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Get 1000s of stylish comments and graphics you could ever need for use on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Hi5, Myeeos or anywhere you like. Since the Skype Video Calling and Chat redesign launch a month ago, you may have noticed something missing from your Facebook home page. We asked Facebook why Chat has been redesigned like this, and Director of Product Peter Deng told us, “The goal of the new design is to give more people faster access to the friends they message most. Sure, people spend most of their time Chatting with close friends or people they frequently need to exchange information with, such as co-workers or teammates.
The relevance-filtered buddy list is an especially big problem for users with abnormally high friend counts. Its these power users and early adopters that are posting updates, tagging photos, and driving total time on site for Facebook.
Facebook should implement a combination of the relevance-filtered and complete buddy list, similar to how the news feed has tabs for Top News and Most Recent.
By default, the tabbed buddy list could show users the relevance-filtered list, so the most frequent Chat use cases wouldn’t require any buddy list scrolling to initiate. With a global user base topping 750 million that includes social butterflies and grandparents just looking to share with their kids, pleasing everyone is no simple task.

The Facebook Chat buddy list now only shows you the online status of a subset of your closest or most recently interacted with friends, around 20 on a screen of average size and resolution. Quick access to Chat with best friends is helpful, but search is far too inefficient a method of determining the online status of other friends. The new design makes it very easy to start talking with a friend whose wall you recently posted on, profile you’ve been perusing, or that you Chatted with yesterday. The site has considered ways of eliminating the tabbed news feed because some users never leave the default Top News tab, but the buddy list is not an endless stream, it can be easily displayed in its entirety.
More options make things more complicated, so in most situations, design that work for the majority are best. Messenger Translator Pro Skype Translator Pro MSN Translator Pro TradeManager Translator Pro Purchase Chat Translator Chat Translator for Skype Chat Translator for MSN Chat Translator for Yahoo! You can only determine if the rest of your friends are available to Chat by searching for them one by one.
It’s unlikely that users will ever strike up a casual conversation with anyone outside of the buddy list. If a use has 500 or 1000 friends, though, the number of missing friends is much more significant, recalling names from such a large set is difficult, and searching one friend at time takes far too long to be feasible.

Search could be left in to help those with massive buddy lists, or scrapped for a cleaner design. But when sleek, algorithmic-focused design creates more friction than it removes, one extra link or button may be the answer. This is unfortunate, because it’s the ability to stay in touch more distant acquaintances that makes Facebook special. Help you have the hottest online chat or naked chat with Japanese, Russian, Philippines, French, etc. This article will show you how to translate Chinese to other languages when using Skype chat. Click here to learn more>> Online Chat with Foreign in-laws with Skype Translator If you speak English, whileyour in-laws speak Italian, Chinese, or Japanese, once you type text in English, and they will be instantly translated to target lanuages when sending to your foreign family.

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