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The post How to check the email of SP user when you trigger email for Alert Reminder Boost or Password Change appeared first on BoostSolutions.
For quite a bunch of products from Boostsolutions, like Alert Reminder Boost, Password Change, email will be triggered to be sent to users of Sharepoint. The post How to get folder information in SharePoint 2010 appeared first on BoostSolutions.
After loading the folder, I can only get a limited amount of information about the folder such as name, serverRelativeUrl and so on. There is no direct way to get the folder’s detail information, so I tried to get the file related item. When you normally open SharePoint 2010 you will find the Site Action drop down list on the top left: This post will demonstrate how to hide the Site Actions drop down list using JavaScript.
The post How to hide the Site Actions drop down list using JavaScript appeared first on BoostSolutions. After deploying this feature to SharePoint, refresh your page and the Site Action drop down list will be hidden. If you are still preparing test data or configuring the SUT manually, then you should change your habits now! Suppose that you already understand some PowerShell syntax, but you always log on to the SharePoint Server to configure the SUT again and again. Document management is an important function in SharePoint, because many document libraries need to be created in different sites to store all kinds of documents. The post How to Configure Send to Connections in SharePoint 2010 appeared first on BoostSolutions. I hope the above steps would help you configure Send to Connections in SharePoint 2010 in an easy way. The post How to Copy Permissions to Other Users in SharePoint appeared first on BoostSolutions. Step1: In the Permission Management farm tree, click the web application that the Company Site belongs to. Office Web Apps are the online companion to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications that allow users to access documents, from anywhere. The post How to Enable Office Web Apps on SharePoint 2010 appeared first on BoostSolutions.
Document IDs help you manage your documents by providing an easy way to track items regardless of their location. The post How to Configure Unique Document IDs in SharePoint 2010 appeared first on BoostSolutions.

Note: If you activate the Document ID service at the Site collection level, the system may not assign Document IDs to all the documents under the site collection right away. Introduction User profiles provide detailed information about individuals in your organization.
The post Configuring the User Profile Service (UPS) in SharePoint 2010 appeared first on BoostSolutions. To configure the User Profile Service, complete the following steps to use User Profile features.
The User Profile service requires that the Managed Metadata Service is setup and configured first. PowerShell 2.0 сначала появится в составе операционных систем Windows 7 и Windows Server 2008 R2. Get-Counter даст возможность легко и непринуждённо получать данные различных счетчиков производительности Windows. Import-Csv и Export-Csv получили крайне необходимые в российских условиях параметры -Delimiter и -UseCulture позволяющие задать используемый разделитель символов.
I cannot get the folders modified time and which user modified it, and I even cannot get folder related items when I try to get detailed information from the related item. To do this, you have to use remote desktop to login on to the SharePoint server and then changed the UI version using a tool. You should set the computer name (SUT), credentials (user who controls SharePoint including user name, domain name and password) and write the SharePoint control script in the scriptblock.
Due to some reasons, you may have to regularly copy some documents from different libraries to another same library. Current permission management in SharePoint requires you to grant permissions for each user on different sites, lists and folders.
If you are going to use SharePoint 2010 in your organization, it allows you to do basic editing of word document without needing to install the Office Suite on client machines. Not all the menus are displayed in ribbon Menu format, which was first introduced in Office 2007. Select any office document you have and click on the drop-down menu which appears when you mouse over it. Starting with SharePoint2010, the unique identifier of a document is no longer a headache to manage.
In the Document ID settings page, set a custom string of characters or numbers that are automatically appended to the beginning of each Document ID.
A user profile organizes and displays all the properties as well as documents and other items that are related to each user.

The Managed Metadata service allows you to utilize managed metadata and provides you with the ability to share content types across sites. Starting the service will activate the service, which is a requirement prior to creating the service application. By default, every web application takes the default service application, but for our purpose we need to create a new User Profile service application. For our purposes, we will create a new application and configure it with an appropriate security account.
We need to make sure the service account has sufficient rights on all data sources as well as network sources. Specify the Profile Database, the Synchronization Database, the Social Tagging Database, and the corresponding Profile Synchronization Instance Server.
Before configuring the User Profile Service, we have to make sure the Forefront Identity Manager Services (FIM) are correctly configured and started in the Local System Services.
Enter valid values for the various fields Connection Name, Type, Authentication Provider Type, Account Name and Password. Finally, enter into Manage User Profiles and search for users – user information does not display by default, so you need to search them. We also can add, edit, or delete user profiles to ensure that all the necessary Active Directory attributes were successfully imported. Fortunately, SharePoint provides Send to Connections to send connection to external document repositories.
If the users’ permissions become too complex, then granting permissions becomes cumbersome and the efficiency of granting permission will be cut down dramatically. In order to effectively use User Profile Services in SharePoint 2010, it should be properly configured. This command automatically updates the account name and the command maintains the appropriate permissions for the account. PowerShell Remoting позволит вам не просто выполнять команды на одном или нескольких удалённых компьютерах, но и отслеживать их выполнение, и получать результаты их работы. PowerShell ISE не испытывает вообще никаких проблем с отображением Unicode и любых локальных символов. To make the task of ensuring that the new employee has the same level of permissions as other users in his or her department, you can use SharePoint Permission Manager to Clone Permission.

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