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There are hundreds of online services out there that’ll get the job done, but none of them are as quite as simple and reliable as the seven methods outlined below.
If you simply want to send an SMS to any mobile phone, there’s no need to use third-party services.
To ensure that this process works, you should limit your messages to less than 160 characters. If Gmail Chat isn’t already enabled on your account, here’s the simple guide to enable the feature. SendHub's basic account is free, and that includes getting a free phone number in your local area code and sending 1,000 messages a month to up to three groups (each group can have up to 50 members).
In addition to the SendHub website, there's an iPhone app you can use to control and manage your account, including changing the group keyword, managing group members, sending text messages, and more.
Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. The TextNow app is available for free download on iPhone for unlimited free texting and picture messaging. As you know that many relatives are staying abroad and they are facing such type of problem that they are able to less contact with their homes.
Preferably, when you gain knowledge, are you able to mind updating your website with an increase of information?
If you go over this 160 character limit, the message will be sent as an MMS rather than a SMS, which sometimes requires a different gateway address.
Did you know that Gmail’s SMS in Chat allows you to easily send SMS text messages to any cellphones for free? Select the “Labs” tab and then scroll down until you see SMS (text messaging) in Chat, select “Enable”. Select “Send SMS” from the box of options that appears to the right of your contact’s name.

However any SMS messages sent from a mobile device to Google chat will be charged depending on mobile providers. Already we had talked alot about Bulk SMS reseller and sending mass SMS with bulk sms gateway.
One way to broadcast information is via group messaging, in which you can blast multiple people with information by sending a single text message.
For more messaging, you can upgrade to the $10 month Plus plan, which includes unlimited texting, 10 groups, and a 100-member "power" group. Dave has previously worked at Microsoft and has written about technology for a long list of magazines that include PC World and Wired. So, the TextNow app is the biggest move for the iPhone users, to text and picture messaging free available by it.
And calling supports : USA, Canada, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Israel, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom.
Instead of using a service you don’t know or trust, you can deliver a short email in the form of a text message by using an email to SMS gateway. Annoyingly, there are different addresses for regular messages (SMS) and those that include photos and other media (MMS). To find SMS gateways for carriers not listed here, and carriers in other countries, check this list on Github.
Furthermore, although this method is entirely free for you the sender, standard messaging rates may still apply to the person receiving these messages.
Of course, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to get all the right people into a messaging group.
If that's still not enough, there are several other plans that scale all the way up to 2,000 groups and 5,000 members per group. The TextNow iPhone app has many objectives such as you never worries about your friends or family.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together this super simple guide on how to send free text messages online. So long as you know the person’s phone number and the name of their service provider, you can easily find the appropriate gateway address that will forward your message. No third-party service will have access to your telephone number, or the person you’re messaging, and replies will go directly to your email inbox. You can send gifts and messages as picture messages on their birthday, marriage ceremony and in special occasion gifts through your iPhone by using free TextNow App. This process also makes it easy to send the same text to multiple people, since you can add as many addresses as you like to the recipients box. The messaging service offers some innovative tools for keeping in touch with a large group of people.
To build a text message group, for example, your contacts can just text a pass-phrase (provided by you) to your SendHub phone number, and they'll be automatically added to your group. The special part is it works on all iOS devices and you get a unique phone number which you can share with your friends. Then you can easily send text messages to the entire group from your Web browser or the free iPhone app. What makes TextNow stick out from all the other texting apps is that it can easily be linked with your Google Voice account.Following this link are instructions on how to do so.

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