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Swimmer Girl has been working very hard on her swimming and recently she has really shown significant improvement. We landed Friday, caught up with her BFF, headed out for dinner, a little shopping, and in bed by curfew. The meet started a bit rough on Saturday with Swimmer Girl and her two friends all MISSING their first event, 100 Free. After a long day sitting in the hot sun, a glass of wine with another swim mom was the perfect way to cool off and relax. Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman are the stars of Fast N’ Loud but the employee that gets the most attention from fans of the show has got to be office manager Christie Brimberry.
Christie flexes her no bull crap managerial philosophy when discussing the art of the deal.
One of the things that stands out, other than her ability to keep the boys at Gas Monkey Garage in line, is Christie’s sleeve tattoo on her right arm. NEW PIC: Folks love Christie’s pixie cut, but check out this throwback photo of our gal with long hair that she posted to her Facebook page! Personal choice is the same as you stating your opinion, it’s art regardless of your opinion, and you know what they say about opinions? Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna pregnant with their first child togetherBIG news for Rob Kardashian and fiancee Blac Chyna: they are expecting their first child together!
American Idol stars react to Rickey Smith’s death from DUI driver crash on FridayAmerican Idol stars, judges, and producers react to the passing of Season 2 finalist Rickey Smith, who died early Friday morning after a head-on collision with a vehicle going the wrong way on the Interstate. As a young mum with glamorous looks, curvaceous figure and bee-sting pout, the simi­­lar­­ities with reality star Kim Kardashian are there for all to see.
However unlike the US celeb’s heavies, the armed security of the Mexican beauty are not to protect her from over-zealous fans… but from assassins. For Claudia has reportedly become the new head of the world’s most ruthless hit squad Los Antrax, responsible for hundreds of bloody murders as the deadly Sinaloa drug cartel’s elite contract killer squad.
The Mexican gang is known to US intelligence as “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organisation”, its hitmen feared as the planet’s deadliest. But after Los Antrax boss Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa – known as El Chino – was arrested, his Twitter-loving girlfriend Claudia is said to have been installed as the new chief. Until then her every move had been charted on social media sites where she regularly posted pictures of herself in stilettos, caressing her custom-made pink AK-47 automatic rifle, reclining among masked men and propping a deadly M16 assault rifle on her curvaceous hip.
Her portrayal of a life of narcotics and narcissism undercut her emphatic denial that she is La Emperatriz de Los Antrax – the Empress of Los Antrax.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of every new video by email. Marie-Grace Gardner was the twelfth Historical Character of the American Girls, representing 1850s New Orleans. In May 2014 American Girl announced that they would archive Marie-Grace's entire collection; she, Cecile Rey, and their collections were later archived.
Marie-Grace was born in New Orleans, but left after her mother and younger brother's deaths. Marie-Grace is not as good at French as she once was, but shopping for the household alone have made her excellent in mathematics.
From Cecile's observations, Marie-Grace hides an adventurous spirit behind a shy demeanor, similar to Cecile's own spirit. Marie-Grace is the first Historical Character to share her collection with another Historical Character, Cecile Rey, including the book series.
Prior to Marie-Grace's reveal, she was referred under the code name "Sarah" for her author, Sarah Masters Buckey. With the archival of her collection in 2014, she and Cecile Rey had the shortest availability of any Historical character at approximately three years. Her name is Ronda Rousey and she has just made MMA (mixed martial arts) history by becoming the first female UFC fighter ever! 25 Year old Rousey is a former Olympian who has been fighting in Strikeforce, which airs on showtime, and is also a part of Dana White’s MMA Organization.
We have to give our kudos to Ronda for forging a new path and opening the door hopefully for more females in a very testosterone controlled environment! While there ain’t much out there on the hottest Gas Monkey, we figured she was certainly worthy of recognition and a one-stop shop for images!
Annnnd… see her Meet the Monkeys video here where she talks about her fav tattoo, what it’s like working with Tom and even a vintage pic! Other than all of the collective deliciousness, what stood out to commenters most was the bling on that most of important of ring fingers for Christie. What is clear is that viewers love them some Christie and would love to see more of her on the show! I don’t care about fancy hairstyles, a middle or side part is fine, fix the color a little, too many aspects, hairpieces blended in, religious hair coloring every month, face spa, all that, too much, I hate the smell of makeup too. If you follow the show her husband cuts hair for a living and often does Aaron’s hair and trims his beard for him.

IF EVER YOU GUYS COME OUT TO LONG BEACH AND HAVE A PROJECT YOU NEED PAINTED OR CUSTOM PAINTED, LOOK ME UP! I think she looked soooo much hotter when she was a brunette (picture above) man she’s cute as a brunette! Marie-Grace often helps her father who is a doctor, and has shown herself to be very good at healing others. 3: "Look at me, Marie-the-Great," [Katy] cried, calling Marie-Grace by the nickname that many of the orphans thought was her real name. This is highly controversial because the UFC president has publicly stated before that women would never fight in the UFC! She became the first American woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Where do you live John, that this little, short, tattooed, cute, and a little bit butch woman is “beautiful”? I would rather have a women that doesn’t wear much makeup and is beautiful without it. Also she has 6 Kids AND works so of course she doesn’t have time for facebook and twitter. Also, there is a link for the GoFundMe page set up to raise money for Rickey’s family, which includes two kids. There are always a few with crazy hairstyles, bandannas, leather, tattoos, bracelets and rings. Everyone sweats bullets and is in full drama over the tight schedule, which they do make, etc etc etc.. She feels out of place after many moves on the East coast, as her father couldn't find the right place for them in the Northeast.
Some things to remember about women, never describe someone’s wife or girlfriend to your friends or relatives, for that matter strangers, if you value your life, someone might take it after you give a comment like that.

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