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I back up my Chrome preferences file daily and theirs tons and tons of unimportant data I would like to start ignoring. I've gone through the help and settings but having a real hard time understanding how to do it. Once you have that working for a single pair of files, we can also apply these types of rules to the Folder View, to scan and let you know if the file(s) contain only unimportant text on the folder level.
I had linked to a pastebin with a difference report but it's not in my original post anymore. Once the grammar is defined, you then need to go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab and uncheck the item. If so, in that case, go to the Home screen, in the saved sessions list, expand the Edit session defaults folder, select Text Compare, and uncheck 'last ping time' grammar here as well.
If you need every line of that report to be ignored, what criteria determines when something is or isn't important?
In the KB article above, we have a 'Delimited' grammar type, which can begin at a point (invalidator: {) and go to another point. We would likely need sample files with a couple of explicit line number cases to help define. I'm trying my hardest to get the following code to find words in the RichTextBox but ignore the case. I actually have a syntax highlighter in the code bank, which it sounds like what you're trying to do.
CMUD is a second-generation MUD client created by the authors of zMUD (Zugg's MUD Client). CMUD is designed by MUD players for MUD players and is constantly being upgraded and improved. However, if a menu item is moved to a different location, then the #MENU command would need to be updated to reflect the new location. Packages Packages are similar to inherited settings files in zMUD, but are much more flexible. Shared Package Library Provides access to a remote package library that can be used to share packages with other CMUD users.
Docked Windows The new CMUD user interface allows windows to be docked in ways that were never possible in zMUD.
New Help System The standard Windows Help File system was dumped in favor of a custom help system which allows the help files to be updated from the Zuggsoft web site. Integrated LUA language Starting with version 2.0, CMUD contains an integrated copy of the Lua scripting languages. Think of CMUD Packages literally as a nicely wrapped package that you want to mail to a friend. Presumably you want to send this Package of scripts to a friend because your scripts perform some sort of useful function. When you create a new MUD session from the initial startup screen in CMUD, a default package file is created for you. As you play this MUD session, any aliases, triggers, macros, or other scripts that you create will be stored automatically in this package. So you always have at least one package file loaded into your MUD session: the primary package listed in the FileName field. A list of packages stored in the local copy of the library is shown on the right part of the screen. For each package, the Name, Author, Version, Download count, Rating, and Description are shown. To download a package to your local disk, click the Install link, or use the Install Package action from the action list on the left side of the window. If you already have a Forum account, enter your forum username and password in the popup login box.
If the selected package has already been downloaded to your local disk, then the Uninstall action will appear in the action list.

If a newer version of an installed package is available, the Update package action will appear in the action list. There are many packages stored in the package library, which can make finding something for your specific MUD a bit challenging at times. The Filter panel on the left side of the screen allows you to display only the packages that match a particular search criterion. You can also sort the package list by any field by simply clicking on the column name that you wish to sort on.
You are allowed to add comments about a package, or give a rating for how good a package is.
When you select the Add Comment action and then enter your Forum login information, you will be given a screen to enter your Rating and your comment.
To add a package that you have written to the library, go to the Package Editor and select your package from the drop-down list on the toolbar (or click the tab for your package). After your package has been added to the library, the Add to Package Library button in the package properties will change to an Edit Package in Library button. Once you have selected the Edit Package command, you can view and change the various properties for the package, such as the description, category, MUD name, version, What's New, etc. The Package Editor allows you to edit all of your settings (scripts) in all of your packages.
Most settings will allow you to change the Priority of the setting (the order in which triggers are fired, for example), along with Notes for the settings, which are like comments that you can use to remember what a setting is used for. When you have turned off the Show Class Folders option, it is still very easy to change which class folder is being shown. Right-click on a tab to display the docking menu that is normally displayed in the window caption bar. Your window can be renamed using the Rename option in the docking menu, or by using the #NAME command on the command line.
Non-MUD windows (such as the Settings, Reference, Status, Editor, etc) are not closed, but are simply hidden when you click their X button in their corner. If you opened a session icon from the main Sessions screen, then your window layout will automatically be saved with that session.
As the script command becomes more complicated, the compiler provides better speed benefits.
CMUD uses the MUD listing from the MUD connector as the database for its internal MUD Connection Wizard.
Your license key can only be used to unlock the trial version of CMUD within seven days of purchase.
Creates 2 alarms, the second one fires after 2 seconds and displays the time remaning for the first.
Creates 2 alarms, the second one fires after 2 seconds and changes the time remaning for the first to 1 second.
Not a very practical example, but it *does* show how you use %array in a COM statement if you need it. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
Is there a simple way to ignore the white space in a target string when searching for matches using a regular expression pattern? You can stick optional whitespace characters \s* in between every other character in your regex.
You can also solve this using conditionals, but they are not supported in the javascript flavor of regex.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged regex whitespace or ask your own question. How to ignore whitespace in a regular expression subject string, but only if it comes after a newline? How do I split a string by whitespace and ignoring leading and trailing whitespace into an array of words using a regular expression?

A regular expression is a set of characters forming a pattern that can be searched in a string. Regex had its roots in neuroscience and mathematics and was only implemented in programming in 1968 by Ken Thompson in QED text editor for text search. Parsing HTML or XML (eventhough in the real world it is discouraged to do so because using regular expression to parse non-regular language like HTML will never make it foolproof. Debuggex – It draws a regex diagram as per your input and you can make a quick share to StackOverflow right from there. If someone would be so kind to give me a real working example on how to ignore some of this, I could probably figure out the rest.
Thanks but like I said, I'm clueless when it comes to regex and that video shows a guy adding a regex entry that just looks like gobbledygook to me.
I have tried all-sorts of different methods using (LCase) and (.ToLower) but I'm having no luck. Regardless of what it stands for, a MUD is an online environment where multiple users are logged on and interacting with one and other.
The first MUD was written by Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle at Essex University in 1979 on a DECsystem-10.
This site has a detailed list of most every MUD on the Internet, along with every else you ever wanted to know about MUDs. Attempts to modify the CMUD software, use an invalid registration code, or attempts to circumvent the copy protection, can cause CMUD to stop functioning. But I just realized that I only want the optional whitespace characters if they follow a newline. Now it's part of many programming languages like Perl, Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. Now, to pass beginner level, you need to learn all the characters, classes, quantifiers, modifiers and methods used in regex.
Here’s what to expect when attempting these exercises, according to difficulty levels.
So, validate a password for 8 to 16 character length, alphanumeric with your choice of special characters allowed. If you ever come across a long complex regex, just copy paste them into one of those tools and you'll be able to view the flow clearly. This section of the JSON file ends on line #4785 but can grow and contract and also move its location up and down the file. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not as smart as other people, what seems easy to most is not easy to me.
On some MUDs you only interact with other players that are logged on, similar to an online chat system.
In addition, such illegal activities may prevent the user from using CMUD or any future Zugg Software products in the future. On other MUDs you can also interact with a game world where you can explore, fight monsters, and collect treasure, either alone or in the company of other players that are logged on.
It also has great multiple language support – learn it once and you can use it across many programming languages.
On some MUDs, the environment itself can be changed and expanded by the players themselves. On others, you must play the game long enough to advance to a Wizard level at which time you can add new areas to the game. Allowing players to change and add to the MUD world itself is one of the unique features that make MUDs so unique and fun.

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