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I still find the Fairy type to be really interesting, especially the fact it's super effective against Dragon and Dark (I think).
Yeah I came to your thread because it is cool to see someone as excited for this game as much as i am. I'd prefer if Fairy type is weak against Ghost rather than Fighting to prevent any pokemon having a 4x weakness and Ghost has a relationship with Dark as well so I would like to see Fairy being fitted into there somewhere. I've never played the first Stadium but I did play the 2nd one as well as Pokemon Snap.
I'm most interested in seeing if they choose to give older gen pokemon, new evolutions like they seem to be doing sporadically with each new iteration. Please PM me if you add me so I can add you back (and please let me know what else I have to offer)! How many of you guys are planning on getting the red or blue 3DS XL limited edition console? I would absolutely recommend passing on the limited edition console and go for those deals. Get the limited edition Pokemon X 3DS XL System or the limited edition Pokemon Y 3DS XL System! Oh yeah, but I always find it convenient that if I keep 3 to 4 games I can trade it in for a new game. New pokemon global link site launching on Oct 12th and the old site will close on Jan 14, 2014. The other way is the more traditional way of trading with people on with who you have exchanged friend codes with. With the new 3DS games, most of this is being done away with and trading and battling will be easier than ever.

The one I mentioned, Ninetales or Vulpix rather is one of the harder ones to get from the Dream World because the area you get it from is only unlocked afte something like 10,000 points and you can only get around 4~500 per day if you do everything right in the Dream World.
I believe the dream world only works with the gen 5 games, but it remains to be seen what will carry over to this new site. Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, I can see them having those types or something quite similar.
I think they'll start more Eeveelutions after this new 5th generation, just like how 3rd gen didnt have Eeveelutions.
Very true, only time they deviated from the traditional formula was for that stupid Pikachu, and that was a forgettable experience. I'd say the tail makes it look like fire or water, looks like a flame but also kinda has a flipper look to it. I found it interesting that everyone has the same idea about what types are which for the starters.
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Sableye was one of my favorites to use in emerald, even with its gimped stats because of its type advantage.
It's in good shape save for some scratches, chipped paint where the stylus goes, and the gray rubber thing on the circle pad falls off, but I think I will try gluing it back on so it stops doing that.
I can't wait, I love dragon types, I think all dragons released so far have amazing designs and have awesome stats, if not good stats.
I already thought that another one would be revealed along with Sylveon, but this guy is pretty smart about it being Dragon. I can't really see myself ever trading in a pokemon game, but everyone is different i guess.

Do you just choose what pokemon you want and somebody random can trade with you, or do you have to be friends?
One is through the GTS(Global Trade System), this is a way to trade with random people through fixed parameters and conditions. If you already have someone on your friends list, no need to request the friend code, they will show up on your friends list in the game. There is something like a 1% chance of finding it in a Hidden Grotto somewhere and the respawn rates of the Hidden Grottos are annoyingly arbitrary. You have to go into the Dream World almost everyday for almost a month if my math is right. I played Black quite a bit but just really didn't get into white 2, not sure if I even beat the elite 4 in that game! Please do not troll, go off topic or flame any other users or anything that might get the thread locked. The Dream World in the Global Link is one place to get pokemon with these Hidden Abilities. Willing to trade a lvl 30 pikachu for a lvl 9 or under bidoof) Not that anyone would make that trade but its an example. The Dream world is full of browser based mini-games that you do to earn Dream World Points. You will encounter pokemon while doing these mni-games and after you get certain numbers of points unlock new areas to explore to find different pokemon.

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