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Release unwanted negative energy by writing down feelings of anger, guilt, frustration or worries.
Really focus in the mirror as you look at your amazing body that has supported you through life so far to see the beautiful bits worthy of your love. Each day for a month write down five things you like about yourself, your achievements or anything you are proud of.
Keep these sheets of paper together in a safe place so you can re-read them whenever you are in need of a boost. Increase your inner power by lighting a red candle anointed with lemon or orange oil and sprinkled with ­­yarrow herb. Patricia Weston is a clairvoyant medium, white witch, tarot card reader, reiki master healer, hypnotherapist and past life therapist based in  Dublin, Ireland, where she has her healing rooms.
Lords of Fire, burn my desires and bring my (name of the lost loved ones) back to my life and bless my life with (the name of the loved ones) forever. This spell needs to be chanted with full dedication and till one achieves complete satisfaction and faith about its positive results.
Repeat this spell three times and while chanting concentrate on your lost relationship and make your thought process to move around your lost love. Take a look at our slide show to see some of our many photos of a few of the castings we have performed to give you a better idea of the materials used in our castings and how some of our castings are set up. If you have any questions about any of the photos in this slide show or would like to discuss any of them, please call or write to Enchantress Janhett T.
This Altar Is Dedicated To Divinity, hand crafted with love and care by Master Wizard James R.

We use only the finest rare imported alchemical components for all of our advanced spell castings. Blood Offerings Are Given Directly On The Planetary Star Chart By The Wizard And Enchantress Together For Maximum Power And Speed Of Spell Manifestation.
Once the offering plate has enough of the proper offerings, it is then prepared to burn in the sacred spell ritual fires. During a high black magickal casting, several hundred "Orbs" which is the actual manifestation of paranormal phenomena and or the High Angelic Host and other spirits actually showing up during the casting of this spell. Do not be mis-informed about what we term " Sacred High Powers Black Magic Casting" is- it simply means that this method of casting is the strongest and most powerful magic that is available, hands down. Please understand that magic is a powerful spiritual tool that enables those who have been chosen in The Art to manipulate energies in the spiritual realms to alter life circumstances in our favor and for one's greater benefit. Never to date has a client ever returned to me and complained that they did not get what they wanted when ordering any of the spells on this site or from me personally by mail. Again this depends on if their heart is in a good and positive place- or a darker place at the time the spell is cast . It resonates with love and balance so it’s perfect to supercharge your aura with bundles of self-love. Place a cleaned piece in your drinking water to charge the water with the crystal’s healing properties.
Don’t just conditionally love yourself by only liking your body when it’s the ‘perfect’ shape or size. Then invoke the goddess of love, Venus, and light a pink candle anointed with rose or jasmine oil dedicated to your beautiful body.

Begin each sentence with ‘I love that…’ Then place the paper under a small white tea light each day anointed with your favourite oil.
We are exposed to so much negative energy on a daily basis, we can easily and unknowingly absorb other people’s toxic energy or anger.
Place this card, which is over flowing with love and positive emotions, on your altar or on a clear surface beside a green candle anointed with frankincense, rose or jasmine oil.
All content is for entertainment purposes only and should not replace any medical or professional guidance. If someone has broken heart and having a troublesome relationship with the loved ones then this spells works like a miracle to bring the love back and to create a new energy and life in relationship. The most important aspect of love spell is your strong faith and ability to influence the nature and universe to listen your sincerely dedicated spell to bring back your lost love. Wear a tumbled rose quartz at your heart chakra, in the middle or under the left armpit in your bra. To avoid this invoke the magical pentagram before you leave your house every day for protection. Call on Archangel Gabriel as you light the candle and meditate on the card focusing on your inner self filled to the brim with love.
With your first two fingers of your right hand, starting from your left thigh sweep your arm up to draw the pentagram in the air, then step into it.

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