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Let us not forget to take our tablets of joy, a boost of confidence, a drop of peace and a dose of love. Those with relationship anxiety can experience a wide range of symptoms, all of which can compromise romantic relationships. Anything from a loss of trust to the way two people communicate can also cause relationship anxiety. Like anxiety, relationship anxiety can be treated with counseling and in more extreme cases, medication. I am thinking about the anxiety we all seem to be feeling about the economy, work, family and future. In the same vein, about 30 years ago a sports psychologist set out to understand why certain athletes performed better under higher stress and others did not.
Now that we have established that anxiety is not the enemy but too much anxiety is that enemy, we need to understand how to manage the anxiety to not allow it to rise up to the level of affecting our performance. The STOPP 5 Worksheet teaches one method of stopping stress in the moment, and helps you find a way to get to your intended goal without increased consequences.
These simple steps take you through stopping, evaluating, and then acting on situations that are difficult. But don’t assume that just any supplement can give you the confidence to start your day with a positive attitude. It isn’t just a fear of commitment but actual stress and worry that arise at any stage of a relationship. Inappropriate jealousy: This is an extreme form of jealousy that goes beyond simply guarding a relationship you cherish. Feeling compelled to test your partner: This is done in an attempt to test a partner’s love and commitment. Need for constant reassurance: Those with this type of anxiety need reassurance to ease negative feelings but the effects are only temporary. Unnecessary defensiveness: Negative behaviors may present themselves as a result of overwhelming anxiety. Anxiety attacks: Anxiety attacks may occur as a result of being flooded with negative thoughts and emotions. Socially withdrawn: Becoming so consumed and concerned with a romantic relationship can cause a person to pull away from others close to them.
Lack of trust: The inability to trust a romantic partner caused by intrusive worries of being betrayed. This can be anything from being hurt in past relationships and can even go back to childhood.

Fortunately, imperfections in a relationship can be eliminated by taking the necessary steps to improve them.
Developing the ability to know when your mind is playing tricks on you is a step in the right direction. When any form of anxiety begins to interfere with daily life and becomes difficult to manage, never hesitate to get help. Lisa will provide techniques and strategies to improve your relationship and help it thrive! Things appear to be getting better and there are signs of that but there are also signs of things not improving. There are a few simple steps that if we all took we could live happier and more productive lives. Without sleep we all struggle a little more with reaction time, clear thinking and fatigue daily. When we connect with our supports, and they connect with us, we feel more complete support and not just one-sided support. Spend two weeks trying some of these things and see if you feel a little less stressed and more in control of your life.
Purchasing this worksheet with instructions will support your ongoing use of the worksheet as you apply it to different situations. This anxiety can actually hinder love lives no matter how badly the person experiencing the anxiety would like to find love.
Perhaps there was a lack of affection in the household or a fear of being emotionally vulnerable developed as a result of being exposed to negative relationships early on. This can be done by establishing more trust, making sure that both partner’s needs are met, making an effort to avoid negative language in the relationship and of course, continually working at improving communication. By accepting your relationship anxiety, you become more in tune with your mind and more specifically, your thought cycle.
When the negative thoughts start coming in, question the thoughts rather than allowing yourself to be engulfed by them. Relationships are tough and we all have our worries, fears, doubts and insecurities but they should never hinder love. There is an optimum level of performance that we all seek that gives us the ability to manage the anxiety and perform. This does not mean that you must sleep more but attempt to make what sleep you get more restful. The rules for self care are doing things that feel good to you and have no negative consequences to you or anyone else.

Do understand that if you have a diagnosable anxiety issue, this is helpful but not likely enough. The worst part is, relationship anxiety can actually grow worse as a romantic relationship becomes more serious. Although true, issues within a current relationship can also be the culprit of relationship anxiety. Movement and physical activity helps us to feel productive to ourselves and keeps our bodies more consistently functioning. Look for the next blog and I will go a bit deeper into the anxiety issue and introduce some more complex strategies.
The mind is very complicated and some minds respond negatively to one of the most enjoyable aspects of life; love. Today I want to share with you some strategies that are very useful to manage stress and anxiety and have some measure of control in our lives. For example, how often is a student assigned a paper 10 weeks in advance but begins to work on it that very night?
Such as: watching 30 minutes of a favorite show, read a book, talk to a friend, spend time with your kids, and take a quiet moment.
Rather than taking in every moment, those with relationship anxiety are plagued with worry, fear, doubt and insecurity. There are a few rare occurrences of those but most of us put it on the back burner for 8 or 9 of those weeks. It is best to do things that you already do as this can be integrated into your routine daily with ease. If this describes you, you’re certainly not alone and relationship anxiety help is available.
If you have waited until the night before, some will feel overwhelmed by the anxiety and others will still feel motivated. This is a very individual issue but those that do not feel overwhelmed the day before are not likely reading this blog.

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