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Business Infographic, Company, Economic Infographic, Financial, Infographics, Money Infographic, Money Do Americans Need to Be Considered Rich, Rich Index, The Rich Index: How Much Money Do Americans Need to Be Considered Rich?. The M200G is held aloft by eight small rotary engines, and is capable of carrying a payload of about 250 pounds. The M200G conveniently burns either gasoline or a mixture of ethanol and water, although it isn’t frighteningly fuel-efficient – it can travel at 50mph for about an hour, and during that time it will use 40 gallons of fuel (that’s 1.25 mpg).
When asked who would likely purchase such a vehicle, a Moller spokesman gave the peculiar answer, “I don’t know,” but added the probably people who are unable to access and use land they already own - where the terrain would be prohibitive to conventional hovercrafts - might be interested. I found the visual image of Britney Spears getting out of this vehicle both amusing and terribly horrifying. I insist on trying to take one part of and seeing how it will proccess then if it functions wel take some thing else off. I never used to have a fear of heights, either, like a lot of you, but I do now on some things.
Subscribe Connect with Science Buzz on Facebook and Twitter.You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using any newsreader software. What starts in the city is settled in the canyons as Need for Speed Carbon immerses you into the world's most dangerous and adrenaline-filled form of street racing.

As the police turn up the heat, the battle ultimately shifts to Carbon Canyon, where territories and reputations can be lost on every perilous curve. Survive the Canyon - All-new Canyon Duel and Drift race modes are the ultimate test of skill and nerve, where one wrong turn could cost you more than the race. The City Is Yours for the Taking - Race for control of the city block-by-block by taking down rival crews on their turf, then defeat their crew leaders in life-or-death races in Carbon Canyon.
Represent a Class - Affiliate with the Tuner, American Muscle, or Exotic car classes and prove once and for all who makes the best set of wheels.
Build Your Crew - Strategically choose your crew members and then use their skills on the road and in the garage to help you win races and customize your cars.
Also, the hovercraft emits approximately 85 decibels of sound while operating, which is about the same as a freight train running at high speed.
Just add the video URL to your textarea in the place where you would like the video to appear, i.e. You and your crew must race in an all-out war for the city, risking everything to take over your rivals' neighborhoods one block at a time. Need for Speed Carbon delivers the next generation of customization giving you the power to design and tweak your crew's cars in every way using the ground-breaking new Autosculpt technology.

Although the vehicle could potentially fly much higher, its computer system limits the maximum altitude to 10 feet.
They certainly can afford their own flying saucers, and it seems like the sort of thing a lot of celebrities would be in to. Represent your car class, your crew, and your turf in Need for Speed Carbon, the next revolution in racing games. Some of your pro football players might be slightly out of the weight range, but I for one love the idea of, say, Lindsay Lohan hovering down Hollywood Boulevard at about shoulder height in her own M200G. She could call it “Mean Girl,” or “The Decapitator.” I’m just throwing ideas out, but I can see potential there. And if there are any DUI loopholes for flying saucers, I’m sure it could be a hot seller in that crowd.

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