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If your company requires you to log in to the MFP, the connector can automatically send the fax from your RightFax account.
When a user scans a document, the MFP generates an XML job file as well as image files, and then sends them to RightFax for delivery. Any MFP that can scan a paper document and deliver XML and corresponding image files to RightFax with necessary metadata. The Fax Guys make Minnesota Business Magazines’ BEST 100 WORKPLACES LIST — 5 years in a row! Healthcare organizations need to be able to easily share and communicate patient information across an entire network of caregivers, and for years, fax has been the industry standard. One of the biggest challenges of sending Direct messages is accessing those who can receive Direct messages. RightFax Healthcare Direct combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution with no change to the user experience. Sending Transition of Care documents via Direct messaging is one component of Meaningful Use Stage 2. Your business faces increasing pressure to improve employee and process productivity, and to reduce operational costs. RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems.
Quickly impact your ROI by streamlining document workflow, reducing costs and increasing productivity.
Any fax can become a high value document required as evidence in an audit, financial dispute, legal proceeding or compliance action. Leverage your network resources and reduce costs with a complete IP and software-based fax solution. OpenText RightFax supports SIP trunking to send and receive faxes using remote phone lines accessed via the Internet.
Learn how RightFax automates faxing, improves productivty, and saves money in this brief demo.
Compliance is more important than ever and our new RightFax Archiving Bundles help provide a cost-effective, complete fax archiving solution. RightFax integrates with a variety of software applications that help streamline document process workflows in healthcare, financial, legal and other industries. These tightly coupled integrations extend the functionality of the software application, provide the benefit of unattended automation to the end users, and increase the overall value proposition.

User Experience: Designed with the user in mind, the latest release of RightFax includes several enhancements to the end user experience, including newly redesigned tools and additional features.
Compatibility: RightFax provides updated and new interoperability between RightFax and other industry software. Enterprise-Grade: OpenText has developed several new improvements that will increase the performance and scalability of the RightFax fax server.
Compliance and Security: New features and functionality enhance the security and compliance-grade capabilities of a RightFax server environment. Connecting a fax server to the telephone network can be a complicated resource drain, using valuable staff time to deal with the configuration, troubleshooting and implementation of fax boards, gateways, capacity planning, channels, and phone lines. Yet many companies absolutely must have their own fax server to retain complete control over their data at all times to ensure compliance with security and privacy laws, and to easily integrate with in-house applications, systems, and processes. Fax over IP (FoIP) is a software-based technology that compliments and leverages your existing Voice over IP (VoIP) network and eliminates the need for traditional fax boards. The connector effectively adds RightFax send capability to the MFP without the need to purchase expensive embedded MFP fax kits. The email is relayed to the RightFax server, which faxes the document and then prints a fax status notification on the MFP. If you do not need to log in to the MFP, you can still send the fax from your account by including your RightFax user name in the email address. RightFax sends the document via fax or secure email, and then provides a notification back to the MFP or to an email address. But with the rising pressures of government mandates to share health information electronically, healthcare organizations need to easily and efficiently send authenticated, encrypted documents without disrupting their existing workflow processes or changing their communication infrastructure.
RightFax Healthcare Direct combines fax and Direct messaging into a single, innovative new solution which sends documents from EMR systems as Direct messages when possible, using fax as a failover when not. Users send content from their EMR system integrated with RightFax as they normally would, but the content will be sent as a Direct message whenever possible and uses fax as a fall-back communication method.
RightFax Healthcare Direct will help you meet - and exceed - those requirements by sending content via Direct.
OpenText RightFax meets these challenges by integrating and automating fax and document distribution with your existing business applications.
Learn how the benefits of RightFax save you time and money by redefining and modernizing fax and document distribution within your company.
It continues to lead the market by integrating secure fax automation into email, front offices, back offices, the web, MFPs, and nearly any system or application.

We also integrate with popular back office applications like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes for fax to email.
These enhancements help increase the productivity, throughput and efficiency of workload of even the toughest enterprise environment. New tools allow for managing the environment more efficiently, which are real time-savers for administrators. RightFax users can access the RightFax Web Client from their mobile phone or tablet's browser to send, receive and manage faxes on the go! Users can use their mobile device, tablet or web browser access for Web Client sign a document. Take a picture from a mobile phone or tablet with the device's camera and send the picture as a fax. This optional feature adds an extra layer of security and increased verification of fax number where MFP users can be required to enter the fax number twice and required to select recipients from the phonebook.
With FoIP, your organization can expect all the advantages, reliability, and security of a traditional fax server solution, but with added benefits, such as server consolidation through virtualization and a unified communications strategy that's inclusive of fax. In addition to fax, RightFax can send the document securely via the Internet with optional certified and encrypted delivery. In addition, you can even add the recipient’s company and name in the email address for more complete fax addressing. And when the tougher requirements of Meaningful Use Stage 3 are in place, you will be prepared. This lets you reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and decrease risks associated with stand-alone fax machines and unsecure email communications. With OpenText fax server and document archiving bundles you can.  Add dedicated fax archiving as part of your fax management system. On mobile and tablet devices, users can use their finger to sign a document, save as a new fax, and send the fax right from their device. On the desktop web browser, users use their mouse to add their signature to any document, save as a new fax and send the fax from their desktop.

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