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The question I get asked most often (right after “where do you get your ideas?”) is “how did you break into the business?” For me, it started with a little zombie named Johnny Dingle. I called the movie JOHNNY ZOMBIE and, after the screenplay was finished, I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. So, Adam gives JOHNNY ZOMBIE to Sean in the hopes that Sean might want to make it for very little money and give Adam a shot at directing it. Finally, we get to LA and I begin the development process on the screenplay with Sean and Disney. Both turn out to be very good choices — and they’re not the only excellent people involved, either. The movie is going to shoot in Austin, Texas (ironically the place where I destroyed the motel on the way to LA).
Early on, I notice that all the actors and directors and producers have chairs with their names on the back. I never really get to know him, mostly because he largely stays in character on screen and off.
It turns out my former boss at the PR firm was right — I’ll never make it in the film business.
Years later, when I’m working on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, Balaban’s name comes up as an actor for a particular role on the show.
In the end, all these years later, I have a real fondness for the movie… or at least the experience of making it.
About DeanEmmy-Nominated screenwriter, Dean Lorey, has written and produced many TV shows, including ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, THOSE WHO CAN'T, MY WIFE AND KIDS and RUNNING WILDE.
His movie credits include MAJOR PAYNE, MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 9: JASON GOES TO HELL. His novels include the young adult series NIGHTMARE ACADEMY (the first book, MONSTER HUNTERS, was awarded “Best Children’s Novel of the Year -- 2008” by the SCIBA). Currently, he is the co-author (with Vinnie Tortorich) of the recently released non-fiction bestseller FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL, as well as the publisher of Jack Icefloe Jackson's ROMANCE FOR MEN. His first animated movie, ANIMAL CRACKERS, is currently in production with a voice cast including Ian McKellan, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Sylvester Stallone and Danny Devito. Follow DeanGet 10 Free Hollywood Screenwriting Tips when you subscribe to Dean's newsletter!
While at an impromptu reunion lunch, five women reminisce and relive their college days at Mount Holyoke, and weigh their goals and aspirations against their lives. Mild edge creasing on the left edge, extremely tiny edge tear on the bottom edge, small edge tear and mild creasing on the right edge, four very faint diagonal crease lines across the bottom section, very mild fold wear, Otherwise Very Good.
Bob Balaban, the man who brought us Parents, directs this quirky comedy made for Touchstone in 1993 wherein we meet a high school student named Johnny Dingle (Andrew Lowery) who quite obviously has a massive crush on Missy McCloud (Traci Lind). When Missy breaks up with Buck (Matthew Fox), he tries to get her attention but soon enough she and Buck are making doe eyes at one another again and Johnny’s left in the dust.
But of course, when Johnny’s in there waiting for Eddie to show up, a real robber with a real gun shows up, but as his face is covered, Johnny figures it’s Eddie.
Aside from the questionable title (Johnny was never really Missy’s boyfriend before he came back) and the fact that Lowery’s living skin is clearly visible most of the time under his unusually thin zombie makeup, this is a fun watch.
Audio chores are handled by a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track, there’s no lossless option here, and it sounds fine.
My Boyfriend’s Back gets a very nice looking, albeit barebones, Blu-ray debut from Mill Creek. Dean Lorey talked about how the studio got cheap when it came to the special effects stuff which is why the zombie make-up is what it is.
All content is copyright 2010-2015 its respective authors and is not to be reproduced without permission. While I was there, I wrote a comedy about a high school kid who’s so in love with a girl that, even after getting shot and killed in a convenience store robbery, he comes back from the dead to take her to the prom. I wrote it in a series of cheap apartments in New York City and Hoboken and I knew more about decoding DNA than I did about getting a movie made. So, Disney wants to make it and Sean offers me a three year deal to move out to Los Angeles and become a staff writer for him. A day later, I wreck a hotel in Austin, Texas by ripping the overhang off the front after I slam into it with the roof of the U-Haul — but that’s a story for another time. By the end of it, it’s hard to understand what they liked about the script to begin with because it seems like they want to change everything. It’s going to be Bob Balaban – a well regarded actor who had directed a sort-of horror movie called PARENTS that’s very quirky and dark.

Balaban is shooting in a very stylized way and has chosen to focus on the gentleness of Johnny. He liked the work he was doing and points out, rightly, that the script itself is very quirky and stylized. She keeps pronouncing a word wrong in the scene, so I quietly go up to her and tell her how it’s pronounced. Cloris Leachman arrives in town to play an older woman named Maggie whose husband, years ago, became a zombie. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Little Chuck, the bully — a dense, snarling neanderthal.
Because it turns out that a lot of people in Hollywood loved the script — thought it was clever and funny. It was my first thing, my first baby and it came out all strange and yet… I have a real fondness for it. And I’ve been surprised at how many people have reevaluated the film since it’s been out on video — mostly in a positive light. He has also done uncredited work on a variety of movies, including HAPPY GILMORE, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE and NOTHING TO LOSE. At least it’s obvious to us, he has more or less kept quiet about this, having grown up with her and never really opted to make a move.
Then his pal Eddie (Danny Zorn) comes up with an idea he’s positive will win Johnny Missy’s heart for good. It takes a pretty simple concept – boy loves girl, dies, comes back from the grave and needs to prove his feelings for her – and exploits it pretty effectively. Before he gets killed he’s easy enough to relate to in that most of us in our younger years probably had a crush on someone that we never did anything about for whatever reason.
The 25GB disc has plenty of breathing room given that this is a barebones release with lossy audio, so there are no obvious compression issues.
It doesn’t sound amazing, mind you, but it’s workable if a bit flat and occasionally a little muddy. Lossless audio would have been nice, but the transfer is strong, the movie is a lot of fun, and you can’t really argue with the price.
Unfortunately, being a zombie, he now has a terrible craving to eat the flesh of the living (which he finds morally and ethically reprehensible).
And that’s where the whole thing could have ended except I met a guy at NYU by the name of Adam Marcus. There’s very little money in it, but even a little money is more than I’ve ever made before. Gone is my original ending where Johnny and his true love Missy are run out of the prom by angry townspeople only to hide away in the graveyard, where they discover that the zombies that live there are having their own zombie prom — which turns out to be a lot more fun. At every meeting, an empty chair is set aside for “Jeffrey” and his notes are placed on it.
Personally, I’m really pulling for Brandi Burkett in the role of Missy — she’s an actress and a friend from Conyers, Ga, my hometown. Unfortunately, this has taken the wind out of Balaban’s sails and now he’s hurt and angry and I can see why. Shortly thereafter, Johnny is put six feet under but before you know it, he’s back… as a flesh eating zombie hungry for love!
There are quite a few basic but workable sight gags used throughout the movie, most of which stem from the fact that Johnny is a zombie and therefore starting to rot, but in addition to that the dialogue is well written and the production values typically pretty good. It’s a fairly universal premise and as such, we can get behind him early enough in the film to want him to win the girl.
A lossless option is always ideal on Blu-ray and this hardly takes full advantage of the format but it works.
To make matters worse, he’s beginning to decay — in fact, body parts that might otherwise have come in handy on prom night are starting to fall off. The only thing they don’t want is for a kid just out of film school to direct it — but don’t feel too bad for Adam. I tell my bosses (the managing partners) that I need to quit because I’m moving to LA to make movies. The Jeffrey notes cannot be argued or discussed — they are the ten commandments, handed down by God himself, and no one has the authority to question them. Now we have to redo the entire first week and shoot the rest of the movie in the remaining six.
Eventually, they get one for me and present it with a great deal of pomp and circumstance — but it’s all very condescending.

Sean, the producer, tells me that she’s asked that I go to her hotel room because she needs some help with the script.
I am 23 and have no idea how to tell Academy Award winning actress Cloris Leachman that she cannot wear a flower pot on her head in the movie. A comic book framing device is added (always a bad sign…) Balaban shoots the new stuff (and seems to kind of like it) and the movie improves, although it’s still very odd. Another review takes me personally to task for naming it MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK without putting the actual song “My Boyfriend’s Back” in the movie. Eddie is going to put on a mask and stage a fake robbery while Johnny is inside shopping – when he saves her from the gun totting lunatic Eddie will pretend to be, she will melt in his arm and be his forever.
Figuring he’s been given another chance to win Missy’s heart, this time Johnny shows no fear, even if he is decomposing.
This wasn’t a ‘huge’ film but it had enough of a budget behind it to ensure that it looked good and that it was nicely shot (making the crummy zombie makeup all the more questionable). Once he’s come back from the dead, he’s still ‘that guy’ that the film made us like in the first place as Lowery’s performance doesn’t’ really change much, only his character’s situations. Very minor print damage shows up here but if you’re not looking for it you probably won’t even really notice it.
On top of all this, everyone in town hates him — he is, after all, one of the undead. He was also best friends with a kid named Noel Cunningham, who was the son of a Hollywood producer by the name of Sean Cunningham. His consolation prize is that he gets to direct FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 9: JASON GOES TO HELL, which you can read about in its own section.
They don’t want me to go, so they offer me a job as an account executive, offering me more money a year than I’m being paid for the movie. Carla will become famous and loved by fanboys everywhere for her sexy roles in SIN CITY and SPY KIDS among many others. I had imagined a rapid-fire movie, like BACK TO THE FUTURE, but this is methodically paced, although interesting.
You can give your opinion to the director and you can argue points but, at the end of the day, you should either support that person or replace them. I remember thinking “Good God, why not?” I later realize that it’s just a different and much more dry style of humor — one that Balaban has made a career of as an actor.
I turn to go when Sean adds: “Remember, you’re about to give direction to an Academy Award winning actress!” And then he cackles, knowing this will unnerve me.
I fumble around, muttering “not sure, maybe…” Later, she asks the same thing of Balaban and he gently talks her out of it, but only after telling her what a clever idea it is.
Turns out he stayed committed because he became one of Hollywood’s finest actors until his tragic and untimely death. Balaban wasn’t allowed to make his stylized version of the movie but the end result is not a straight down the middle crowd pleaser, either.
I, of course, didn’t name it that and, as the writer, had nothing to do with the songs they chose.
Danny Zorn steals a few scenes as goofball Eddie while Matthew Fox is good enough as his ‘too cool’ jock character that you’d have to be a jerk to prefer him over Johnny. Colors look great and are reproduced very nicely here, while black levels are strong and solid. Cloris Leachman is the one you’ve probably heard of, but there were a ton of wonderful veterans.
Where were they, I wonder, when I was all alone in a tiny apartment in Hell’s Kitchen dreaming up this whole thing?
And I’m struck by an odd desire — I really want to see the movie that Balaban wanted to make. She’s a very pretty lady, that’s for sure (those who remember her from Fright Night II won’t forget her) and she too does fine work here.
If the chemistry she and Lowery share on screen won’t exactly set the world on fire, it’s good enough to keep us invested in the picture and the end result is a fun mix of quirky humor and, for lack of a better way to put it, sweet romantic comedy.

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