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Wishing your lover with a romantic good morning messages is a silent way of expressing that he or she is the first person of whom you think when you wake up in the morning.
If you're in a long distant relationship or just missing someone these I miss you text messages will let them know exactly how you feel.
Occasionally sending heartfelt quotes about missing them or about long distance relationships in general can let them know you're thinking about the future when you're back in each other's arms.
I wanna write 'miss you' on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you. I miss your joy and laughter I miss your company you are an inspiration to me you are my muse, my mentor. If u think i miss u all the time you are wrong i miss you only when i think about u but damn it i think you all the time i miss u sweetheart.
If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. I don’t expect love, affection and attention from you, but I want you to feel how I feel for you. When I came across the feeling of love, everything seems beautiful and I fell in love with everything.
I wish I could tell you about my feelings, in the morning, middle of the night, when I eats, during sleep, in happiness and in sadness. I am the lucky one to have such good friends, great parents and have a sweet and loving admirer like you. I want to tell you that I will hear all your stories, wipe your tears, take care of your heart and I will love you and live with you all my life. Whenever I look up to the sky full of shinning stars, only thought comes to my mind is YOU. I love you like words in silence, like a speech of air, like a songs of lake, like sweetness of cake. I knew it from the very first moment, when I saw your eyes and your cute smile, that you are mine and only mine. When we are in love, we always think about how to see a cute smile on our lover’s face. There is only one moment in life when you feel the real warmth of love and it is the time you see your true love. Words might be important for some people, but no word is precious enough to explain my love. Sometimes I think of giving you all my life and all my happiness, then I realize I have given you all these as I have given you my love. You bring happiness in my life with your presence, your love, your laugh, your warmth and care.
First time when I saw you, I felt that these are the arms I will cry on, these are the hands I will hold forever, this is the heart I will live forever.

When you hold me and come near me, the feelings of your touch cannot be expressed in words. Whenever I think of you, I realize how important your presence is, in my life and for my heart. Love is the only healing agent that can heal any kind of pain and makes us feel special again. Love is the solution of all difficult questions, your love makes me strong and takes me out of all the problems and becomes the solution of all my difficulties. Your Love is like a magic for me, it penetrates in my soul, delight my heart, peep in my eyes and whisper in ears like an angel.
I pray day and night for my dream to come true, the dream of my life, the dream of watching you around me all day and night. You are the only person, because of you I know the real meaning of Love and affection, sadness and happiness, life and death. Love the one who could forget your past, hope good for your future and accept your present with open heart.
If I can give you one flower every time I thought of you, all the gardens will be destroyed by me. Life without you is just like a tree in autumn, without any flower, without any leaf, just a hope… that after autumn spring must come. Sometimes I sit and think about you and whenever I think about you I find out you as my soul mate. I like everything about you… the way you look at me, the way you talk to me, the way you touch me. I love to love you, O My Love… love your lips when you kiss, Love your eyes that says you are mine. My love for you is very special, it is not like a drop of ink on the paper that can be erased by a drop of tear. The time you said that you love me was the time I gave my heart and it is and it will be yours forever.
Everything will change with time, age, face, views, friends except one thing and that’s Love.
Love is like a beautiful flower, whose beauty and fragrance makes the earth a place like heaven.
The most beautiful and amazing feeling on earth is love…but the most painful and dreadful feeling is losing that love.
In this category there's a growing collection of beautiful * ROMANTIC * Happy Birthday eCards and Quotes for Sweethearts * TASTEFUL * animated picture cards with loving, sexy, sentimental and moving pictures and messages to send online to a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife. If you are in a relationship with the one you love, then you should consider yourself lucky. What you should keep in mind while sending romantic messages is that you are able to express exactly what you are feeling for your lover.

Browse through our ever-growing list and express how much they mean to you by sending them a sweet miss you message via text.
Its pain, its numbness, its like I can see only one thing, hear one thing and think about one thing. It is not a bed of roses, its not a cup of tea, it’s a path full of thorns and a lake of fire. I dream of you day and night, Monday to Sunday, eyes open, eyes close, every moment and every instant, I just dream to have you in my life. But I want to tell you I have a heart that not only cares for you but it really beats for you.
And want to share all my success, my failures, my worries, all happiness, all sorrows and all my love. But with the passing time, people tend to loose that magic and spark of love in their relationship. Therefore, if you have a boyfriend who possesses all of these characteristics, then you should consider yourself lucky. After all, what can be better than starting your day by making your lover smile and express your love for them? We really hope the messages and notes written above will be able to help a bit in expressing your feelings to your lover. Start a new romance or rekindle your relationship with these romantic quotes and text messages to send to that special someone. A simple I miss you sms can remind your sweetheart that you haven't forgotten about them even though you're currently apart.
If you are frequent Whatsapp, WeChat or BBM user, then you can also send via those instant messengers too. I have already mentioned the ways to maintain the charm and magic of love in a relationship in my previous section. You can send these messages to wish your lover good night and to let them know that they are ruling over your heart and mind, even when you fall asleep. Those ways can be by sending gifts, planning romantic surprises, going on a short romantic holiday, taking your loved one for dinner, or by sending sweet and romantic SMS and text messages. You can save these messages in your phone drafts at night and can send them in the morning. Go ahead, read and send these messages to your boyfriend to make him smile and express your feelings.

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