than all of the other ones i had found. I am familiar with Microsoft Word and Elements software programs, but I am sure there are other programs that will work. To resize a text box:  Hover your mouse over one of the buttons and wait for the 2-sided arrow symbol to appear, once it does – click and drag to desired size. 7.  If you change the size of your font and part of it gets hidden in the text box – click one of the corner buttons on the text box and drag to the size needed to reveal the entire letter again.
When you click on the letter after you removed the outline of the text box around it, you will see a faded outline of the text box appear.

This how-to isn’t trying to teach you how to make a complete Gnome Shell theme but it will help you to make some cool tricks in minutes. The post is called Marvel-ize your Gnome Shell Theme, so lets create some Marvel Superheroes first.. I don’t know what engine Gnome uses to render the CSS but it seems that it cannot draw some complicated CSS gradients and other stuff.
There was no reason for Gnome to choose the standard CSS for theming as it is one of the worst technologies on Web. That’s all, next time I’ll show you how you can easily modify the whole shell interface through its JavaScript core files, and make your very own custom Gnome-Shell! Every time I click download, it takes me to a powerpoint presentation of the various templates you can use?
I wanted baskerville oldface then i put the color and size then it automatically went back to that annoying Calibri font.
To make the monograms, you need to be able to move the type layers or text boxes, make them transparent,  and overlap them. When you click inside the text box, the frame will appear with buttons at each corner.  Clicking on the buttons is how you size and move the text boxes around on the page. These will help you align the letters, bullets, or any flourishes you add.   The gridlines will not show up when you print.

Just click inside them to remove the text.  When working in text boxes you will see a tab along the top row of tools. To align and overlap the letters – Highlight the letter to show the faded outline of the text box. Also I can make different wallpapers for each workspaces but I’ll make this on another how to. There are some robust CSS engines (like Stylus and others) that enable rapid CSS OO development and already are well established on enterprise development; I just hope Gnome to move there. Also my Superwoman makes reading the menus hard, but we can easily fix that by changing the opacity of the image. To change it- highlight the bullet  by clicking on it, then go to the Home Tab – Font size bar to change it, then click – Enter.

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