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Influenced by 16th and 17th century Dutch painting as well as the more modern medium of film, Wilmer's photographs evoke a sense of mystery and other worldliness. I buy many dolls then sell them on for this reason alone (so fickle!), although i do possess a somewhat overbearing collection of plastic animals, dolls house furniture and vintage frocks.
And, if you want comparisons at all costs, I would tell you that to produce good fruit, one must remain on a trellis.

My backgrounds are generally my own paintings or textures that i have created or photographed.
The caller agrees to pretend that he (or she) is calling a young, beautiful girl, and the phonesex operator willingly plays the part. Like a wall tree the artist must remain thus all his life, arms extended, mouth open, assimilating everything that passes by and living by everything that surrounds him.

Although most of my a€?completeda€™ work is digital, my sources are rather ecclectic at best.

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