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Once Upon a Time's Sean Maguire Called Who First After Learning About That Tragic Robin Hood Twist?! For those of you who are watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW's sweet West Covina-set musical, good on you. Now that you're up to date on what it's all about, let us convince you why you absolutely need to give this smart gem a chance.1.
Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. At the premiere of her latest film Freeheld at TIFF on Sunday, the actress walked the red carpet with her girlfriend, which was the first public appearance for the duo. Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick Are Officially Married: Check Out Their Wedding Album With the #RichKids Cast!
We love you and you're perfect.As for the rest of you, we still love you, but we're a little peeved.
Rachel Bloom won a Golden Globe for the role of Rebecca, and The CW gave the show a season two. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Bernice Burgos, from New York, also seems to have the same tattoo on the same spot, as wonderfully illustrated in the Instagram photo above. And when we asked Page why she chose that night in particular, her reasoning was simple and honest.Page told E! We're not sure a day has passed in the last few months when we haven't casually asked a friend or acquaintance if they're familiar with our current favorite show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and way too often, the response is no.

Not in the X-Files kind of way, but in a "I may be a responsible adult with a job, but I don't know how to act around my crush" kind of way, and a "how do I make and hold on to new friends" kind of way, and a "I am not totally OK, but that's OK" kind of way.
Page returned the affectionate sentiment by holding on to Samantha's arms.Sigh, so precious. News with a big smile, "I'm in love."Freeheld has been a passion project for Page so the premiere seemed like the right time for their glamorous public debut. News reported earlier this week that Efron and Miro spent some time in Chicago recently for the wedding of chef Dave Beran and his fiancée Jamie Schneiter.
You rock!" Efron wrote on WhoSay along with a black-and-white photo of himself and the blond beauty posing outside Copenhagen eatery Noma.A little over a month ago, Efron and Miro were spotted on a double date with Penn and a male companion at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. News that Burgos has partied with Drizzy before, and tells us this is not a new thing, which is further proven by photographic evidence on her Instagram. It features a grown man singing a spectacular song about his recent discovery that he's bisexual.
So far, they have included Tovah Feldshuh (as Rebecca's singing mother—take that The Walking Dead zombies), Michael Hyatt, Amber Riley, Ricki Lake, Dr.
As for who the lucky lady is—it seems like everyone is identifying his pool buddy from Down Under as 24-year-old bartender and model Bernice Burgos, and based off of our highly scientific tattoo comparison photo evidence, they're right. News exclusively that "walking down the carpet holding my girlfriend's hand is pretty special.""It's pretty awesome," she added. 26, and in between the nuptials and the reception, the two lovebirds and a group of pals visited Wicker Park eatery Chop Shop.
The musical genre is vast and varied with something for everyone (Hamilton??), and if you don't have a friend who has real TV, all TV shows can be found somewhere on the Internet for at the most, a small price, and if you haven't been paying attention lately, the CW is a magical place where all of your dreams can come true.

It's possibly the brightest, most hopeful, and most open way bisexuality has ever been portrayed on TV, and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.3.
It explores real, grown-up friendships—the good, the bad, and the incredibly complicated.
Novak, and Princess Jasmine (aka Lea Salonga) will be appearing in the season finale!8.There's depth in unexpected places. It's not-so-secretly a show about mental illness and how easy it is to convince ourselves that lies are the truth.
Sometimes it hurts to watch because we've all been there—trying to turn ourselves into the person another person will like, and then starting to believe we truly are big fans of basketball or hot yoga.
There's rapping, there's a Les Miserables homage and a tribute to The Music Man, there's some Shakira, some Disney, some Bollywood, some boy band action, and the best song about getting ready that you've ever heard in your life.5. It provides musical accompaniment for the moments in your life most in need of musical accompaniment: sleeping with a stranger, coming out to your coworkers, having a girl crush, having a group hang, definitely having friends, and all the other important things in life.
There are also lots of songs about sex, boobs, balls, and dream ghosts, if you're into that.9. Rebecca is a truly messed up individual, but it's only easy to say that because she's messed up openly.
Thanks to this show, there are now songs to sing in order to express how screwed up we all are, or how free we feel, or how mad we are that we sent the text to the wrong person, or just how much we love West Covina, California, and that is a beautiful thing.Convinced?

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