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I Miss You Messages for Boyfriend: Sweet texts, romantic banter on Facebook, cute pins on Pinterest and quotes about love are the best way to tell your boyfriend how much you’re missing him. 6) The distance between us has stolen my happiness, everything in life seems dull and useless. 12) Every single detail of our relationship has been etched in my heart… and now every single etching is poking in like a thorn because I am missing you.
13) Being with you even for a single second, feels like experiencing a lifetime of being happy. 14) Spending even one day without seeing you is like living a lifetime without feeling happiness. 15) Your girlfriend is engineered to function properly only if she is given regular doses of your hugs and kisses. 17) I don’t just miss you – I miss the warmth in your breath, depth in your eyes, touch of your fingers and feeling your hands on my waist.
19) Even the worst of nightmares seem sweet when you’re with me… and even the sweetest dreams seem dark when you aren’t here. 20) On the day you asked me out, I should have drafted a Boyfriend Contract which would have made it compulsory for you to meet me at least once every day. 22) My pillow can no longer compensate for your shoulder to rest my head on and your arms that wrap around me tightly. 25) I miss you so much that if chanting your name was considered a prayer, my place in the heavens would have already been secured. 27) The feeling of missing you is like eating my favorite chocolate – I can never have too much of it. 28) This text message is a warning that you are about to have hundreds of hiccups because I am missing you a bit too much.
35) A princess, is how I feel when I’m with you and an angel whose wings have been clipped, is how I feel when I’m missing you. 36) My life without you is like a beautiful vase waiting to be filled by a flower called YOU. 39) I know exactly where all the cracks on the ceiling of my room are… because I keep staring at it all day, thinking of you and missing you.
40) The only way you’ll realize how broken I am without you… is to put your hand on my heart and feel it limping along in pain. On August 14, 2013, the Department of Defense announced the plan to extend benefits to same-sex spouses of uniformed service members and Department of Defense civilian employees.

The Supreme Court ruling means that the Defense Department will extend benefits, including medical, dental, and with-dependent Basic Allowance for Housing to same-sex spouses of military personnel.
DoD recognized there remains a challenge for same-sex couples not stationed in, or near a jurisdiction that permits same-sex marriage.  Accordingly, all services including the Navy will immediately implement policy that allows military personnel non-chargeable leave for the purpose of travelling to a jurisdiction where such a marriage may occur. As operational requirements permit, commanding officers may allow military personnel in same-sex relationships non-chargeable leave for the purpose of travelling to a jurisdiction that allows same-sex couples to be married if they are stationed more than 100 miles from one of those areas.
To determine the appropriate number of days to authorize, commanding officers should consider operational requirements, state marriage requirements and travel distance.
The intent of this leave is to allow Sailors to complete the administrative requirements of marriage in order to access the benefits. The department will recognize all marriages that are certified with a valid marriage license.  Spousal and family benefits, including ID cards, will be made available to same-sex spouses on Sept.
Entitlements such as basic allowance for housing (BAH), family separation allowance and medical expenses are retroactive to the date of the Supreme Court’s decision, June 26, 2013.  Any claims to entitlements before that date will not be granted. In accordance with DoD policy, all service members will continue to be eligible for world-wide assignment without consideration of sexual orientation. Its a Christian thing, while I might be and tink as you if I had lived your life, I consider myself lucky to have lived mine, compared to yours. Mental illness needs treatment, not changing the UCMJ to encourage demonic possession, by a homosexual presidential predator. What happened to michelles so-called son, mysteriously murdered, because of the risk he posed to madam president’s sex toy, a really messed up life spent at the hands of a sexual predator holding the highest orfice in the land.
Actually, civil unions (Heterosexual and homosexual alike) are just contracts between two or more people, and are permitted in all fifty states. Don’t forget to bring the most important tools that will help fix this leak – your hugs and your kisses. I need you to come back and lift me in your arms, baby I am desperate to succumb to your charms. Delay in such maintenance will result in a breakdown which will cost you a lot of money in the form of expensive gifts. I’m thinking about all the romantic dates, I’m wondering how beautifully intertwined are our fates. Multiply the viral views of Gangnam Style with those of the Harlem Shake… and you are still not close enough to the answer.
This will provide accelerated access to the full range of benefits offered to married military couples throughout the department.

Sailors stationed within the continental United States may receive up to seven days non-chargeable leave and those stationed at overseas assignments may receive up to 10 days non-chargeable leave.
We recognize that same-sex couples not stationed in a jurisdiction that permits same-sex marriage would have to travel to another jurisdiction to marry, which is why the DoD is implementing policies to allow military personnel in such a relationship non-chargeable leave for the purpose of travelling to a jurisdiction where such a marriage may occur. Each situation is case by case and Sailors should work with their chain of command to determine the appropriate number of days of leave.
In fact, most churches discourage and even legally refuse to marry mixed religion or same sex couples unless a religious conversion takes place. But being away from you is draining me down, baby I need your kisses to wipe off my frowns.
The leave must be documented with a Page 13 entry.  This benefit may only be taken once in a Sailor’s career. As TRICARE enrollment is tied to DEERS, it is highly recommended that service members consult with a TRICARE representative regarding benefit implications.
The Department of Defense is working with the Department of State to develop assignment guidelines. If Sailors desire travel to states that are further away, they can take annual leave in conjunction with the non-chargeable marriage leave if operational requirements permit.
Use words to make him understand how your heart skips a beat every time you think about him. If you are stationed in a state where same-sex marriage is legal, you cannot use the non-chargeable leave benefit to travel elsewhere to get married. If you both have been apart from each other for quite some time, jot down a few quotes on a handwritten note, letter, email or a greeting card.
Upon return from leave, Sailors are required to provide proof of the marriage to the command or the leave period will be charged as annual leave.
Relationships are all about saying no to barriers and saying yes to expression without boundaries.
You wouldn’t prevent an interracial couple or a couple of different religious backgrounds from said benefits, would you?

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