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Disabling the option to receive messages is also recommended when you’ve configured an additional account to send from another network or email alias (click on image to enlarge). Hi Matthew, I just read your email about the behavior of the factorial function and harmonic series for large values of $n$. Thunderbird: an add-on based on ASCIIMathML to insert mathematical expressions is available.
Microsoft Outlook: I don't think Microsoft has a public bug tracker, but I reported this to Murray Sargent. Outlook for Mac uses WebKit, so unless it does extra filtering, it should send and receive MathML too. Is copy & paste the biggest win to getting MathML into email, or would it be better to have a MathML editor that worked across all Gecko applications? The other day I got prompted or just checked that update for my Windows Phone 8.1 is available. The only problem after this update was that for some, unknown for me, reason MMS messages (images and other rich data) stopped working and by that I mean that I couldn’t receive images nor send them. I checked messaging options in the Settings –> applications, but there was nothing there that could potentially fix the issue. If you want to check – view – it’s configuration, just tap it and hold it until you will be prompted with context menu.

You can go and check if all the fields are populated properly, though, but if your MMS messages were working before, the update or whatever happened, then nothing has changed and it’s all good. Australian Vodafone access point configuration can be found on the official site, besides that you can find more detailed information how to set up your device with this Set up your phone page – just select your phone manufactured and phone model.
If your rich messages where working fine before (and you checked that all the values in your current access point are correct), you can just create a fake access point and make it active which will turn your current one to be inactive. If for some reasons it’s still not working for you, instead of creating a fake access point you could create a real deal one, with all the proper values (taken from e.g.
One account I only use for sending (someone else monitors the incoming messages and forwards it to the correct person and we reply with the general company account). Currently, I'm trying to implement the MathML clipboard features, which would allow your editor and other applications to better transfer MathML formulas.
Typical example would be to use the Windows Math Input Panel to handwrite and directly insert equations in Gecko's editor or to copy a formula on Wikipedia and paste it into a Computer Algebra System for further processing. Unfortunately, it is hard to know which applications support it as it is mostly an under-the-covers thing that doesn't make it into feature lists. First, that this message that you cannot open is being kept for you somewhere on the server (probably servers of your plan provider e.g. As you can see there’s no option like re-activate or re-start or whatever would force it to refresh.

If this procedure helped, you can delete the fake access point and enjoy your rich data messages. The possibility to rely on MathML authoring tools to copy and paste MathML in Thunderbird is only one of the aspect. Considering Microsoft Word's current math support, I'm sure that's not something too difficult to do. Vodafone) and those servers are actually trying to resend it to you after a while (highlighted dates) if you did not downloaded it properly, hence you might get a message from your buddy at really random time and date and he or she wouldn’t have anything to do with sending it to you. Of course, I agree with you that ideally the editor should be improved to handle MathML (and SVG) better.
One could even rely on David Carlisle's MathML to ASCII art XSLT stylesheet or something similar to provide a readable fallback to text-only mail clients. The girl that was helping me with it wasn’t perfectly sure what she should look for, and you could feel that she wasn’t particularly familiar with Windows Phone in general. And as you know Thunderbird, Seamonkey or MathML are currently really community-driven projects, so the development of new features is not always going as fast as we could wish.

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