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However, on this video, it appears Beth may face some controversies with the feminist community as your character can actually beat a woman to the ground. So in case you don’t know, Gwendolyn is an NPC you may need in some part of your venture of getting “random kindness”. But as you can see from the video, it appears there’s an option where your character and the NPC will be in a brawl mode challenging you with a fist fight. One might say this is only part of the game but then again, some female group may say otherwise and won’t support this “beating  of a woman” incorporated on Skyrim. Interestingly, there’s a post from rpgcodex about Gwendolyn (ctrl+f to find the text) in which a player claims you can pull your weapon and chops this NPC with your axe — killing her instantly. So i’m given to understand that if when killing MEN in games that’s fine, but beating a woman to the ground is crossing the line? Would it have been worse if the frikkin mushrooms in Mario had been wearing dresses and lipstick?

According to the mod’s official description the mod brings female characters better skin, eyebrows, lips and make-up. I REALLY need to get Skyrim for the PC now…even more so once the creation kit comes out.
Giving you the freedom to have your own “morality choice” which will have effect on the outcome of your game.
Finding her may be challenging for beginners but here’s a post from stackexchange guiding you on locating this female NPC on the Jethimadh tower all the way to its entrance when you meet a greeter bot. Naturally, this will lead for a failed quest but the fact that you can kill her may cause some controversies on the real world.
Today we will introduce you to the Coverwomen mod by mrLenski, a mod which makes female characters in the game prettier than ever before. Now when you play the game all of the females in the game should have high resolution faces, no-matter their race (Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Nord, Redguard or Wood Elf).

So far this mod has been downloaded from the SkyrimNexus website over 40,000 times and most people who have left feedback are very complimentary of the mod. You can find out more about this mod and perhaps download it via this link, it has been downloaded almost 250,000 times and what’s great is that BellaGail is actively working on improving this mod and keeps listening to user feedback and rolling out slight changes. Does this mean it’s okay to get outraged over the fact that there are so many people attacking me?
Below we have embedded one image showing just how much better women look with this mod installed, you can see more images here.

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