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Now I can type up a shopping list for hubby on the pc, instead of entering it in the phone, which takes forever, even using T9.
Indeed, it’s nice to be able to just type a message instead of taking ages to text it.
Do you know what happens if the recipient tries to REPLY to the text message (that I just sent via email)? If you are having problems with it not sending, Make sure your e-mail is formatted as PLAIN TEXT. I have MS Outlook 2007 setup by default to send e-mail formatted as HTML, and if I don’t change it to plain text, some cell carriers ignore it, some try to send it as html, and some try to send it as a multimedia message.
You can send email messages, faxes, pages, and wireless messages from within your Siebel application.
You might not have access to send functionality, depending on the configuration of your application. Using the Send Email command, you can send email messages from any context within your Siebel application.
Your Siebel application supports individual user choice regarding the software used for Send Email. Depending on the view you are in, data associated with the record might be inserted into the email. The Pick Recipients dialog box might appear, depending on the screen you are in when you invoke the Send Email command. If you attach multiple documents to the email (either literature items or documents), only the last item you attached appears in the Attachments field. Tweet Share4 Share9 Pin4Shares 17In Part 1 of this two-part series, we looked at what change management is, why it’s important and how to create a change request form in Salesforce. In Part 2, we look at how to overcome the challenges associated with a process change, why you should consider creating a scheduled release and how to use the new admin request metrics to drive conversations with stakeholders. First, I wanted to take a moment and say that when implementing this or any other process that pushes people out of their comfort zone or routine, you will face opposition. Remember, regardless of the size and impact of the change you’re implementing, you are the leader.
I want to be clear that creating a scheduled release cycle should not happen at the same time you are pushing users toward your new change request forms. However, to plead my case, I want to outline the pros and cons of a scheduled release cycle.
We use Confluence to document all of our system processes so this is the natural place for our release notes to live. Remember, this is what I do but it does not mean that this exact schedule is what you should do.

One of the nice benefits to reporting on these requests is providing the organization with visibility to the workload and open tasks and projects.
Every three weeks, my team has a meeting with all department heads to review open items, upcoming projects timelines and more. While this second part of the change management process may seem straight forward, there is a lot of organizational change involved.
Take some time to first figure out what information is important to you and your organization and track that in the requests. Brent is a passionate Salesforce advocate with a desire to help Salesforce professionals become exceptional in their careers. Tweet Share30 Share10 Pin6Shares 46Solo Admins, especially in larger organizations, have bandwidth issues. Id like to add that creating extra objects (even creating a new app) will greatly maximize and focus your effort. And then we encrypt the selected text, using AEPPRO's Clipboard Encryptor.It is launched by pressing Ctrl-F12 hot key (the hot key can be changed). Now replace selected text by scrambled version by inserting encrypted text from clipboard by pressing Ctrl-V.
Advanced Encryption Package Pro has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 7. Advanced Encryption Package Professional is a tool that can ease some of the pain of working with encrypted messages and files. This was excellent I knew it was possible to do this, but I never took the time to find the proper addresses. The record that is active when the Send command is executed determines what information will be sent and what options are available.
Allows you to send a message to another person's wireless device from your Siebel application.
Depending on how the Siebel administrator has configured the application, you can use context-specific email message templates to improve efficiency and standardize replies for types of communications that occur frequently. The choice of software is determined by the value of the Email Client user preference setting in your Siebel application. You can select a template containing predefined text for the email from the Body drop-down list. Launching the email from an attachment record automatically attaches the file to the email. This formatting will be visible to the email recipient if the recipient's email client software supports HTML. At ReadyTalk, we played with this change request form for a year before feeling confident that we were capturing all of the information we needed from users and getting users to adopt the form.

This is the meeting that we talk about the items that will be a part of the upcoming release. These release notes include tips and tricks and general news in addition to release specifics. You’ll start to see trends in the data that will help you to understand if additional training is needed around specific topics. We leverage this dashboard to help us communicate to this team how and why certain priorities are given and it provides a great snapshot of where and how our work load is distributed.
As a result, these pieces of the change management process may not be implemented right away. Fine tune the process as you go and be sure to communicate the changes clearly to all end users and stakeholders so that everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises. Subscribe to Admin Hero, the most popular Salesforce Admin blog, and receive posts just like this one in your inbox every week.
That focused effort is one of the main reasons we haven’t switched from our custom object to Cases. Its icon is located in the tray notification area and the program is ready to encrypt text in clipboard.For example, we want to sent protected block of text via our favorite email program. Figure 11-1, "Example of Send Email Dialog Box" provides an example of the Send Email dialog box.
During the remainder of the week, we collaborate on our release notes and get them ready for publishing.
Find out what other departments are using for documentation and leverage what is already available. This puts context around our work and the number of tasks we are working at any point in time.
What other advise would you suggest to an admin trying to create a change management process for their organization?
Brent is a Salesforce MVP, Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator Developer and Sales Cloud Consultant.
Being that this is what Salesforce uses as well to deliver three releases a year, this is probably a good methodology to sync up with! That being said, with any new process, there will be some bumps and unforeseen obstacles that you’ll need to get around but your organization will be better off for it.

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