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The My Cloud EX4 is Western Digital's answer to the increased demand for larger personal storage devices.
Everything but online capacity expansion (where the user can swap drives one at a time to a larger capacitiy) is suppoted. All of the expected staples are present, such as USB 3.0 connectivity and all common RAID configurations supported out of the box. Yeah a build your own and a look into RAID alternatives like FlexRAID, unRAID and Greyhole based stuff. I agree, I would love to see regular NAS builds (different budgets) and os's with comparisons to pre-built gear.
NAS build guide for home use (backup, basic network advice, where bottlenecks exist) would be super useful. Horrible performance for the price, compare that to building a $400 PC and then installing a bunch of hard drives and setting up RAID 5. We’ve never seen a NAS server from WD before, so we cracked up the case to take a look at the build quality and to see what components were being sourced for the WD My Cloud EX4. Here is a shot at the right side of the case with the cover removed.  Not much to see besides the bottom of a hard drive and of course the bottom of the motherboard again.
With the motherboard removed you can see what appears to be a PCIe slot that connects the four SATA III hard drives to the motherboard. WD placed a single 2GB SLC NAND Flash memory chip on the board to handle the operating system. Now that we know what the WD My Cloud EX4 is and what is inside of it, we can move along and setup the NAS server! I have the 16 TB version of this NAS and I wish the fan was a little quieter as the NAS is in the living room.
The Good The WD My Cloud EX4 offers data redundancy, Windows Server integration, and an excellent set of personal cloud features. The Bottom Line It's not the fastest NAS, nor does it include many advanced features, but the WD My Cloud EX4 still combines great ease of use into an affordable personal cloud system that's excellent for a connected home. To determine the read and write transfer rate of My Cloud EX4, we used a 4.5 GB archive file and uploaded to the NAS using FTP (write rate test), then copied it to the local PC (reading rate test). As you can see, the not at all generously-sized CPU features of My Cloud EX4 seem to be directly responsible for the moderate write performance in RAID 5 as well as in setups with encryption enabled.
The USB transfer rate to an external HDD or SSD also apparently showed a bottleneck in the CPU, regardless of the source or target used. De WD® My Cloud EX4 is een NAS met vier posities met hoge prestaties voor thuis of op uw kleine kantoor.

Kies de schijfloze behuizing met gemakkelijk plaatsen en warm vervangen van schijven om moeiteloos tot vier schijven te plaatsen en uit te breiden wanneer u meer nodig hebt*.
Een krachtig bedieningspaneel en lcdscherm zorgen ervoor dat uw systeem altijd onder controle is.
Een volledige suite geavanceerde functies waarmee u uw huis of kantoor mogelijkheden geeft, waaronder: iSCSI-doel, volledige FTP-diensten, koppelingaggregatie en ondersteuning voor overname bij storingen, ondersteuning voor jumboframes, klaar voor iPv6, UPS-ondersteuning (USB en netwerk), bronbewaking in echttijd, volumeversleuteling met opstartwachtwoord, SNMP en virtuele volumes. When folks look for places to consolidate all of their bulk files, media, system backups, etc, they tend to extend past what is possible with a single hard drive. While WD has stated that feature will be available in a future update, I find it a bit risky to intentionally and repeatedly fail an array by pulling drives and forcing rebuilds. Many of these bullet points are common among most NAS devices, but there are a few notable standouts. Sub-$400 for a bare 4-bay NAS is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and the prices on storage-equipped models are on-par with the cost of adding WD Red drives separately, making the purchase selection almost a no brainer. The back-end is Linux based, similar to other NAS devices out there, such as the Synology DiskStation.
A pair of redundant power connections enable a second power supply (available for purcahse separately from WDC) to power the EX4.
The layout is very simple with the motherboard mounted on the top, and the drives located below that. You can also clearly see the spring loaded drive bays, front panel ribbon and the 3-pin fan header for the one 80mm fan that cools the entire NAS server. The bottom of the board sits on the top of the NAS, so we suspect this metal bar is present to protect the printed circuit board from the top cover of the WD My Cloud EX4 chassis and to help line up the board for installation. The WD My Cloud EX4 uses the Marvell ARMADA 300 embedded processor (ARM based 88F6282 processor) and it is a single-core solution that runs at 2.0GHz. This controller has been around for over five years and we have seen it used on other networked attached servers and RAID cards. WD is using capacitors labeled Nichicon and Taicon, which are both part of the Nichicon Family of capacitors. The mobile app supports a limited number of file formats, there's no search function, and it won't allow you to sort by content type.
De WD My Cloud EX4 is vanaf de basis ontworpen met de kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid die u gewend bent van WD.
Of kies een gevuld systeem dat meteen uit de doos werkt, met WD Red™-harde schijven voor ultieme compatibiliteit in de unieke NASbedrijfsomgeving die altijd aan staat.
Kies RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 of selecteer verdeel- of JBOD-modus voor nog meer opties om uw gegevens te beheren.

Breng gemakkelijk bestanden over vanaf uw openbare clouddienst naar de WD My Cloud EX4, rechtstreeks uit de mobiele app. Wanneer u hier uw gegevens achterlaat, houden wij u op de hoogte zodra het product weer beschikbaar is. It just makes more sense to back up the data and re-create a fresh array with the new larger drives installed.
Remember this is a consumer focused NAS, but it has carried over some features from WD's higher-end line.
There are just two wires inside the EX4; one for the front LCD and the other for the rear cooling fan. We were a bit shocked to see that WD didn’t use all solid-state capacitors as four were standard electrolytic style capacitors. I need to have a first NAS, at my office, with capacity of 16TB in Raid 5 with its reasonable price. However THAT really sucks because you can only set a single starttime and shutdown time per day. Het apparaat biedt een robuuste, geheel metalen behuizing, meerdere RAID-volumes, gemakkelijk plaatsen van schijven en een volledige suite apps die de kracht en flexibiliteit bieden om uw NAS-functies uit tebreiden.
E-mail- en mobiele waarschuwingen houden u op de hoogte van de status van de WD My Cloud EX. A big one is network redundancy, and more importantly power redundancy - a first seen on a consumer-level device of this type. Both were proper sized with no extra cabling that would impede airflow or anything like that. Our capacitor expert on staff said that Nichicon generally makes very high quality products. These ports can be configured redundantly, as failover, or bonded together (provided the connected switch or router supports it). Also it will force the shutdown even if you’re currently streaming or copying files to the NAS.

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