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Get 1000s of stylish comments and graphics you could ever need for use on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Hi5, Myeeos or anywhere you like. Disconnect the line if you feel the person is probing in too much detail about your personal life. Do not exchange personal photographs of yours or any family member with people you meet over the internet. Do not disclose information such as your email password, credit card numbers, ATM password, etc to someone you have just met over the internet. Not only people use it for business liaisons and work, it has also become a popular medium for social networking.

Any anonymous person with a computer can log onto such a site and make friends with wrong intentions. Consult elder people or someone who is experienced and if you have to go, take someone trustworthy with you. Without the physical presence of the person, it is very difficult to form a friendship that would last forever.
Thus, while making friends over the internet, one has to be extremely careful and follow certain precautions.
There are certain guidelines that are to be religiously followed if you are going for online friendship.

Some people are not quite confident about their looks and some are afraid to speak up in public or a group. Also, remember that online friendship can’t remain online forever, because after some time it becomes mandatory to meet a person to take the relationship to the next level.

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