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On the list of things I need to change to lead a better, healthier life, happier life – removing legumes from my diet wasn’t in the top 874.
But, here I am looking through this website making mental notes of foods that aren’t ‘legal.’ Side note, when did the government ban quinoa? If you’ve listened to Nick or Abrie at all over the last 14 days you’ve probably heard them mention something about the Lurong Living Challenge. Or, how about NOT having that perfect piece of triangular toasted awesomeoness to soak up all the yolky amazingness left over from a pair of perfectly cooked eggs? My thinking is, I want nothing to do with a bunch of rubber-gloved weirdos who actually like poking around inside someone’s chest cavity.

Or, if you’re anything like me, you have the sense of humor of a 12-year old so when you heard the word ‘Lurong’ you snickered because it kind of sounds like dong.
But, think about it – what’s a bacon sandwich without the satisfying toasty goodness wrapped around that hickory smoked meat treat? Personally, I do not think enjoying two-fingers of whiskey to unwind at the end of the day is bad. Also, my minions have told me that my right to have a cold beer at a BBQ is written somewhere in the Constitution. One of the most cloying parts of making this change are the sheer number of people that openly try to get you to regress.

This includes my father who’s had two intense meetings with the open heart surgical maestros.

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