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Keep in mind though that any of these changes or signs could mean something entirely different than a cheating spouse, but they are still signals that there may be something wrong in your relationship.If one or more signs you man is cheating does occur in your relationship, pay attention. If your spouse or lover uses excuses such as work or other functions to explain why he's not with you, it may be a sign he's become involved with someone else.
If you find phone numbers you can't identify on your bill or your monthly charges suddenly go up, it may be an indication he's spending time on the phone with someone else. Lying about his whereabouts is one of the top 10 signs of cheating men that you should pay attention to.Lack of interest in sex. Frequent, short calls to and from the same number are also a good indication of a cheating man.Excessive computer use. Heart attack information for womenMore information on signs of a heart attackMany people think a heart attack is sudden, like a "movie" heart attack, where someone clutches her chest and falls over. After all if it is cheating, it's best to know early on so that you may have the option to save your relationship if you chose to do so.
While this could be caused by a physical or emotional problem, it could also mean he's found someone else to share intimacy with. If he's spending a lot of time on the Internet in chat rooms or other places known to act as hook-up areas or receives constant emails from a person you don't know, it may mean he's found another relationship online and is engaged in Internet infidelity.
He may also be less affectionate in other ways, such as touching or holding you.Changes in clothing, hairstyle, or fragrance. Guys who are cheating often alter their appearance, since they're trying to attract other women and think a wardrobe or hairstyle update will help. There are computer programs (key loggers) available that can put your suspicions to rest.Smelling of perfume, tobacco, or alcohol.
A heart attack is very serious and you should get to the hospital right away by calling 9-1-1.
They may also start working out again in the belief it'll improve their chances.Unusual or suspicious phone calls. If he's spending time in clubs or restaurants with another woman, he may not have time to change clothes after meeting with her.

Learn what to expect at the hospital when you're having a heart attack.For both women and men, the most common sign of a heart attack is pain or discomfort in the center of the chest. If you start receiving phone calls from unusual numbers (presuming you have caller ID) or callers hang up without saying anything, it might be the other woman trying to reach your partner. Top ten signs of cheating men point straight to feminine scents you aren't familiar with or smells that don't match the location your partner claims to have been at.Short on money. This is the red flag of top 10 signs of cheating men.Irritability, short temper, or picking fights.
If he becomes defensive when questioned about his whereabouts or seems more irritable than usual, it may be a sign of guilt over his extramarital activities. Unexplained purchases on credit cards are another symptom to watch for, especially if he doesn't bring what he bought home.Car changes. See the figure, "Signs of a Heart Attack," for a full list of heart attack signs.Women are more likely than men to have the "other" common signs of a heart attack.
Is it taking away from time you spend doing things that do serve you well and are helping you serve a better life?2. But they can also develop slowly, over hours, days, and even weeks before a heart attack occurs.The more heart attack signs that you have, the more likely it is that you are having a heart attack.
You constantly talk negatively to yourself.No other form of communication has as much of an impact on your life as the way you speak to yourself. Also, if you've already had a heart attack, your symptoms may not be the same for another one.
Even if you're not sure you're having a heart attack, you should still have it checked out.If you think you, or someone else, may be having a heart attack, wait no more than a few minutes a€” five at most a€” before calling 911. Paramedics are trained to treat you on the way to the emergency room.Getting there quickly is very important.
But in a world with as many niches and possibilities as ours, is that really possible?There must be something out there that will bring you happiness. Treatments for opening clogged arteries work best within the first hour after a heart attack starts.

Figure out where you want to get in life and then figure out what you need to do to get there.6. It's better to be safe than sorry.Cardiac arrestA heart attack is not the same as cardiac arrest.
During cardiac arrest, the heart totally stops beating.With cardiac arrest, the only way to restart the heart is with a defibrillator (dee-FIB-ruh-lay-tur), a machine that sends an electrical shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm.
The American Heart Association says that with "hands only" CPR, anyone can give lifesaving treatment to someone having cardiac arrest. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest and keep going until emergency personnel arrive. Use this website to learn more about the symptoms of a heart attack in women and what to do if you think you are experiencing a heart attack.Explore other publications and websitesAct in Time to Heart Attack Signs - This website explains what to do if you think someone may be having a heart attack. This publication lists risk factors for heart disease and heart attack symptoms, including symptoms that are more common in women.
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