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The rewards and cashback programs that they have in states have really come a long way, and you really can get some great deals. You are such a strong woman to go cold turkey…I also agree that staying away from stores is a good idea. Hello, I am a blogger and freelancer who loves to write about personal finances and my life in Yokosuka, Japan.
This year I have totally changed my spending habits and have come up with ways to feed my shopaholic addiction and still stay on budget. Shop at the Thrift store.  This point has been discussed so many times, that I refuse to go in-depth. Store Department Coupons!  When people hear about coupons they immediately think about the grocery store.

Inventory Time!  Go through your closet piece by piece and you will be surprised of the items of clothing you have that you never worn, or only wore one time and for some reason forgot you had it. I avoid sales these days as I’m often too tempted to buy things just because they are on sale.
Usually, you can find it somewhere (especially when you consider rewards and cashback) which is not too much more than the sales racks anyway. Yes…one episode of extreme couponing on TLC, there will be no doubt in your mind how effective couponing can be at your local grocery store. It can be exhausting to sift through all the garments, but scoring a ruffled modern vintage top for $7.00 is always totally worth it. In fact I normally only purchase household items and books, but with patience you can find great deals that will not put a dent in your pocket.

What people don’t think about is coupons can also be effective in department stores to purchase clothes and household items. The key is to only buy items that you know you’re actually going to wear and purchase items that are off-season for pennies.

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