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This whole story sounds like highly immature drama by people who have poor communication and relationship skills. All the blabbering about Danelle cheating on Dj sounds to me like superficial and hypocritical pontificating, as well as banal justification. This is my best friend of 3 and a half years and the time spent being friends slowly progressed into us dating.
Try upgrading to Internet Eplorer 8 or even downloading a faster, more secure browser like Firefox. Romance comes and goes, while your mates are important – you should be loyal to them.
She tries to make us stay away from each other, not trust one another and keeps saying he’s using me to get back at her. You shouldn’t be throwing yourself at your supposed best friend’s fella right after they have broken up.

However, that’s not possible because I made the moves on him, and he still isn’t sure we should be dating due to all the drama.
Frankly, you sound like a bit of a slapper, and this bloke sounds like he’s just trying to get laid wherever he can. All the bs that has been going on is stressing us out, but we really like each other and I don’t know what to do. You’re not a bitch or a horrible friend, but you haven’t done the right thing by sneaking around.
Time for you to ‘fess up and respect your friendship with Dannelle by telling her you’re seeing Dj and you’ve fallen hard for him.
He is the source of my happiness and my days haven’t been anything more than pure and simple bliss. She might feel a bit silly for trying to keep you two apart, when behind her back you two were doing the deed.
I know she won’t accept it and I feel like a bitch and a horrible friend for dating her ex.

But she already has another boyfriend, she’s the one who really hurt Dj by cheating on him a couple times and they split up months ago.
What matters is – she’s your bestie and he’s her ex and you need to tread carefully around her feelings.
But point out to her that she’s moved on with a new boyfriend, and you’d really like to stay friends.
Some people feel it’s a major trust-breaker, and they simply can’t abide their lost property finding a new home with someone close to them.
They might be much more accepting than you think about Dj, if you’re firm that you love him, and he’s your guy. Everyone has the right to move on from a past relationship, and to find happiness with someone new.

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