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Whether you are new to dating or have been married for years, everyone can use some ideas for creating a romantic evening. If you and your significant other are wine lovers, you may want to head out to the store and buy some of your favorite wines, as well as some new ones you've wanted to try. During the spring and summer nights, it's always nice to step outside to look at the stars, listen to the wildlife and just take a moment to realize that it's just the two of you in this great big world.
If you are lucky enough to have a large bathtub, schedule a bath night the two of you can share. Everyone likes to receive a massage, but many people skip over this experience during intimate times.
Just because it has been years since your honeymoon doesn't mean you shouldn't have what you did when you first married. A romantic evening out can include a grand gesture like going to an expensive hotel, but you might also choose someplace simple and cozy to spend some quality time together.
In the summer months when the sun goes down later in the day, take your mate on a hike with wonderful views of the sunset. Instead of going to the regular chain coffee shops, find a local and unique shop in your area.

You and your sweetheart probably go out on the town frequently, but how often do you really dress up? Rent a luxurious car, maybe one with a convertible top, and plan a route that has beautiful views. You can keep it simple, or you might choose to spend money on a few extravagances to help you pull it off. Choose the ones that remind you of your sweetie, as well as all the special moments you've shared together. You can enhance this experience by putting up some tiki torches, lighting candles or making a fire in a fire pit. If there's time, pack a bag with picnic items so you can relax once you get to your sunset destination. Staying in a hotel for an evening or a weekend provides a great way to forget your problems and focus on yourself and your partner. Some places will even have live music on Friday or Saturday nights for the two of you to enjoy. Setting the mood is equally important as the meal you prepare, so plan on some candlelight and bring home some roses to scent the air. Play it at a low volume, light candles around your living room, dim the lights, and hold your love in your arms for as long as you can.

At home, drape a tablecloth on your kitchen table, set up some candles, play some soft romantic music, and sample the different wines and cheeses you picked up earlier. Play some music inside your house, and turn the volume up enough so you can hear it outside, or bring a portable device outside.
Just lay down on the bed or the couch together, listen to music, talk, cuddle, read poetry together, etc. Add to the adventure by trying a new restaurant or doing something new like viewing an opera. Save the action films or sad dramas for another time, romantic comedies are the domain of a romantic evening. For an enhanced romantic experience, stay at a nice bed and breakfast or find a room that has a Jacuzzi tub. In the spring, you can visit meadows of wildflowers or botanical gardens, and in the summer months, take a cruise along the beach front.

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