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Visit Wendy Williams' site for moreA He also gushed about the 30-year-old, calling her 'the best.''She's good. Back to business: On Tuesday, the reality star was busy plugging a new hair productA 'I had so much fun, and I really love how we were only there for like 48 hours, but he planned so many things. The View cohost Sherri Shepherd, 44, married television writer Lamar Sally in Chicago this past Saturday, and her beloved son Jeffrey Tarpley Jr.,6, walked her down the aisle. Guests who attended the lavish wedding included Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Niecy Nash, Kym Whitley and more. I see them everywhere now, just like when you buy a new car and suddenly see that same car on every street. There was a rumor from the packaging dudes that Amazon is actually working on that problem.
How did I not know that you'd have an InStyle magazine on readily available in the house!?! I don't really get the connection between bloggers and FedEx but they have to have an impressive operation to get everything where it is going.Of course I too hate the toy packaging morons. That really is too cool for words!!!!and Shark's eyes ;-) Love it, he's obviously psyched beyond belief!
Faith and family, recipes and occasional bursts of de-cluttering, and some attempted photography.

French Montana gushed about ex Khloe Kardashian in a new interview, and revealed he hopes they will get back together, pictured in Las Vegas in JulyA He hinted their romance might not yet be over.'You never know, we might be together,' he said.
And don't get me started on the ones that are screwed in and send you (your husband) off looking for a tiny phillips-head screwdriver. I love airports, that must have been cool, and it seems like a company that loves what they do! This year I have declared that I will unpackage all toys before I wrap them for Christmas so we can have a nice morning instead of spending the day prying toys out of cardboard. This is a blog of favorite things, and two of my favorite things are baby milk breath and margaritas. FedEx invited a couple of Mommy Bloggers to tour their World Headquarters in Memphis Tennessee, which seems strange but can you say Peabody Hotel?
She picked me up at my office and as we hit the road, I pulled from my bag pages (and pages) of Fed Ex background information. I had the history of the company, corporate officers list, mission statement, number of planes and trucks they crisscross the globe with, financial summary page from their Annual Report (with charts!); everything but the screenplay for Cast Away. At work we apply netowrking principals to learn and grow; this is a technique that we mom's have been doing in formallay for years. Seriously, the processing of your boxes and letters into and back out of the Memphis hub to every corner of the globe is something you almost have to see to believe, to the tune of 1.5 million packages every night.

I even have a short video of the stunning lobby.) We met with the vibrant VP of Customer Service Shelia Harrell (see picture here!), a working mother like myself and Jamie, who has been blogging on the FedEx web site about work-life balance, becoming one of the company's most popular corporate bloggers in the process. She had a lot of blogging questions for us and we could have spent a whole day just with Shelia. Another one!" It's sort of weird.) And speaking of Shark Boy, he was further impressed to know that FedEx helped to ship over 10 tons of ocean mammals for Shedd Aquarium. FedEx wanted to talk to Mommy Bloggers because they believe we are an influential part of the new media and FedEx is seeking new storytellers to talk about their organization in new ways.
That is a progressive and proactive approach to social media and marketing, and it makes sense in that FedEx is a company well known for innovation. Thanks again to Matt and everyone at FedEx for letting us have a behind the scenes peek at the amazing things you do.
I clarify this because I know all parents want to stab someone in the eyeball over this issue.

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