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Two Chicks Conspiracy is two Renaissance women bringing together imagination, desire, and practicality to create functional art. 1) Myth: I’m engaged in the dating scene because I have an online profile, I attend singles events, and I go on blind dates.
When I used to host singles events, I would sometimes see women gather in a corner to talk about how there are no single men in their town. Another thought on this topic is I want you to pay attention to whether or not your friends are negatively influencing you?
Fact: Many men are new to the area or have been out of the singles’ scene for a really long time. As a Gender Communication Specialist & Relationship Coach for almost a decade, Christine is the founder of Your Date Coach Inc.
Twitter: eligiblezineWriting in a journal is a great tool for you to decide what you want in a partner! AboutEligible Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for urban men and women who want the best from their dating life, their relationships and themselves.
HGTV’s Two Chicks and a Hammer are coming to the Des Moines Home & Garden Show at the Iowa Events Center February 11th through 14th and we have your chance to rub elbows with the mother daughter duo. Enter now for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show including a meet & greet with Karen and Mina in the Wine Village.
If learning how to make your own dairy-free avocado ice cream sounds appealing, then you're in luck.
The film is set to rival the Marvel "Avenger's" franchise, with each character eventually getting their own spin-off movie.
CherryShack Orchard is located just down the road from my house and boasts more apple varieties than you've probably ever heard of.
McIntosh, Spartan, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Green Gravenstein, Red Gravenstein, Ginger Gold (My favorite!), Early Gold, and many many more.
CherryShack is truly a family run orchard, with everything they sell coming straight from their farm. Fresh-pressed cider is in high demand here and during the fall, they press about four times a week, producing hundreds of gallons of cider. In addition to the more than 30 varieties of apples that are grown here, they also grow apricots, cherries, pears, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and other assorted vegetables.
God bless the farmers - the men and women who work the land to make our country the beautiful and fertile place it is today. Ronda and Jeff Bosma (and their children as well) have been running their orchard for over 12 years now. Two years ago they build their beautiful new barn that now houses their seasonal fruit store and antiques corner. I find that the pie cherries tend to easily pull off of their stems when I'm picking them, which means one less step for me when I go to make my pies. Due to the juiciness of the pie cherries, Cherry Hill lines their boxes with paper to soak up some of the juice.
When Rick and Claire took over the ownership of the orchard nearly ten years ago, they promised to keep the original Royal Ann cherry tree - a favorite of the family.
My Meet The Farmer series is my way of shining a light on the wonderful farmers that work the land all around our home.
Now that Shawn and I have so much outdoor space, we have been wanting to get some backyard chickens. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it seemed like the perfect time to start raising them. Shawn and I try to hold each one for about 10 minutes a day, just so they get really comfortable being around us.

I’ve compiled the ones I have heard most often so if you are currently believing any of them, now is your chance to listen to my tough love and give these myths the boot! Meanwhile, another group of women who were open-minded and chose to focus on fun, were surrounded by men before the night was over. When you head out for a night with the girls, try to spend time with women who are optimistic and fans of men. If an older man is only interested in dating younger women and that bothers you, then he’s not the man for you! The fact they are making the effort to attend a singles’ event only means they are proactive and smart. It features articles and video content on dating, relationships, sex, wellness and lifestyle by some of the country's foremost experts. Brad keeps busy year round managing the orchard, pruning trees, maintaining the land, pressing cider and so on. I love how some of their pie cherry trees mark the entrance to their farm where they can't help to just lure you in. When they acquired the farm, many of the trees were dead or dieing and they were forced to remove all that couldn't be saved. And there's just something very special about being able to buy your fruit from the family that produced it. Every single morning for breakfast I make us eggs. I think it will be so fun to be able to go outside and get fresh eggs every day. It’s best to wait until the temperatures are closer to 65 degrees all day, and the chicks have all the feathers grown in before transferring them outside.
We had a bunch of names picked out, and we sat there and picked up each one to decide which name she should get. When I took this picture of her, I put her down and she stood exactly like this, all tall and with good posture rather than trying to run around and explore. Carrie is a Golden Laced Wyandottes, and like Rosie I think she was already a week old when we got her since she already has feathers too. She is a white silkie, and is going to grow up to be the fluffiest white puff ball with feathers all down her legs. I think Elaine is a Barred Plymouth Rocks hen, and she will grow up to be black with white tips on all of her feathers. Day 1 and 2 they were very nervous when being held, but I can already see a big improvement in their attitudes. We have been talking of getting chickens too, but we have a lot of work to do before that happens.
And yes, in some cases they were interested in the men romantically and in other cases they weren’t, but they believed that they were already at the event and were committed to having a good time.
The magazine is available online, for sale on Apple's Newsstand for your iPad or iPhone and soon to be in print. I stuffed one full of straw, stapled the open end closed, and use it for a cushion on a straw bale. We were originally going to get just 4 chickens, which would have been plenty of eggs for the 2 of us. I had done some research, and I knew I definitely wanted a Rhode Island Red and an Orpington, since many people raved about those 2 breeds. As soon as we picked them up, and they were all in that little card board box chirping away ready for the ride home, Shawn and I were like brand new parents with our newborns.
When we first brought them home, if we weren’t in the kitchen with them Lena would stand there and chirp and chirp and chirp. She is also a really small little chick, and when she’s full grown she will only be about half the size of the other chickens.

Their little fluff doesn’t do the best job of keeping them warm, which is why you need a heat lamp that keeps the brooder 95 degrees the first week you bring them home, and then you can lower the temp 5 degrees per week until they can handle room temperature. I just read through the post together with my husband and I think he loved it even more than I did :D We would love to have chickens!
I remember when the science teacher at Montair was giving away chicks and I begged my mom to let me bring them home.
I’ve spoken with plenty of men who are interested in dating women their own age and in fact, many years of hosting singles events taught me that more often than not, men will choose the age category where they meet women their age (even if they can attend the younger group instead!). She is the author of 'The Art of Living a Flirtatious Life', - a book dedicated to helping women connect with the power of their femininity.
But my sister and her husband and my parents both said they would love to have fresh eggs too. Since this is our first round of chickens, I thought it would be fun to get all different ones so they would all look different and lay different colored eggs.
I’m not positive what breed she is, but as she keeps growing it will be easier to figure out.
Much like Aria Stark from Game of Thrones who she is named after, she is tiny but very tough. I am constantly finding her sitting on top of the feeder, and whenever we take the lid off the brooder she loves hopping out and balancing on the side. I love how you and Shawn were talking to them – that’s exactly how I would be too! My grandma has always had around twenty hens for the last 60 years and it’s so much fun! Besides, when a man is saying he wants a younger woman, often he is referring to wanting some youthful energy – not necessarily a young chronological age. There will be people you would never date in a million years and people you find yourself surprisingly attracted to. Christine holds a BA in Communication Studies and is a graduate of the PAX Mastery Program in California. Even though she is the littlest, she is brave and gets right up to the feeder to get her food, and will play with all the bigger chicks.
She loves being held, and crawling into the hood of my sweatshirt or making a little nest in my hair. She loves to be held and explore, and when we walk in the room she stands up really tall and stretches out her neck so she can see everything going on. They make great partners to the right guys because they have fantastic attitudes and truly take care of themselves.
I guarantee if you keep an open mind and not focus only on the most attractive guy there, you will open yourself up to some great matches.
They simply apply a lot of the principles from my book, The Art of Living a Flirtatious Life.  Relationships between an ‘older man and younger woman’ face their own unique struggles and it’s not all perfect.
So, ladies please stop seeing this as an “issue” in our society that is hindering your dating success. If you keep going to the same bar or event and finding evidence of the ‘older man, younger woman’ pairings, go somewhere else!

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